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Clayton County, Georgia has a rich history rooted in its beginnings as part of the lands occupied by Native American tribes, including the Creek and Cherokee nations. European settlers arrived in the late 18th century, and the county was established in 1858 from parts of Fayette and Henry counties.

During the Civil War, Clayton County played a significant role as it was located on major transportation routes, including the Atlanta & West Point Railroad. The Battle of Jonesboro, fought in the county in 1864, marked a turning point in the war as Union forces successfully cut off Confederate supply lines from the city of Atlanta. This battle ultimately led to the fall of Atlanta and the eventual defeat of the Confederacy.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Clayton County experienced significant agricultural and economic growth. The county became known for its production of cotton, peaches, and other crops. The arrival of the railroad spurred industrial development, bringing manufacturing companies to the area. In 1915, the town of Forest Park was incorporated, becoming one of the earliest municipalities in the county.

In the mid-20th century, Clayton County underwent rapid suburbanization, attracting residents who sought a suburban lifestyle while being close to the city of Atlanta. The growth in population led to the development of infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, and shopping centers. Today, Clayton County continues to evolve and diversify, with a growing economy and a focus on improving education and quality of life for its residents.

This timeline provides a glimpse into the major events and milestones that have shaped the history of Clayton County, Georgia.

  • 1821 - Clayton County is created from part of Fayette County.
  • 1864 - During the Civil War, Clayton County is occupied by Union troops.
  • 1870 - The Atlanta and Southwestern Railroad is completed, connecting the county to Atlanta.
  • 1960 - Clayton County's population starts to rapidly increase due to suburban growth.
  • 1980 - The Clayton County International Park opens, becoming a popular recreational area.
  • 2000 - The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport expands into Clayton County.
  • 2013 - Clayton County School District regains accreditation after almost a decade.
  • 2020 - Clayton County is known for its diverse population and growing economic opportunities.