Historical Markers in
York County, Maine

1st Sgt. Christopher Coffin A Memorial Tree A Stone Fort Alfred Street / La Rue Alfred Berwick Maine War Memorial Biddeford City Hall / L'Hôtel de Ville Biddeford Maine Veterans Memorial Biddeford, Maine Biddeford, Maine Biddeford's La Justice / La Justice de Biddeford Boston & Maine R.R. Depot / La gare du Boston & Maine Brick Store Museum Block / Les Bâtiments du Brick Store Museum Building 86 Charles Henry Granger 1812 - 1893 Civil War Memorial Civil War Memorial Civil War Soldiers Monument Cow Barn Creamery David Glasgow Farragut Dr. Laura Black Stickney, 1879-1961 Farmhouse Federal Highway Administration Murrah Building Memorial First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church / Première église paroissiale Unitarienne Universaliste Fort Foster Fort McClary Fort Saco in 1693 / Le Fort Saco en 1693 Hay and Horse Barn Historic Rice Public Library Historic York Then and Now Honor Roll Hugh McCulloch Home / La demeure Hugh McCulloch Ice House Jacob Cochran, 1782-1836 John E. Maxson Journal Building in 1916 / Le Bâtiment du Journal Quododien en 1916 Kennebunk Rotary Club Kennebunk, Maine Kennebunk, Maine Kittery Maine USS Thresher (SSN 593) Memorial Kittery Maine War Memorial Korean and Vietnam Wars Memorial Lafayette Elm Site Laudholm Farm: The foundation of the Wells Reserve Limington Maine Veterans Memorial Maine Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Masonic Hall McArthur Library / La Bibliothèque McArthur New Park [New Shipyard Mall] North Berwick State of Maine Veterans Memorial North Berwick Veterans Memorial Ocean Park Hotel Old Orchard World War Memorial Painchaud Band / La Fanfare Painchaud Park Street School / L'École Secondaire de Park Street Province of Maine Marker Rachel Carson Resisting Naval Firepower Rev. Jesse Lee Saco Museum, Founded 1866 Salvation Army Camp Meeting Grounds Samuel Brannan and the Gold Rush Samuel Peirson's House / La Maison Samuel Peirson Sanford Maine Thomas Goodall Memorial Sanford Maine War Memorial Sanford Maine War Memorial Flagpole Sarah Fairfield Hamilton, 1831-1909 Sewall's Bridge Shipyard Mall Site Of Tavern Site of The Olympia Fruit Store Sloop Ranger Memorial Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Spanish War and Philippine Insurrection Memorial St. André's Church / L'Église Sainte André St. Joseph's Church / L'Église St. Joseph St. Mary's Church / L'Église St. Mary The Battle of Cape Porpoise (Goat Island) The Biddeford Shipyards / Les Chantiers Navals The Bourne Mansion / La Résidence Bourne The Butland Shipyard and Cemetery / Le chantier naval Butland et le Cimetière The Dr. Lemuel Richards Home / La Demeure Dr. Lemuel Richards The Dyer Library, Founded 1882 The George Wise Home / La demeure George Wise The Horace Porter Home / La Maison d'Horace Porter The I.O.O.F. Block / Le Bloc I.O.O.F. The James Hubbard Home / La demeure James Hubbard The James Sullivan Home / Le Résidence de James Sullivan The Laconia Co. / La Compagnie Laconia The Lafayette Center / Le Centre Lafayette The Landing / The Landing (le quai) The Larrabee Garrison / Le Fort Larrabee The Lincoln Street Mill and Clock Tower / La Filature Et Sa Tour Sur La Rue Lincoln The McCulloch House The Mousam River / Le Fleuve Mousam The Murder of Mary Bean The Nathaniel Frost Home / La Maison de Nathaniel Frost The Opera House / La Salle de L'Opéra The Ross Block and The Kennebunk Inn / Le Bâtiment Ross et l'Auberge de Kennebunk The Seashore Trolley Museum The Society Saint Jean-Baptiste de Bienfaisance / La Société Saint Jean-Baptiste de Bienfaisance The Storer Residence / La Résidence Storer The Thacher Hotel / L'Hôtel Thacher The Wedding Cake House / La maison du 'Gâteau de Mariage' Tracy House / La Maison Tracy USMC Memorial Marker Vatican Pavilion Sculpture Veterans from South Berwick, Maine Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans' Memorial at Eastman Park Wallingford Hall War Memorial Water Tower Waterboro Veterans Memorial Marker Waterhouse Center Welcome To Fort McClary Welcome to Shevenell Park Welcome to the 'Sense of Wonder' Rain Garden… World War I Memorial World War II Memorial World War II, Korea, and Vietnam Era Veterans Memorial World War Memorial World War Memorial Zion's Hill / Zion's Hill (La Colline Dorée) "Beware The Savage Rocks" "Father Bob" "Nubble Light House" "Runway to Glory" "Spirit of St. Louis"
Maine has a unique lobstering tradition: Lobstering is a way of life in Maine, and it has been for generations. Lobstering was once considered a lowly profession, but now it is a highly respected and lucrative industry. Maine lobsters are renowned for their sweet flavor and are considered a delicacy around the world.
York County, Maine, has a rich and fascinating history that dates back over 400 years. The area was initially inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Abenaki and the Micmac, who relied on the region's abundant natural resources for sustenance and trade. They were later encountered by European explorers in the early 17th century.

The first permanent European settlement in York County was established in 1624 by English settlers who were part of the New England Company. They named the settlement Agamenticus, which later became known as York, after the English city. York quickly became an important trading post due to its proximity to the coast and access to the York River.

Over the years, York County played a significant role in key events of American history. During the American Revolution, the county was a stronghold of patriotism and saw several skirmishes and battles. In 1777, the Battle of Hubbardton, a significant Revolutionary War engagement, took place in present-day Shapleigh.

The county's economy grew alongside its population, with agriculture, lumbering, and fishing becoming major industries. The town of Biddeford became known for its thriving textiles and shipbuilding industries in the 19th century. Today, York County remains an important agricultural and industrial region while also being a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful beaches and historical sites.

Throughout its history, York County has experienced periods of growth, prosperity, and adversity. It has witnessed the transformation of Maine from a colony to a state and has played a role in shaping the nation. With its rich heritage and natural beauty, York County continues to be a place of historical significance and cultural significance in the state of Maine.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of York County, Maine.

  • 1636: York County is founded as one of the four original counties in the Province of Maine.
  • 1652: The county becomes part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
  • 1820: York County becomes part of the new state of Maine when it separates from Massachusetts.
  • 1847: The Portland and Rochester Railroad is completed, connecting York County to the rest of Maine and facilitating transportation and trade.
  • 1898: The county experiences economic growth with the establishment of various manufacturing and textile mills.
  • 1952: The Maine Turnpike, a major highway connecting Maine to Massachusetts, opens and passes through York County.
  • 1963: The Biddeford-Saco Bridge is constructed, improving transportation between Biddeford and Saco.
  • 1984: The Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge is established, protecting valuable coastal habitats.
  • 2004: The county experiences a population boom and suburban growth, driven by its proximity to Portland and desirable coastal areas.