National Register Listings in
Oxford County, Maine

Albany Town House Andover Hook and Ladder Company Building Andover Public Library Barrows-Steadman Homestead Bell Hill Meetinghouse Bell Hill School Bennett Bridge Bennett, Nathaniel and Elizabeth, House Brick School Brickett Place Broad Street Historic District Broad Street Historic District (Boundary Increase) Camp Cinnamon Center Meeting House and Common Chase, Squire, House Church of the New Jerusalem Churchill Bridge Cole Block Deacon Hutchins House Deering Memorial United Methodist Church District No. 1 Schoolhouse Dreamhome Eastman Hill Rural Historic District First Universalist Society of West Sumner Fives Court Forest Lodge Foster Family Home Fryeburg Registry of Deeds Fryeburg Town House, Former Gehring Clinic Greenwood Cattle Pound Greenwood Town Hall, Former Hall House Hall, Enoch, House Hemlock Bridge Hershey Plow Company Building Hubbard-Cotton Store Hutchins, Moses, House Irish, J. & O., Store Long, Zadoc, Free Library Lovejoy Bridge Lovell Meeting House Lovell Village Church Lower Meeting House and East Bethel Cemetery Lower Sunday River School Main Street Historic District Mann, Arthur L., Memorial Library Mason, Dr. Moses, House McLaughlin House and Garden McWain-Hall House Mechanic Institute Merrill-Poor House Middle Intervale Meeting House and Common Municipal Building North Waterford Congregational Church Norway Historic District Nutting Homestead, The Osgood Family House Otisfield Town House (Former) Otisfield Town Pound Oxford Congregational Church and Cemetery Paris Hill Historic District Paris Public Library Parsons, Marion, House Peabody Tavern Philbrook, John M., House Philbrook, Samuel D., House Porter Old Meetinghouse Porter-Parsonfield Bridge Record, E.C. and M.I., Homestead Rivercroft Farm Robinson-Parsons Farm Rumford Commercial Historic District Rumford Falls Power Company Building Rumford Point Congregational Church Rumford Public Library Sargent, Levi, House Soldiers Memorial Library Stearns Hill Farm Stone, Elisha F., House Strathglass Building Strathglass Park District Sturtevant Hall Sunday River Bridge Union Church Union School Upton Grange No. 404 (Former) Wadsworth Hall Warren, David, House Waterford Historic District Waterford Historic District (Boundary Increase) Watson, John, House West Paris Lodge No. 15, I.O.O.F. Whitman Memorial Library Wiley, Benjamin, House
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Maine is home to some unique geographical features: Maine is home to a number of unique geographical features, including Acadia National Park, which has the tallest mountain on the U.S. Atlantic coast, and the "Old Sow" whirlpool, which is one of the largest tidal whirlpools in the world. Maine also has over 5,000 miles of coastline and 6,000 lakes and ponds.
Oxford County, located in the western part of the state of Maine, has a rich and vibrant history dating back to its early settlement in the late 18th century. The region was originally inhabited by the Native American Abenaki tribe. However, in the late 1700s, European settlers began to establish towns and communities in the area.

The county was officially incorporated in 1805 and named after the prestigious University of Oxford in England. The early settlers primarily relied on agriculture, logging, and the abundance of natural resources, such as wood and minerals found in the region. The towns of Paris, Norway, and Fryeburg, among others, flourished during this time as economic centers.

One significant event in Oxford County's history occurred during the 19th century when the region experienced a boom in the textile industry. Several textile mills were established along the Androscoggin River, attracting a large number of immigrants, particularly from Ireland and Quebec, who sought employment in the mills. The textile industry played a crucial role in the county's economy for many years.

In the 20th century, Oxford County's economy diversified with the growth of tourism as a major industry. The county's beautiful landscapes, including the popular ski resorts in the towns of Bethel and Newry, attracted visitors from near and far. In addition to tourism, other industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and education became significant contributors to the county's economy.

Today, Oxford County continues to thrive with a mix of rural charm and economic growth. Its rich history, stunning natural scenery, and diverse economy make it an appealing destination for residents and tourists alike. The county's commitment to preserving its heritage can be seen in the numerous museums, historic sites, and community events that celebrate its past.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Oxford County, Maine.

  • 1791 - Oxford County is established as a part of Massachusetts
  • 1820 - Maine becomes a separate state, and Oxford County becomes a part of Maine
  • 1830 - The town of Norway is incorporated
  • 1836 - The town of Oxford is incorporated
  • 1862 - Oxford County is reduced in size when Androscoggin County is created
  • 1885 - The town of Bethel is incorporated
  • 1895 - The town of Fryeburg is incorporated
  • 1968 - The town of Paris becomes the county seat
  • 1983 - The towns of Brownfield, Denmark, Hiram, Lovell, Porter, and Stoneham are incorporated
  • 2005 - The town of Roxbury merges with Byron to form the unorganized territory of Roxbury