The notorious bank robber John Dillinger was born in Indiana in 1903. He gained national notoriety during the Great Depression for a string of daring bank robberies and was eventually shot and killed by law enforcement in 1934.

Posey County, located in southwestern Indiana, has a rich and diverse history dating back thousands of years. The region was originally home to Native American tribes, and evidence of their presence can be found in the form of ancient burial mounds and other archaeological sites scattered across the county.

European settlement of Posey County began in the late 18th century, with French and Canadian traders establishing trading posts along the Ohio River. The county was officially organized in 1814, named after Thomas Posey, a Revolutionary War general and the second Governor of Indiana. The early settlers were mainly farmers who took advantage of the fertile soil and abundant natural resources in the area.

In the 19th century, Posey County experienced significant growth and economic development. The construction of roads and canals, such as the Wabash and Erie Canal, boosted trade and transportation, making the county an important hub for the region. The discovery of coal and oil deposits further fueled the local economy, attracting more industries and businesses.

Posey County played a role in the Civil War, with many residents enlisting in the Union Army. The county witnessed several skirmishes and raids, leaving a lasting impact on the local community. Post-war, Posey County continued to flourish, evolving into a center for agriculture, manufacturing, and commerce.

Today, Posey County is known for its picturesque landscapes, charming small towns, and historical sites. Visitors can explore the county's rich heritage through its numerous museums, including the New Harmony Working Men's Institute and the Mount Vernon Indiana Museum. With a blend of natural beauty and historical significance, Posey County remains a vibrant and thriving community.

  • 1814 - Posey County was officially established by the Indiana General Assembly
  • 1819 - The county seat was established in Mt. Vernon
  • 1820 - The first permanent settlement was established in the county
  • 1825 - The first courthouse in Posey County was built
  • 1862 - The Battle of New Harmony took place during the American Civil War
  • 1884 - The current Posey County Courthouse was built in Mt. Vernon
  • 1925 - The "Tri-State Tornado" passed through Posey County, causing significant damage
  • 1966 - The Posey County Historical Society was founded
  • 2010 - Posey County celebrated its bicentennial