In 1958, Georgia became the first state to lower the voting age from 21 to 18, although this was later overturned by the Supreme Court.
Houston County, located in central Georgia, has a rich history that dates back to the late 18th century. The area was originally inhabited by various Native American tribes, including the Creek Indians, who were later displaced by European colonizers. The county was officially established on May 15, 1821, and was named after former governor and statesman John Houstoun.

Throughout the 19th century, Houston County experienced significant growth, largely driven by the timber and agricultural industries. The construction of railroads in the area further facilitated economic development, enabling the shipment of goods and connecting Houston County to other parts of the state. Cotton became a major cash crop, and numerous plantations were established to meet the demand.

In the early 20th century, Houston County continued to thrive, with increasing industrialization and population growth. The development of the aviation industry played a significant role in the county's history, as the Robins Air Force Base was established in 1941. The base became a major employer and drove economic growth, attracting businesses and residents to the area.

In recent decades, Houston County has continued to experience growth and development. It has become a hub for commerce, education, and healthcare in the region. The county is home to a diverse population and offers a range of recreational activities, including parks, lakes, and golf courses. Today, Houston County stands as a vibrant and thriving community, deeply rooted in its history while embracing the opportunities of the present.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Houston County, Georgia.

  • 1821: Houston County is established as one of the original counties of Georgia.
  • 1831: The first county courthouse is built in Perry.
  • 1854: The state legislature changes the county seat to a more central location, and the new town of Centerville is established.
  • 1864: During the Civil War, Houston County experiences limited military activity.
  • 1900s: The county's economy is primarily agricultural, with cotton, peanuts, and peaches being major crops.
  • 1950: Robins Air Force Base is established, providing a significant economic boost to the county.
  • 1970s: Houston County experiences rapid population growth, largely due to the expansion of the military base.
  • 1990s: The county becomes a hub for aerospace and defense industries.
  • 2010s: Houston County continues to grow, with a strong emphasis on education, healthcare, and retail development.