National Register Listings in
Genesee County, Michigan

Aitkan, Robert, Farm House Applewood Atlas Grange Hall Bangs, Benjamin, House Barn at 4277 Irish Road Beach-Garland Street-Flint River Bridge Berridge Hotel Bird/Boyd Farm House Bloss, Frank D., and Sons Farm House Bridge Street-Broad Street Historic District Buck, Jesse H., Farm House Capitol Theatre Building Carmer, William, House Church, Volney-Carlos B. Shotwell House City of Flint Municipal Center Civic Park Historic District Clio Depot Colwell, David B., House Coolidge, Calvin, Elementary School Dibbleville-Fentonville Historic District Durant-Dort Carriage Company Office Elks Lodge Building Fenton Railroad Depot First Baptist Church of Grand Blanc First National Bank and Trust Company Building Flint Journal Building Genesee Avenue-Walker Street Historic District Genesee County Courthouse and Jail Genesee County Savings Bank Building Gilbert, Horace/Morgan and Enos Miller House Glenwood Cemetery Green, Alanson, Farm House Hegel Road Historic District Hinckley, Col. J., House Hotel Durant House at 10410 Stanley Road House at 1339 Cummings Road House at 4305 South Linden Road House at 4344 Frances Road House at 5556 Flushing Road House at 6112 Carpenter Road House at 7066 Lobdell Road Industrial Savings Bank Building Jennings, H.N., House Johnson, Abner C., House Knight, Morris A., House Linden Mill Main Street Historic District Mauk & Hammer/Houghton Elevator McAra, John, House McCaslin, William Henry and Lucinda, Farm House McClew, Alexander, Farm House Middlesworth, Isaac R., Farm House Murray, James H., House O'Sullivan, Daniel, House/Halfway House Parker and Dunstan Hardware/Dr. E. D. Lewis Building Paterson, William A., Factory Complex Superintendent's Cottage Swayze Apartments Swayze, E. S., Drugstore/Otisville Mason Lodge No. 401 Thayer, H. Elmer, House Tinker, Harry C., House Tinlinn Apartments Trump, Edwin, House United States Post Office Van Buskirk, John, Farm House Vermont House and Fenton Grain Elevator West Second Street-Swartz Creek Bridge West Vienna United Methodist Church Whaley, Robert J., House
Michigan was the site of the deadliest school massacre in American history. In 1927, a school board member in Bath, Michigan, named Andrew Kehoe detonated explosives he had planted in the local school, killing 38 children and six adults. Kehoe had also killed his wife and set fire to his farm before carrying out the attack.

Genesee County, located in southeastern Michigan, has a rich and colorful history that spans over two centuries. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, such as the Ojibwa and the Ottawa, who utilized the fertile land for hunting and trading. The county takes its name from the Genesee River, which means "pleasant valley" in the Seneca language.

European settlement in Genesee County began in the early 1800s, with the establishment of trading posts and the construction of Fort Saginaw near present-day Saginaw. The county was officially formed in 1835 and its first permanent settlement, Flint, became a major center of industry due to its location along the Flint River.

In the mid-19th century, Genesee County experienced rapid growth and played a significant role in the state's development. The construction of canals and the arrival of the railroad facilitated transportation and boosted agricultural and manufacturing activities. Flint, in particular, became a leading manufacturer of carriages, wagons, and later automobiles.

The county faced significant challenges during the economic downturn of the late 20th century. The decline of the automotive industry had a severe impact on the local economy and resulted in job losses and population decline. However, efforts to revitalize the area have been made through initiatives focusing on diversifying the economy and attracting new industries, as well as investing in education and community development.

Today, Genesee County is a vibrant region that blends its historical heritage with a focus on innovation and progress. It is home to cultural attractions, such as the Flint Cultural Center, which houses museums, theaters, and the Flint Institute of Arts. The county also boasts beautiful natural landscapes, including the Genesee County Parks and the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge, providing residents and visitors with recreational opportunities.

  • 1813: Genesee County is established as a county in the Michigan Territory.
  • 1819: The first court session is held in Flint, the county seat of Genesee County.
  • 1836: The new county courthouse is built in Flint.
  • 1842: The Grand Trunk Western Railroad is completed, connecting Flint to other major cities in Michigan.
  • 1882: The first automobile is built in Flint by William Crapo Durant.
  • 1905: General Motors (GM) is founded in Flint by William Durant.
  • 1936: The Flint sit-down strike, a pivotal moment in the labor movement, takes place at General Motors plants.
  • 1986: Genesee Valley Center, the largest shopping mall in Flint and Genesee County, opens.
  • 2014: Flint is hit by a water crisis, as lead-contaminated water supply leads to a state of emergency.