National Register Listings in
Suffolk County, Massachusetts

Abbotsford Adams-Nervine Asylum African Meetinghouse All Saints' Church Allston Congregational Church Ames Building Appleton, Nathan, Residence Arlington Street Church Armory of the First Corps of Cadets Arnold Arboretum Ascension-Caproni Historic District Austin, Francis B., House Ayer, Frederick, Mansion Back Bay Historic District Baker Congregational Church Baker, Sarah J., School Beach-Knapp District Beacon Hill Historic District Bedford Building Bellevue Standpipe Bellingham Square Historic District Bellingham-Cary House Benedict Fenwick School Benjamin Silverman Apartments Bennington Street Burying Ground Berger Factory Bigelow School Blackstone Block Historic District Blake and Amory Building Blake, James, House Boston African American National Historic Site Boston Athenaeum Boston Common Boston Common and Public Garden Boston Consumptives Hospital Boston Edison Electric Illuminating Company Boston Fish Pier Historic District Boston Light Boston National Historical Park Boston National Historical Park Boston Naval Shipyard Boston Police Station Number One-Traffic Tunnel Administration Building Boston Public Garden Boston Public Library Boston Transit Commission Building Boston Young Men's Christian Association Boston Young Men's Christian Union Bowditch School Boylston Building Brighton Center Historic District Brighton Evangelical Congregational Church Brook Farm Building at 138-142 Portland Street Buildings at 825-829 Blue Hill Avenue Bulfinch Triangle Historic District Bunker Hill Monument Bunker Hill School Calf Pasture Pumping Station Complex Cartoof & Sherman Apartments Cathedral of St. George Historic District Central Congregational Church Charles Playhouse Charles River Reservation (Speedway)-Upper Basin Headquarters Charles Street African Methodist Episcopal Church Charlestown Heights Chelsea Garden Cemetery Chelsea Square Historic District Chestnut Hill Reservoir Historic District Christ Church Church Green Buildings Historic District Church of Christ Clapp Houses Codman Building Codman Square District Collins Building Columbia Road-Bellevue Street Historic District Columbia Road-Devon Street Historic District Columbia Road-Strathcona Road Historic District Commonwealth Pier Five Compton Building Congregation Adath Jeshurun Congregation Agudath Shalom Congress Street Fire Station Copp's Hill Burial Ground Copp's Hill Terrace Crawford Street Historic District Crowninshield House Custom House District Cyclorama Building Davidson, Sarah, Apartment Block Dearborn School Dill Building Dillaway School Dimock Community Health Center Complex District 13 Police Station Dorchester Heights Historic District Dorchester Heights National Historic Site Dorchester North Burying Ground Dorchester Park Dorchester Pottery Works Dorchester South Burying Ground Dorchester Temple Baptist Church Dorchester-Milton Lower Mills Industrial District Dorchester-Milton Lower Mills Industrial District (Boundary Increase) Douglass, Frederick, Square Historic District Downtown Chelsea Residential Historic District Dudley Station Historic District Eagle Hill Historic District East Boston High School, Old Egleston Substation Eliot Burying Ground Eliot Congregational Church Eliot Hall Elm Hill Park Historic District Engine House No. 34 Esmond Street Historic District Ether Dome, Massachusetts General Hospital Evergreen Cemetery Fairview Cemetery (Additional Documentation) Faneuil Hall Faneuil, Peter, School Fenway Park Fenway Studios Fenway-Boylston Street District Fields Corner Municipal Building Filene's Department Store First Baptist Church First Church of Jamaica Plain First Congregational Church of Hyde Park Forest Hills Cemetery Fort Banks Mortar Battery Fort Independence Fort Point Channel Historic District Fort Warren Fowler-Clark-Epstein Farmstead Fox, I.J., Building Frances and Isabella Apartments Francis Street-Fenwood Road Historic District Fulton-Commercial Streets District Fulton-Commercial Streets Historic District (Boundary Increase) Gardner, Isabella Stewart, Museum Garrison, William Lloyd, House Garrison, William Lloyd, School Gibson House Goldsmith Block Goodwin, Ozias, House Governor Shirley Square Historic District Greek Orthodox Cathedral of New England Greenville Street Historic District Greenwood Memorial United Methodist Church Gridley Street Historic District Haffenreffer Brewery Hale, Edward Everett, House Harding, Chester, House Harrison Square Historic District Harriswood Crescent Harvard Avenue Fire Station Harvard Avenue Historic District Harvard Stadium Haskell, Edward H., Home for Nurses Hayden Building Headquarters House Hibernian Hall Highland Spring Brewery Bottling and Storage Buildings Home for Aged Couples Hoosac Stores 1 & 2-Hoosac Stores 3 House at 1 Bay Street House at 17 Cranston Street Howe, Samuel Gridley and Julia Ward, House Hoxie, Timothy, House Immaculate Conception Rectory International Trust Company Building Intervale Street-Blue Hill Avenue Historic District Intervale Street-Columbia Road Historic District John Adams Courthouse John Eliot Square District Joshua Bates School Kimball, C. Henry, House King's Chapel Kittredge, Alvah, House Lawrence Avenue Historic District Lawrence Model Lodging Houses Leather District Liberty Tree District Locke-Ober Restaurant Long Island Head Light Long Wharf and Customhouse Block Loring, Harrison, House Loring-Greenough House Lower Roxbury Historic District LUNA (tugboat) Lyman, Theodore, School Malcolm X-Ella Little Collins House Mariner's House Massachusetts General Hospital Massachusetts Historical Society Building Massachusetts Mental Health Center Massachusetts School of Art Massachusetts Statehouse McKay, Donald, House Metropolitan Theatre Mission Hill Triangle Historic District Monument Square Historic District Monument Square Historic District Moreland Street Historic District Morton Street, Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston Mount Hope Cemetery Mount Pleasant Historic District Nathan Warnick Apartments Naval Hospital Boston Historic District Nazing Court Apartments Nell, William C., House Neponset Valley Parkway, Metorpolitan Park System of Greater Boston New England Conservatory of Music New Riding Club Newspaper Row Newton, Edward B., School Nix's Mate Daybeacon North Terminal Garage Oak Square School Ohabei Shalom Cemetery Old City Hall Old Corner Bookstore Old Harbor Reservation Parkways, Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston Old North Church Old South Church in Boston Old South Meetinghouse Old State House Old West Church Otis, (First) Harrison Gray, House Otis, (Second) Harrison Gray, House Paine Furniture Building Park Street District Parkman, Francis, House Peabody, The Phipps Street Burying Ground Piano Row District Pierce House Pierce-Hichborn House Pilgrim Congregational Church Publicity Building Quincy Grammar School Quincy Market Revere Beach Reservation Revere Beach Reservation Historic District Revere City Hall and Police Station Revere, Paul, House Richards, Ellen H. Swallow, House Richardson Block Riviera, The Ronan, Mary, T., School ROSEWAY (schooner) Roslindale Baptist Church Roslindale Congregational Church Roslindale Substation Roughan Hall Roxbury High Fort Roxbury Highlands Historic District Roxbury Presbyterian Church Rumney Marsh Burying Ground Russia Wharf Buildings Saint Augustine Chapel and Cemetery Saint Mark's Episcopal Church Samuel Edelman Apartments Savin Hill Historic District Sears Roebuck and Company Mail Order Store Sears' Crescent and Sears' Block Sears, David, House Second Brazer Building Second Church in Boston Sherman Apartments Historic District Shirley-Eustis House Shubert, Sam S., Theatre Slade Spice Mill South Boston Boat Clubs Historic District South End District South End District (Boundary Increase) South Station Headhouse St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church Complex St. Luke's and St. Margaret's Church St. Mary's Episcopal Church St. Paul's Church St. Stephen's Church Stearns, R. H., House Stony Brook Reservation Parkways, Metropolitan Park System of Great Boston MPS Students House Suffolk County Jail Sumner Hill Historic District Sumner, Charles, House Symphony and Horticultural Halls Symphony Hall Temple Place Historic District Terminal Storage Warehouse District Textile District Thane Street Historic District Theodore Parker Unitarian Universalist Church Town Hill District Tremont Street Subway Trinity Church Trinity Neighborhood House Trinity Rectory Trotter, William Monroe, House Truman Parkway-Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston U.S.S. CONSTITUTION Union Oyster House Union Wharf United Shoe Machinery Corporation Building United State Post Office, Courthouse, and Federal Building Upham's Corner Market US Post Office Garage USS CASSIN YOUNG (destroyer) Vermont Building VFW Parkway, Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston Walton and Roslin Halls Washington Street Theatre District West Street District Westerly Burial Ground Wigglesworth Building Wilbur Theatre Winthrop Building Winthrop Center/Metcalf Square Historic District Winthrop Parkway, Metropolitan Parkway System of Greater Boston Winthrop Shore Dr., Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston Winthrop, Deane, House Wirth, Jacob, Buildings Woodbourne Historic District Youth's Companion Building YWCA Boston
The Massachusetts state flag features a Native American warrior holding a bow and arrow, with a star representing Massachusetts above his head. The state motto, "Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem" (By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty), appears on a blue ribbon beneath the shield.
Suffolk County, located in eastern Massachusetts, has a long and rich history dating back to the early colonial period. The area was originally inhabited by the Massachusett Native American tribe, who lived along the shores of the Charles River and Boston Harbor. In 1620, the Pilgrims arrived in nearby Plymouth, marking the beginning of European settlement in the region.

In 1630, the settlement of Boston was founded by Puritan colonists led by John Winthrop. Over the next few decades, Boston became a major center of trade and commerce. Suffolk County was officially established in 1643, encompassing the towns of Boston, Roxbury, and Dorchester. The county was named after Suffolk in East Anglia, England, the birthplace of many of the settlers.

During the American Revolution, Suffolk County played a significant role. The Boston Tea Party, a protest against British taxation, occurred in Boston Harbor in 1773. Battles such as the Battle of Bunker Hill took place in the county, as the British sought to regain control of the city. After the war, Boston continued to thrive as an important port and center of industry.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Suffolk County experienced significant growth and development. The Industrial Revolution led to the expansion of manufacturing, with industries such as textiles and shoes becoming prominent. The county also underwent a major urban renewal effort in the mid-20th century, resulting in the construction of modern buildings and infrastructure.

Today, Suffolk County remains a vibrant and diverse region, home to the city of Boston and many other thriving communities. It continues to be a hub of culture, education, and innovation, attracting residents and visitors from around the world.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

  • Suffolk County, MA was established in 1643.
  • In 1774, the county played a significant role in the American Revolution, with events such as the Boston Tea Party.
  • During the 19th century, Suffolk County became an important center for manufacturing and trade.
  • In the early 20th century, Suffolk County experienced an influx of immigrants, particularly from Europe.
  • In 2004, Suffolk County became the first county in Massachusetts to adopt the Community Preservation Act.