Historical Markers in
Chatham County, Georgia

105 East Oglethorpe Avenue 1812 Wesley Chapel 1873 Shell Magazine 1996 Olympic Yachting Cauldron 1st Lt. Harlan Leroy Cook 20th Fighter Gp 2nd Lt Louis Howard Bourgeault 2nd Strategic Air Depot 305th Bomb Group (H) 351st Bombardment Group (Heavy) 355th Fighter Group 356th Fighter Group 364th Fighter Group 36th BS RCM 379th Bombardment Group (H) 384th Bombardment Group 385th Bombardment Group (H) 392nd Bomb Group 398th Bombardment Group (Heavy) 4.5 Inch Blakely Rifle 445th Bombardment Group (Heavy) 446th Bomb Group 447th Bomb Group 448th Bomb Group 452nd Bomb Group 453rd Bomb Group 457th Bombardment Group (H) 466th Bomb Group (H) 479th Fighter Group 486th Bombardment Group (H) 487th Bomb Group 489th Bomb Group 491st Bombardment Group (H) 493rd Bomb Group 5,275 Shots & Shells in 30 Hours 55th Fighter Group 56th Fighter Group 7th Photo Recon Group 801st / 492nd Bomb Group 904th Signal Co. Depot AVN 93rd BG   482nd BG (P)  389th BG 93rd Bomb Group (H) In Memory Of 93rd Bombardment Group (Heavy) 96th BG 339th BS - Shot Down A Bustling Village A Changing Landscape A Crew Of Sky Queen A Devastating Bombardment A Storeroom By Any Other Name A Turning Point In History A. Douglass Strobhar African American Monument American Grand Prize Races Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemansonry Andrew Bryan Andrew Low House Archibald Bulloch Arky - Missy G   Crew Armstrong Junior College Arts & Crafts Emporium Atlantic Coastal Highway Through Georgia Attack on British Lines Augusta Road B-24 Big Banner B/G John S. Allard Barnard House Base Air Depot No. 2 Station 582 USAAF Battery Hambright Battery Hamilton Battery Jones Battle Between Confederate Gunboats and Union Field Artillery Battle of Savannah Beach Institute Beaulieu Plantation Bethesda Big Duke Fire Alarm Bell Memorial Birthplace of Eighth Air Force Birthplace of Girl Scouting Birthplace of John C. Frémont Birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace of Juliette Low Birthplace of the University Of Georgia Black Thursday    Oct 14 1943 Blacksmith Shop Blitzing Betsy Boeing B-47 Stratojet Boiler Room Brick Pillar British Evacuation Brooke Rifle Burial Sites of Immortal 600 Butler's Bums Button Gwinnett Candler Hospital Capt. Alfred L. Goodman Capt. Denis N. Cottineau Captain Charles Floyd Captain Denis Cottineau de Kerloguen Capture of Savannah Capture of the USS "Water Witch" Casimir Pulaski Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Central of Georgia Central of Georgia Central Of Georgia Railroad Central Railroad & Bank Bldg. Changing Landscape Charity Hospital and Training School for Nurses Charles Blaney Cluskey Charles Pidcock Chatham Artillery Chatham Artillery's Christ Church Christ Church Parish House Christmas in Savannah 1864 Cisterns Cisterns of the Construction Village City Plan of Savannah Cockspur Island Lighthouse Cockspur Island Lighthouse Col. James S. McIntosh (1784-1847) Col. John Jones Col. John White Col. Paul B. Jackson Colonel Mordecai Sheftall Colonial Dames House Colonial Park Colonial Town Gate Colonials at Bonaventure Colored Library Association of Savannah Colored Shopmen's Locker & Lavatory Comer House Commercial Development of Western Savannah Confederate Savannah Congregation Mickve Israel Conrad Aiken Construction of Fort Jackson Control Tower Crew Of Fritz Blitz Crew of Sugarfoot Crossing the Savannah CSS Georgia: The "Ladies' Gunboat" De Lyon - De La Motta Cemetery Destiny's Tot Dinah-Mite Dr. Noble W. Jones Dr. Wm. A. Caruthers (1802-46) Drop Table Duellist's Grave Edward Greene Malbone Engineering Dry Land Evacuation of Savannah Federal Batteries on Tybee Island Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse Federal Siege Batteries Final Resting Place First African Baptist Church First Baptist Church First Girl Scout Headquarters in America First Schools in West Savannah First Synagogue in Georgia Flame of Freedom / Relighting the Flame Flannery O'Connor Childhood Home Florance Street School Former Home of Henry R. Jackson Forsyth Park Fort at Play Fort James Jackson Fort Pulaski Fort Screven Fort Screven Fort Screven Bakery Francis Bartow Fred Wessels, Senior Freedom Ahead! Garrison of Fort Jackson Gen. James Jackson Home Site Gen. Oglethorpe's Landing Gen. Samuel Elbert (1740-1788) General Casimir Pulaski • Sergeant William Jasper General Lachlan McIntosh (1727-1806) George Clymer George Washington Georgia Historical Society German Memorial Fountain German Volunteers Great Indian Warrior / Trading Path Great Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1820 Guarding the Door Haitian Monument Haven Home Industrial Training School Henry Sims Morgan Historic Ship Anchor History of Emancipation: History Of Emancipation: Special Field Orders No. 15 Home Of Genl Lachlan MacIntosh Hot Shot Furnace Houston Baptist Church Houstoun Street/York Street Hudson Hill Hugh McCall (1767-1823) Immortal Six Hundred In Memory Of...Best Of Friends Independent Presbyterian Church Independent Presbyterian Church Indian Trading Post: Home of Mary Musgrove Ironclads and Gunboats of the Savannah River Squadron Isidore De Lynch Isle of Hope Isle of Hope Isle of Hope Methodist Church Italians in Georgia's Genesis James Edward Oglethorpe James H. Doolittle James Habersham James Johnston James Moore Wayne, 1790-1867 Jane Cuyler Jasper Spring Jepson House Education Center Jewish Colonists Joel Chandler Harris in Savannah Joel Lane John B. Hohenstein, Sr. John Herndon Mercer 1909 - 1976 John Herndon “Johnny” Mercer John Ryan's Excelsior Bottle Works John Wesley John Wesley John Wesley John Wesley John Wesley Landing Site John Wesley, 1703 - 1791 Johnny Mercer Johnson Square Jonathan Bryan Joseph Brandt Joseph Clay, Patriot Joseph Habersham (1751-1815) Joseph Vallence Bevan Juliette Low Key to the South King Cotton King's Bridge Korean War Lace's Aces Lafayette McLaws Landing of Oglethorpe and the Colonists Largest Slave Sale in Georgia History Laurel Grove South Cemetery Lawton Memorial Lazaretto Lazy Daisy Lewis Elton Lyle Long Range Artillery Duel Louis B. Toomer: Founder of Carver State Bank Lowell Mason Lt. Alpheus L. Kilmer Crew Lt. Ambrose Gordon Lt. Col John Harris Cruger Lt. Colonel James A. Verinis Lt. J E Bass Pilot and Crew Lt. Joseph Lawton Lucas Theatre Lutheran Church Of The Ascension Machine Shop Madison Square Madison Square, British Southern Line of Defenses Major General Anthony Wayne Major General Israel Putnam Major John Berrien Marist Place Mary Musgrove Massie Common School House McDonnell F-4C Phantom McKelvey-Powell Building Members Of The Rüsselsheim Death March Memorial To The American Revolution Mercer Auto Camp Merle C. Olmsted Michael Dennison Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG- 17A Mills Murphree Moat Feeder Canal Model 1859 Seacoast Carriage Modena Moravian Colonists In Savannah Moses J. Jackson Mother Mathilda Beasley, O.S.F. Mulberry Grove Plantation Nathanael Greene Monument Nathanael Greene, Maj. Gen., Continental Army Native Americans on the Georgia Coast New World Medical Plants Nicholsonboro Nina Anderson Pape Noble Jones’ “Wormslow” North Pier Trail Nuclear Ship Savannah Ogeechee Road Oglethorpe Bench Oglethorpe's House Old City Exchange Bell Old Harbor Light Old Jewish Burial Ground Old Savannah Cotton Exchange Old Sorrel–Weed House Ol' Buddy One Building - Many Stories Original 1733 Burial Plot Original Presbyterian Meeting House Our Beloved Brothers Owens-Thomas House Pandora's Box Parrott Rifle Patsy Ann II Peter Tondee Pin Point Community Planing Shed & Lumber Shed Poetter Hall Police Officers Monument Police Station Steps Pooler Station Powder Magazine Prepared for Battle Printing Office of James Johnson Pulaski Monument Quest for Freedom Rackheath Station 145 Recreation on Crawford Square Red-hot Shot Reinhardt M. King & Crew Republican Blues Rev’d A. Dale Umbreit Richard Wall Richardson-Owens-Thomas House Richmond Baptist Church River Street Inn Robert Morris Robert Sengstacke Abbott Boyhood Home Roger Lacy (Lacey) Roll of Honor Roundhouse Roundhouse Foreman’s Office S.S. James Oglethorpe and the Battle of the Atlantic Sailors' Burial Ground Saint Phillips Monumental A.M.E. Church Salzburger Monument of Reconciliation Samuel Elbert Sandfly Savannah and the Slave Trade Savannah Besieged Savannah City Hall Savannah High School Savannah Historic District Savannah in the American Revolution Savannah Marine Korean War Monument Savannah River Plantations Savannah State College Savannah Sugar Refinery Explosion Savannah Theatre Savannah Volunteer Guards Savannah Waterfront Savannah, Birthplace of Prince Hall Masonry in Georgia Savannah-Ogeechee Canal Savannah: Colonial Capital and Birthplace of Savannah's Cobblestones Savannah's Early Economy Savannah's First Burying Ground Savannah's Irish and Robert Emmet Park Savannah's Liberty Ships and the Atlantic Bridge Savannah's Marine Corps Memorial Savannah's Wharves Savannah’s African-American Medical Pioneers Second Baptist Church Sergeant Jasper Settlement of Savannah Sheltering Crown Sherman at Pooler Sherman's Headquarters Sherman's March To The Sea: Shifting Shoreline Shipping in the Port of Savannah Ships That Carried the Name Savannah Silence Silver Chief Site of Colonial Shipyard Site of Filature Sittin' Pretty Smokestack Soldier of Liberty Solomon's Lodge No. 1 Solomon's Lodge No. 1 F. & A.M Savannah, Georgia Solomon's Lodge No. 1 F.& A.M. Southwest Bastion Southwest Magazine Spring Hill Redoubt SS Savannah and SS John Randolph St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church St. Joseph's Hospital St. Vincent's Academy Stanley's Stalwarts Store House Storehouse Swiss Tribute to WW II Combat Aircrewmen USAAF Tabby, Coquina, Sandstone, and Stucco Telfair Academy Telfair Academy of Arts & Sciences Telfair Family Mansion Telfair Hospital for Females Tender Frame Shop & Master Mechanic's Office The 15th Corps at the Savannah and Ogeechee Canal The 339th FTR Grp, 8th A.F. The Battle of Savannah The Berrien House The Beverly M. Whitehead Human Resources Building The Breached Wall The Breached Wall The Demilune The Duchess The Fighting Scouts Of The 8th Air Force The First Act of Alcohol Prohibition in America The First African Baptist Church The Georgia Civil Rights Trail: The Savannah Protest Movement The Georgia Hussars The Georgia Infirmary The Georgia Medical Society The Georgia Medical Society The Georgia Volunteer The Great Dane Dog The History of Victor B. Jenkins Jr. Memorial Boys Club The Invention of the Cotton Gin The Liberty The Lions Club of Savannah The March to the Sea The Napoleon 12-Pounder Field Gun Model 1857 The Old Pirates House The Oliver Sturges House The Parade The Propeller Club of the Port of Savannah The Public Oven and Home for Strangers The Public Store The Resistance The Rotary Club of Savannah The Savannah The Savannah and Ogeechee Canal The Trustees' Garden The Tybrisa Pavilion II The Waving Girl The Weixler's The "John Randolph" This is Yamacraw Bluff This Memorial Commemorates The Act Of... Through the Thick Brick Wall To Arms To Honor Our Patriot Ancestors To The War Time Mothers of America Tomo-Chi-Chi's Grave Tondee's Tavern Tribute to Captain MacDonald Austin and Sargeant Jack Berlin Trinity Methodist Church Turntable Tybee Island Tybee Lighthouse United States Customhouse Vaulting Through Time Vernonburg Vietnam War Memorial Walter Bernard Hill Hall Warren A. Candler Hospital Washington Fire Company Washington's Southern Tour Washington’s Southern Tour Wesley Chapel Trinity / John Wesley's American Parish Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church Centennial White Bluff Meeting House William Bartram Trail William Scarbrough William Scarbrough House William Stephens Workers' Garden World's Top Mustang Ace Wright Square WW II Bombardiers "A World Apart" "Hard 17" "Hell's Angels" - "Might in Flight" 303rd Bombardment Group (H) "Jingle Bells" "Nye's Annihilators" "P T's Pirates" "Stubborn Jean" "Tyrants Fall In Every Foe Liberty's In Every Blow"
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During the American Revolution, Georgia was the site of several important battles, including the Battle of Kettle Creek in 1779, which was a significant victory for the Patriot forces.
Chatham County, Georgia has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1777. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes such as the Yamacraws and the Creek Nation, who relied on the fertile land and abundant natural resources for their livelihoods. In 1733, General James Oglethorpe established the colony of Georgia and founded the city of Savannah, which would eventually become the county seat of Chatham County.

During the American Revolution, Chatham County played a significant role in the fight for independence, with the Battle of Savannah being a major conflict. British forces occupied the area, but were ultimately repelled by the American Revolutionary forces. The county continued to grow and develop in the following decades, becoming a major center of trade and commerce in the region due to its strategic location and access to the Savannah River.

In the 19th century, Chatham County saw a boom in industrial development, particularly in the fields of cotton production and shipping. Plantations were established, and slavery became a crucial part of the county's economy. The county also experienced the impact of the Civil War, with Union forces capturing Savannah in 1864 and effectively ending Confederate control in the region.

In the 20th century, Chatham County continued to evolve with significant advancements in infrastructure and technology. The establishment of Fort Stewart in the early 1940s brought a military presence to the county, which further stimulated economic growth. Today, Chatham County is a diverse and thriving area known for its historic charm, vibrant culture, and its contributions to Georgia's economy as a leading tourist destination and major transportation hub.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Chatham County, Georgia.

  • 1732: Chatham County is established as one of the original counties of the Province of Georgia.
  • 1758: Savannah, the largest city in the county, is incorporated.
  • 1779: During the American Revolutionary War, British forces capture Savannah.
  • 1790: Chatham County's population reaches over 8,000.
  • 1820: The First African Baptist Church is established in Savannah, becoming one of the first African-American churches in North America.
  • 1850: Chatham County's population grows to over 20,000.
  • 1864: Union forces capture Savannah during the American Civil War's "March to the Sea."
  • 1909: The Georgia State Railroad Museum opens in Savannah.
  • 1966: Chatham County becomes the first county in Georgia to adopt a consolidated city-county government system.
  • 1996: The Savannah College of Art and Design Museum of Art opens, becoming the largest university art museum in the country.
  • 2005: Hurricane Katrina causes significant damage to the county's coastal areas.