National Register Listings in
Clarke County, Georgia

Athens Factory Athens Manufacturing Company Athens Warehouse Historic District Bishop House Bloomfield Street Historic District Boulevard Historic District Brightwell Shotgun Row Buena Vista Heights Historic District Camak House Carnegie Library Building Chase, Albon, House Chestnut Grove School Chi Omega House Church-Waddel-Brumby House Clarke County Jail Cobb, T.R.R., House Cobb-Treanor House Cobbham Historic District Coca-Cola Bottling Plant-Athens Crane, Ross, House Dearing Street Historic District Dearing, Albin P., House Downtown Athens Historic District Downtown Athens Historic District (Additional Documentation, Boundary Increase II and Boundary Decrease) Downtown Athens Historic District (Boundary Increase) First African Methodist Episcopal Church Franklin House Garden Club of Georgia Museum-Headquarters House,Founder's Memorial Garden Gospel Pilgrim Cemetery Grady, Henry W., House Hamilton, Dr. James S., House Jackson Street Cemetery Lucy Cobb Institute Campus Lumpkin, Gov. Wilson, House Lumpkin, Joseph Henry, House Milledge Avenue Historic District Milledge Avenue Historic District (Boundary Increase) Milledge Circle Historic District Morton Building Newton House Oconee Hill Cemetery Oconee Street School Oglethorpe Avenue Historic District Old North Campus, University of Georgia Owens, Hubert Bond, House Parr, Calvin W., House Parrott Insurance Building President's House Reese Street Historic District Rocksprings Shotgun Row Historic District Sledge, James A., House Sorrells, R. P., House Thomas-Carithers House United States Post Office and Court House Upson House Ware-Lyndon House West Cloverhurst Avenue Historic District West Hancock Avenue Historic District White Hall Wilkins House Winterville Historic District Woodlawn Historic District Young Women's Christian Association Complex
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Georgia was the site of the first American gold rush, but it was also the site of the first American oil rush. In 1905, oil was discovered in Bibb County, and the state's oil industry began to grow rapidly.
Clarke County, GA, located in the northeastern part of the state, has a rich history that dates back centuries. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Creek and Cherokee tribes, who utilized the fertile land for agriculture.

In 1801, the Georgia General Assembly designated Clarke County as one of the initial counties in the state. The county was named after Elijah Clarke, a war hero from the American Revolution. As settlers moved into the area, Clarke County became an essential center of trade and agriculture, known for its cotton production and prosperous plantations.

During the Civil War, the county experienced significant challenges and upheavals. With the end of slavery, many African Americans embraced new opportunities and established their own businesses and institutions in the county. This period also saw the establishment of the University of Georgia in 1785, making Athens, the county seat, a prominent center for education and intellectual growth.

In the 20th century, Clarke County witnessed a period of growth and transformation. The University of Georgia continued to expand, becoming a major economic and cultural force in the region. The civil rights movement also had a significant impact on the county, with protests and demonstrations taking place in Athens. These efforts led to important changes in civil rights legislation and a more inclusive society.

Today, Clarke County is a vibrant community that showcases its rich history while embracing progress and innovation. With a diverse population and a thriving arts and music scene, the county continues to be a hub of cultural activity in Georgia.

This timeline provides a concise overview of the key events in the history of Clarke County, Georgia.

  • 1785 - Clarke County, GA is established as one of the original counties of Georgia.
  • 1801 - The University of Georgia is founded in Athens, the county seat of Clarke County.
  • 1875 - The county courthouse, known as the Clarke County Courthouse, is constructed.
  • 1937 - The WPA-built Georgia State Botanical Garden opens in Athens, showcasing the natural beauty of the region.
  • 1961 - The Athens-Clarke County Unified Government is formed, combining the city of Athens and Clarke County.
  • 1996 - The Stegeman Coliseum, a multi-purpose arena located on the University of Georgia campus, undergoes a major renovation.