National Register Listings in
Scott County, Iowa

Adams, Walker, House Adler, E. P., House Ambrose Hall (Additional Documentation) American Commercial and Savings Bank American Telephone & Telegraph Co. Bldg. Argyle Flats Ball-Waterman House Ballard, John W., House Barrows, Edward S., House Beiderbecke, Leon Bismark, House Benton, Richard, House Berg, Henry, Building Best, Louis P. and Clara K., Residence and Auto House Bethel AME Church Bettendorf, Joseph F., House Bettendorf-Washington School Blackhawk Hotel Boyle, John R., House Brammer Grocery Store Bridge Avenue Historic District Brown, James, House Brownlie, Alexander, House Bryan, Alden, House Buchanan School Buffalo High School Building at 1119-1121 W. Third Street Building at 202 W. Third Street Building at 813-815 W. Second Street Burdick, Anthony, House Busch, Diedrich, House Calvary Baptist Church/First Baptist Church Cameron, W. S., House Carr, William V., House Cawley, James, House Central Fire Station Central Office Building Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Freight House City Market Claussen, William, House Clifton Cody Homestead Cody Road Historic District College Square Historic District Collins House Columbia Avenue Historic District Community Building Cook, Clarissa, Home for the Friendless Copeland, George, House Cork Hill District Cottage at 1514 and 1516 W. Second Street Crescent Warehouse Historic District Currier House Davenport Bag and Paper Company Building Davenport Bank and Trust (Boundary Increase) Davenport City Hall Davenport Crematorium Davenport Downtown Commercial Historic District Davenport Hose Station No. 3 Davenport Hotel Davenport Motor Row and Industrial Historic District Davenport Village Davenport Water Co. Pumping Station No. 2 Davison, Abner, House Dawley House Democrat Building Dessaint, Marie Clare, House Dillon Memorial Dils-Downer House Donahue Building East 14th Street Historic District East Hill House and Carraige House Ebeling, Arthur, House Ebeling, Henry, House Edinger, Edward, House Eldridge, D. C., House Eldridge, Theodore, House Ewert, Ferdinand, Building Fennern, Henry P., House Ficke Block Finch, Fred, House First Bible Missionary Church First Church of Christ, Scientist First National Bank Building First National Bank of Davenport First Presbyterian Church Forest Grove School No. 5 Forrest Block French, Alice, House Frick's Tavern Gabbert, William, House Gamble, James, House Gannon, M. V., House Gaspard, D. Julius, House Germania-Miller/Standard Hotel Glaspell, Isaac, House Goering, Jacob, House Goodrich, William T., House Gordon-Van Tine Company Historic District Grilk, Charles, House Guy, Finley, Building Hall, Israel, House Hamburg Historic District Hauschild's Hall Hebert, Louis, House Heinz, Bonaventura, House (second) Henne, Robert, House Hibernia Hall Hiller Building Hillside Hoersch, John, House Hoffman Building Hoffman, Samuel, Jr., House Holbrook, William, House Horton-Suiter House Hose Station No. 1 Hose Station No. 6 Hose Station No. 7 Hotel Mississippi-RKO Orpheum Theater House at 1646 W. Second Street House at 2123 W. Second Street House at 2212 W. River Drive House at 318-332 Marquette Street House at 919 Oneida Street Iowa Reform Building Iowa Soldiers' Orphans' Home Jansen, Theodore, House Kahl Building Kahl, Henry, House Kattenbracher House Kiene, Albert, House Kimball-Stevenson House Klindt, George, House Klindt, Henry, House Koch Drug Store Koenig Building Koester, Nicholas, Building Kuhnen, Nicholas J., House LeClaire, Antoine, House Lerch, Gustov C., House Lincoln School Linden Flats Lindsay, James E., House Linograph Company Building, The Lippincott, John, House Littig Brothers/Mengel & Klindt/Eagle Brewery Littig, John, House Lock and Dam No. 14 Historic District LONESTAR Lueschen, John, House Mallet, Joseph, House Martzahn, August F., House Marycrest College Historic District McBride-Hickey House McCaffrey House McCarthy, Patrick F., House McClellan Heights Historic Dictrict McHarg, Joseph S., House McKinley Elementary School McKinney House McManus House Meadly House Meiser Drug Store Middleton, Dr. George McLelland, House and Garage Miller Building Miller, F. H., House Miller, Severin, House Motie, Joseph, House Murray, Thomas, House Nebergall "Knoll Crest" Round Barn Newcome, Daniel T., Double House Newhall, Lucian, House Nichols, Oscar, House Nighswander, Benjamin, House Northwest Davenport Savings Bank Northwest Davenport Turner Society Hall Oak Lane Historic District Oakdale Cemetery Historic District Ockershausen, Henry, House Old City Hall Old Mill House Outing Club Pahl, Henry, House Palmer, B. J., House Paulsen, Peter J., House Paustian, Henry, House Peters' Barber Shop Peters, J. C., House Petersen's, J. H. C., Sons Store Petersen, Max, House Petersen, W. D., Memorial Music Pavillion Picklum, Frank, House Pierce School No. 13 Plambeck, Joachim, House Pohlmann, Elizabeth, House Pohlmann, Henry, House Potter-Williams House Price, Hiram/Henry Vollmer House Prien Building Priester Building, The Prospect Park Historic District Putnam-Parker Block Quickel, Jacob, House Radcliff, Willam, House Raible, F. J., House Rambo House Ranzow-Sander House Raphael, Jacob, Building Regina Coeli Monastery Renwick Building Renwick House Riverview Terrace Historic District Roberts, Edward C., House Roslyn Flats Rowhouses at 702-712 Kirkwood Boulevard Royal Neighbors of America National Home Historic District Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cathedral Complex Saengerfest Halle Schebler, Richard, House Schmidt Block Schmidt, F. Jacob, House Schmidt, Louis C. and Amelia L., House School Number 6 Schricker, John C., House Schricker, John, House Schroeder Bros, Meat Market Scott County Jail Sharon, Fred B., House Shaw, E. A., House Shields Woolen Mill Siemer House Simpson, Charles S., House Sitz, Rudolph H., Building Smith, Alvord I., House Smith, Henry H./J.H. Murphy House Smith, James, House Smith, John, House Smith, William G., House Spencer, Roswell, House St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church Complex St. John's Methodist Episcopal Church St. Joseph's Catholic Church St. Katherine's Historic District St. Luke's Hospital St. Mary's Academy St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church Complex St. Paul's English Lutheran Church Stewart, J. W., House Stone House Stone School Struck, Dr. Kuno, House Suiter, Jacob, House Suiter, John H., House Suiter, William, House Swan, George B., House Swedish Baptist Church Taylor School Templeton, I. Edward, House Tevoet, Lambert, House Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Tromley, George, Jr., House Tromley, George, Sr., House Union Electric Telephone & Telegraph Union Savings Bank and Trust Union Station and Burlington Freight House United States Post Office and Court House Untiedt, Claus, House Van Sant, Samuel, House Vander Veer Park Historic District Von Ach, Frank J., House Walsh Flats/Langworth Building Walter-Gimble House Warner Apartment Building Washington Flats Washington Gardens Werthman Grocery West Third Street Historic District Westphal-Schmidt House Whitaker, Charles, House Wilkinson, Thomas C., House WOC Broadcasting Center Wolters Filling Station Woods, Oscar C., House Worley, Philip, House Wupperman Block/I.O.O.F. Hall Zoeller Bros-Independent Malting Co.
The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum is located in West Branch, Iowa. Hoover, who served as the 31st president of the United States from 1929 to 1933, was born in West Branch and spent much of his early life in Iowa. The museum includes exhibits on Hoover's life and presidency, as well as a collection of his personal papers and artifacts.

Scott County, Iowa, located in the Midwestern United States, has a rich and diverse history that spans several centuries. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Sauk and Meskwaki people, who were later displaced by European settlers.

In the early 19th century, Scott County was part of the vast Louisiana Purchase territory, acquired by the United States from France. The first European settlers arrived in the area in the 1820s, drawn to the fertile land along the Mississippi River. The county was officially established in 1837 and named after General Winfield Scott, a hero of the War of 1812.

During the mid-19th century, Scott County experienced rapid growth and development. The construction of the Illinois and Michigan Canal and the arrival of the railroad in the 1850s brought increased trade and industry to the area. Davenport, the county seat, became an important trading center and hub of commerce.

The late 19th and early 20th centuries marked a period of innovation and progress in Scott County. The advent of the electric streetcar in the 1880s revolutionized transportation in the region. Davenport also became known as a center of healthcare and education, with the establishment of several hospitals and educational institutions. The county faced challenges during World War I and the Great Depression but rebounded in the post-war era with the growth of manufacturing industries.

Today, Scott County continues to thrive as a vibrant community with a diverse economy. Its rich history is celebrated through numerous historic sites and museums, including the historical Village of East Davenport and the Figge Art Museum. The county remains an important agricultural center, with farming and agribusiness playing a significant role in its economy.

  • 1835: Scott County is established
  • 1836: Davenport, the county seat, is founded
  • 1838: First courthouse in Scott County is built
  • 1840: Scott County's population reaches 3,000
  • 1856: Scott County Agricultural Society is formed
  • 1862: First railroad reaches Scott County
  • 1873: Palmer College of Chiropractic is founded in Davenport
  • 1886: First electric streetcar begins operation in Davenport
  • 1912: Black Hawk State Historic Site opens in Rock Island
  • 1927: Davenport Municipal Airport opens
  • 1933: Frederick W. Woodward Architecture Firm is established
  • 1968: Putnam Museum and Science Center opens in Davenport
  • 1980: Figge Art Museum is founded in Davenport
  • 1990: Population of Scott County surpasses 150,000
  • 2005: Scott County Jail is completed