National Register Listings in
Hardin County, Kentucky

Abel, Dr., House Applegate-Fisher House Arnold, Philip, House Ashe House Bethlehem Academy Historic District Bland, John D., House Bland, William, House Bland-Overall House Blue Ball Church Bond, J. Roy, House Brackett, Daniel, House Brown Pusey House Community Center Bush, William, House Carroll, Dr. Clyde, House Chenault House Chestnut Grove Christ Episcopal Church Ditto, Abraham, House Ditto-Prewitt House Elizabethtown Armory Elizabethtown City Cemetery Elizabethtown Courthouse Square and Commercial District Embry Chapel Church First Baptist Church First Presbyterian Church Fort Duffield Fort Sands Glendale Historic District Hagan House Hamilton, Hance, House Hardin Springs School Hatfield Hotel Haycraft Inn Hazel Hill Heller Hotel Helm Place Helm, Benjamin, House Helm, John B., House Hills, Jonathan, House Kentucky and Indiana Bank Kerrick, W. T., House Larue-Layman House Lincoln Heritage House Louisville-Nashville Turnpike Segment Maple Hill Maplehurst Mason, Haynes, House May, David L., House McDougal, Stiles, House McKinney-Helm House Melton House Monin, Adam, House Montgomery Avenue Historic District Montgomery, William, House Morrison Lodge Nall House Nolin Banking Company Penniston House Phillips, Josiah, House Pusey, Dr. Robert B., House Raine, John, House Rawlings, Stephen, House Richards-Hamm House Richards-Murray House Richardson Hotel Riney, Zachariah, House Robertson, Samuel, House Skees, Richard, House Skees, William, House Smith, George W., House Sprigg, William, House Stader Hotel Stark House State Theatre Stuart, John, House Thomas, Samuel B., House Tichenor, William, House US Bullion Depository, Fort Knox, Kentucky US Post Office-Elizabethtown Van Meter, Jacob, House Vertrees, Eliza, House Vine Grove Historic District West Point Historic District West Point Hotel White Mill Wilson, William, House Wintersmith, Horatio, House Woodard, George, House Young, James, House and Inn
During the Civil War, Kentucky was officially neutral, but the state was divided in its loyalties, with many citizens fighting on both sides of the conflict.
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