National Register Listings in
York County, Maine

Alfred Historic District Alfred Shaker Historic District Austin-Hennessey Homestead Ayer, Caleb R., House Barrell Homestead Berwick Academy Berwick Academy Historic District (Boundary Increase) Berwick High School Biddeford City Hall Biddeford Main Street Historic District Biddeford-Saco Mills Historic District Blazo-Leavitt House Boon Island Light Station Bourne Mansion Brave Boat Harbor Farm Bray House Breckinridge, Isabella, House Brewster, Royal, House Buxton Powder House Cape Arundel Golf Club Cape Arundel Summer Colony Historic District Cape Neddick Light Station Chase, Capt. Josiah E., Octagon House Clifford, George F., House Clock Farm Colonial Inn Conant-Sawyer Cottage Conway Junction Railroad Turntable Site Cummings Shoe Factory Cummings' Guest House Deering, J. G., House Dennett Garrison District No. 5 School Division No. 9 School Dorfield Farm Dudley Block Early Post Office Eaton House Elden's Store Elder Grey Meetinghouse Emery Homestead Emery House Emery School First Baptist Church First Congregational Church and Parsonage First Congregational Church and Parsonage (Boundary Increase) First Congregational Church of Buxton First Congregational Church, Former First Parish Meetinghouse Flagg, James Montgomery, House Fletcher's Neck Lifesaving Station Fogg, William, Library Fort McClary Foss, Levi, House Frisbee, Frank C., Elementary School Frost Garrison and House Goat Island Light Station Goodale-Bourne Farm Goodale-Stevens Farm Goodall, Louis B., Memorial Library Goodall, Thomas, House Goodwin, Edmund E., House Grant Family House Graves, Abbott, House Grist Mill Bridge Hamilton, Jonathan, House Hancock, John, Warehouse Harper Family House Hatch House Hawkes Pharmacy Hobbs, Thomas, Jr., House Holmes, Sen. John, House Howels, William Dean, House Hurd, Mary R., House Hussey Plow Company Building Isles of Shoals Jacobs Houses and Store Jewett, Sarah Orne, House Jewett-Eastman House Johnson, Dennis, Lumber Company Mill Jones, John Paul, Memorial Park Kennebunk High School Kennebunk Historic District Kennebunk River Club Kennebunkport Historic District Lady Pepperrell House Laudholm Farm Laudholm Farm (Boundary Increase) Leavitt, James, House Libby's Colonial Tea Room Libby-MacArthur House Limerick Upper Village Historic District Limington Academy Limington Historic District Lincoln School Littlefield Homestead Littlefield Tavern Littlefield-Chase Farmstead Littlefield-Dustin Farm Littlefield-Keeping House Lord Farm Lord Mansion Lord, Capt. Nathaniel, Mansion Lord-Dane House Lower Alewive Historic District Maine Trolley Cars McIntire Garrison House Memorial Chapel Mill House Moody Homestead Morison, Capt. James, House Morrell House Newfield (Willowbrook) Historic District North Berwick Woolen Mill Ocean Park Historic Buildings Odd Fellows-Rebekah Hall Ogunquit Memorial Library Ogunquit Playhouse Old Grist Mill Old Schoolhouse Old Town House Old York Gaol Parsons-Piper-Lord-Roy Farm Parsonsfield Seminary Paul Family Farm Pebbledene Pepperrell, William, House Perkins Tide Mill Perkins, Charles, House Pike, LeRoy F., Memorial Building Portsmouth Company Cotton Mills: Counting House Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Prescott, J. L., House Rice Public Library Rock Rest Rose, Robert, Tavern Saco Central Fire Station Saco City Hall Saco High School (old) Saco Historic District Salmon Falls (East) Historic District Salmon Falls (West) Historic District Sanford Mills Historic District Sanford Naval Air Station Administration Building-Control Tower, Former Sanford Town Hall (Former) Seavey, A. B., House Sedgley, John, Homestead Smith, James, Homestead Smith-Emery House South Berwick Village Historic District St. Andre's Parish St. Joseph's School St. Peter's By-The-Sea Protestant Episcopal Church Stage Island Monument Staples Inn Sunnycroft Tarr, John, House Temple, The Thacher-Goodale House Traip, Robert and Louisa, House U.S. Customhouse U.S. Post Office US Post Office-Sanford Main Wallingford Hall Waterboro Grange, No. 432 Way Way General Store Welch, Andrew, Homestead Wells Baptist Church Parsonage Wells Homestead Wentworth, Mark F. and Eliza J., House West Lebanon Historic District Whaleback Light Station Wiggin, Kate Douglas, House Winn House Wood Island Light Station York Cliffs Historic District York Historic District
Maine played an important role in the Underground Railroad: Maine was a major stop on the Underground Railroad, which was a network of secret routes and safe houses used by slaves to escape to freedom in the North.
York County, Maine, has a rich and fascinating history that dates back over 400 years. The area was initially inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Abenaki and the Micmac, who relied on the region's abundant natural resources for sustenance and trade. They were later encountered by European explorers in the early 17th century.

The first permanent European settlement in York County was established in 1624 by English settlers who were part of the New England Company. They named the settlement Agamenticus, which later became known as York, after the English city. York quickly became an important trading post due to its proximity to the coast and access to the York River.

Over the years, York County played a significant role in key events of American history. During the American Revolution, the county was a stronghold of patriotism and saw several skirmishes and battles. In 1777, the Battle of Hubbardton, a significant Revolutionary War engagement, took place in present-day Shapleigh.

The county's economy grew alongside its population, with agriculture, lumbering, and fishing becoming major industries. The town of Biddeford became known for its thriving textiles and shipbuilding industries in the 19th century. Today, York County remains an important agricultural and industrial region while also being a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful beaches and historical sites.

Throughout its history, York County has experienced periods of growth, prosperity, and adversity. It has witnessed the transformation of Maine from a colony to a state and has played a role in shaping the nation. With its rich heritage and natural beauty, York County continues to be a place of historical significance and cultural significance in the state of Maine.

This timeline provides a glimpse into the major events and milestones that have shaped the history of York County, Maine.

  • 1636: York County is founded as one of the four original counties in the Province of Maine.
  • 1652: The county becomes part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
  • 1820: York County becomes part of the new state of Maine when it separates from Massachusetts.
  • 1847: The Portland and Rochester Railroad is completed, connecting York County to the rest of Maine and facilitating transportation and trade.
  • 1898: The county experiences economic growth with the establishment of various manufacturing and textile mills.
  • 1952: The Maine Turnpike, a major highway connecting Maine to Massachusetts, opens and passes through York County.
  • 1963: The Biddeford-Saco Bridge is constructed, improving transportation between Biddeford and Saco.
  • 1984: The Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge is established, protecting valuable coastal habitats.
  • 2004: The county experiences a population boom and suburban growth, driven by its proximity to Portland and desirable coastal areas.