National Register Listings in Bear Lake County, Idaho

Allred, Ezra, Bungalow Allred, Ezra, Cottage Ashley, Dr. George, House Ashley, George, Sr., House Athay, Sam, House Bagley, John A., House Bear Lake County Courthouse Bear Lake Market Bear Lake Stake Tabernacle Beck Barns and Automobile Storage Bishop West Barn Browning Block Budge Cottage Budge, Alfred, House Budge, Julia, House Budge, Taft, Bungalow Clayton, Russell, Bungalow Cole House Collings, James, Jr., House Cook, Joseph, House Davis, E. F., House Georgetown Relief Society Hall Grimmett, John, Jr., House and Outbuildings Grimmett, Orson, Bungalow Grunder Cabin and Outbuildings Hoffman Barn Hoge, Walter, House Hotel Paris Hulme, Amos, Barn Innes, Kate, House Innes, Thomas, House Jaussi Bungalow Keller House and Derick Kelsey, Robert, Bungalow Latham Bungalow Law, Oren, House and Outbuildings LDS Seminary LDS Stake Office Building Lewis Barn Lewis Bungalow Lewis, Fred, Cottage Linvall, J. L., House and Outbuilding Linvall, Robb, House Low, Morris, Bungalow Montpelier Historic District Montpelier Odd Fellows Hall Nelson, Wilhelmina, House and Cabins Nye, James, House Old LDS Tithing/Paris Post Building Paris Cemetery Paris Lumber Company Building Paris Photo Studio Paris Public School Pendrey Drug Store Building Pendrey, Arthur, Cottage Pendrey, Joe and Zina, Bungalow Poulson, Jim, House Preston Bungalow Price, Dan, House Price, Fred, Bungalow Price, Herber, Bungalow Price, Joe, House Price, Robert, House Ream, William and Nora, House Rich, Joseph, Barn Rich, Landon, House Rich, William L., House Rich-Grandy Cabin Rogers, Franklin, Bungalow Rogers, Frederick, House Scofield, Anna Nielsen, House Sheidigger, John, House and Outbuildings Shepherd Bungalow Shepherd Hardware Shepherd, Earl, Bungalow Shepherd, J. R., House Shepherd, Les and Hazel, Bungalow Shepherd, Ted, Cottage Sleight, Thomas, Cabin Smedley, Thomas, House Spencer, George, House Stoker, Henry, House and Outbuildings Stucki, J. U., House and Outbuildings Sutton, John, House Taylor's Candy Factory Taylor, Arthur, House Telephone Company Bungalow Tueller, Jacob, Jr., House Tueller, Jacob, Sr., House Wallentine Farmstead Weilermann, Gus, House Wives of Charles C. Rich Historic District