Historical Markers in
Volusia County, Florida

143 Beach Street 16th Century Anchor 1768 British Colony of New Smyrna 1937-1938 Daytona Beach Stock Car Races 1939 Daytona Beach Stock Car Races 1940 Daytona Beach Stock Car Races 1941 Daytona Beach Stock Car Races 1946 Daytona Beach Stock Car Races 1947 Daytona Beach Stock Car Races 1948 Daytona Beach Stock Car Races 1949 Daytona Beach Stock Car Races 1950 Daytona Beach Stock Car Races 1951 Daytona Beach Stock Car Races 1952 Daytona Beach Stock Car Races 1953 Daytona Beach Stock Car Races 1954 Daytona Beach Stock Car Races 1954 Stock Car Races 38th Running Daytona 500 39th Running Daytona 500 40th Running Daytona 500 41st Running Daytona 500 42nd Running Daytona 500 432 South Beach Street 43rd Running Daytona 500 44th Running Daytona 500 45th Running Daytona 500 46th Running Daytona 500 47th Running Daytona 500 48th Running Daytona 500 49th Running Daytona 500 50th Running Daytona 500 51st Running Daytona 500 52nd Running Daytona 500 53rd Running Daytona 500 54th Running Daytona 500 55th Running Daytona 500 56th Running Daytona 500 57th Running Daytona 500 58th Running Daytona 500 59th Running Daytona 500 60th Running Daytona 500 61st Running Daytona 500 62nd Running Daytona 500 63rd Running Daytona 500 A Billionaire and Beach Racing A Fossil from the Steamboat Age A Gateway to the Stars A Gifted Athlete A Stray Relic AH-1 COBRA Attack Helicopter All Veterans Althea Gibson American Indian Wars American Patriots American Revolutionary War Anderson-Price Memorial Library Angelo J. Vaccaro Anniversary of Shelling by Union Gunboats Bartram at Blue Spring Bartram Gardens & Trail Bartram in Volusia County Bartram's Birds Bartram's Fish Bartram's Plants Baseball Legend Battle of Dunlawton Plantation Beach Racers Bell #8 Bethune Beach Bethune-Volusia Beach Betty Jane France Birthplace Of Speed Bongoland Bosnian War/Operation Uphold Democracy/ Kosovo War Breaks Major League Baseball Color Barrier Bronze Bell Charles Richard Beall Circa 1883 Circa 1885 Cistern Civil Rights Pioneer Civil War Columbus’s Chapel? Community Builders Confederate States of America Veterans at Rest Here Convict Cage Wagon Coronado Beach House Cuban Rafts Cuban Refugee Rafts Cypress Street Elementary School Dale Earnhardt David G. Ledgerwood Daytona 200 Daytona International Speedway DeBary Hall DeBary Hall / Florida Federation of Art, Inc. DeLand Hall DeLand Municipal Airport DeLand Naval Air Station Museum DeLeon Springs Colored School Delos A. Blodgett House Deltona Veterans Memorial Dennis James, Jr. Destruction of Dunlawton Plantation Dickinson Memorial Library Dr. Andrew Turnbull Dreka Building Dreka Theater Dummitt Plantation Mill Ruins Dunlawton's Building Blocks E. Glenn “Fireball” Roberts Early Beginnings Early Grocery Stores Eldora House Eldora Village Eldora Village Emmons Cottage c. 1885 Emory L. Bennett Park Equipment Shed Exceptional Athletic Ability F-15 Aircraft First Christian Marriage In North America First Church of Christ, Scientist First Commercial Store First Movie House First Public Building First Spring Training First United Methodist Church Florida Hammock Trail Florida United Methodist Children's Home From the Boardwalk Gamble Place Giant Ground Sloth Gladys Meyer Davis Home Glenn Hammond Curtiss Green Mound State Archaeological Site H.L. Wynns’s Commissary Halifax Lodge No. 81 Hall Of Famer Hasty Cottage Post Office Heroes of the World War Historic Childhood Home of Dr. Howard Thurman Historic Sugar Cane Machinery Historic Volusia County Courthouse Historic Volusia County Courthouse Homemade Sugar Cane Syrup Production Hopkins Hall Hotel Inlet Terrace Hotel Ormond Howitzer Huntington Post Office Ivey's Building Jack Roosevelt “Jackie” Robinson Jackie And Rachel Robinson Arrive In Daytona Beach Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson Ballpark Jackie Robinson Ballpark & Museum Jackie Robinson Memorial Jackie's First MLB Spring Training Game Jantzen Diving Girl History Jesse Linzy Jessup's Building John Andrew Bostrom Joseph Downing Price Kedge Anchor Kitchen Gardens Korea 1950-1953 Korean War Korean War Veterans Memorial Landis-Fish Building Lewis Log Cabin Living on the Edge Lost Mounds Low-Tech Mill Mary McLeod Bethune Mary McLeod Bethune Historic Home Merchants Bank Building Merci Box Car Mexican-American War Meyer-Davis House Midway Methodist Church Military Intervention in Libya Miller-Fish Building Mosquito Inlet Mounds of Evidence Mount Oswald Plantation Native Stone New Smyrna Museum Of History Nicholas K. Rogers Nocoroco North Turn Northwest Indian War/Quasi-War/First Barbary War Oak Hill Veterans Memorial Oil Storage House Old Barberville Central High School Old Kings Road Old King's Road Old St. Rita Colored Mission Church Olds Hall Operation Enduring Freedom Operation Iraqi Freedom Operation Just Cause/Operation Restore Hope/Operation Gothic Serpent Operation Urgent Fury/Beirut Barracks Bombing/Operation El Dorado Canyon Operations Desert Shield & Desert Storm Orange City Colored School Ormond Beach’s Longest Held Land Speed Record Ormond Fire House Ormond Indian Burial Mound Ormond Men Ormond Tomb Ormond Yacht Club Ormond's Flying Mile 1904 Overthow of the Kingdom of Hawaii/Second Samoan Civil War Pacetti Cemetery Persian Gulf War Memorial PFC Emory L. Bennett Philippine-American War/Boxer Rebellion/Border War Pierson Depot Pilgrims Rest Primitive Baptist Church Polish Legion of American Veterans Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse Ponce De Leon Springs Ponce Inlet Veterans Memorial Porch Restoration Port Orange Veterans Park POW / MIA’s Memorial Preserving the Mound Principal Keeper's Dwelling Quarter's House Rachel Robinson Racing On The Beach Racing On The Beach 1903 Racing On The Beach 1904 Racing on the Beach 1905 Racing on the Beach 1906 Racing on the Beach 1907 Racing on the Beach 1910 Racing on the Beach 1911 Racing on the Beach 1912 Racing on the Beach 1919 Racing on the Beach 1920 Racing on the Beach 1922 Racing on the Beach 1927 Racing on the Beach 1928 Racing on the Beach 1929 Racing on the Beach 1930 Racing on the Beach 1931 Racing on the Beach 1932 Racing on the Beach 1933 Racing on the Beach 1935 Racing on the Beach 1936 Racing on the Beach 1937-1938 Racing on the Beach 1939 Racing on the Beach 1940 Racing on the Beach 1941 Racing on the Beach 1946 Racing on the Beach 1947 Racing on the Beach 1948 Racing on the Beach 1949 Racing on the Beach 1950 Racing on the Beach 1951 Racing on the Beach 1952 Racing on the Beach 1953 Racing on the Beach 1954 Racing on the Beach 1955 Red Cedar Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Risky Business: Roberto Clemente Rollins College Ross Point Park S. Cornelia Young Memorial Library S. H. Kress and Co. Building Sands Fish & Oyster Company Seabreeze High School Seabreeze United Church Second Assistant Keeper's Dwelling Seminole Rest Trail Settlement Firehouse Shirley Chisholm Site of Old Stone Wharf Site of Sheldon's New Smyrna Hotel South Atlantic Avenue South Turn Southern Magnolia Spanish Mills and Bongoland Spanish–American War Sports Memories St. John's Masonic Lodge St. Mary's Episcopal Church Sugar Making Sugar Making Sugar Mill Machinery Sugar Mill Wheel Supreme Sacrifice Swedish Pioneer Memorial Tara R. Brown Tecumseh’s War/Creek War/Second Barbary War Telling Dunlawton's Stories The Abby The Athens Theatre The Bluebirds The Caretakers The Casements The Casements The Connor Library The Dunlawton Sugar Factory The First Post Office The Fountain of Youth The Gabordy Canal The Haven Block The Hotel Clubhouse The Ice House The Ice Trade The Most Dangerous Chieftain The Mound Builders The New Smyrna Odyssey The Old Kings Road The Opera House The Ormond Garage The Ormond Garage The Principal Keeper's Office The Raid on Enterprise: The Sugar Mill Raid The Roof The Southern Gopher Tortoise The Stable The Tenant House The Three Chimneys The Timucuan Way of Life The Tramway The War of 1812 The Woman's Club of DeLand The World War Honor Roll The “Freemanville” Settlement Thursby House To the Past... Tomoka Turpentine Still Tracking the Tenant House Turnbull Canal Turnbull Grand Canal Turtle Mound United States Post Office Valor Veterans Field of Honor Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans of the Korean War Veterans of the Vietnam War Vietnam Memorial Vietnam Veterans Vietnam War Vietnam War Volusia Volusia County Historic Courthouse Wendell Smith And Billy Rowe What Do You Think? Who Built the Sugar Mill? Who was William Bartram? Wilcox Saloon William Bartram Trail William Bartram Trail William H. G. France & Anne Bledsoe France Willie O’Ree Working Working World War I World War I World War I Memorial World War II World War II World War II World War II Coastal Watch Tower World War II Memorial "Historic Jim Crow Section"
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Volusia County, Florida has a rich history dating back thousands of years. The area was originally inhabited by indigenous tribes such as the Timucua Indians, who thrived on hunting, fishing, and farming along the St. Johns River. In the 16th century, Spanish explorers arrived in Florida, led by Juan Ponce de León who claimed the land for Spain. This marked the beginning of European influence in the region.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, Volusia County witnessed the arrival of settlers from various backgrounds. These included English, Scottish, and African Americans who established agricultural communities and plantations. The largest settlement, New Smyrna, was established by Andrew Turnbull, a Scottish physician, in 1768. This settlement, however, faced numerous challenges and ultimately failed.

In the late 19th century, the arrival of the railroad brought significant growth and development to Volusia County. The city of DeLand, founded in 1876, became a key hub in the region. The county also saw the emergence of the tourism industry with the establishment of beachside resorts and hotels, attracting visitors from all over. In 1925, Daytona Beach became known as the "Birthplace of Speed" with the establishment of the Daytona International Speedway, hosting iconic racing events such as the Daytona 500.

Volusia County continued to grow throughout the 20th century, with advancements in transportation, infrastructure, and the arrival of major businesses. The county is home to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, one of the world's leading aviation and aerospace institutions. Today, Volusia County remains a popular tourist destination, known for its beautiful beaches, rich cultural heritage, and a thriving economy.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Volusia County, Florida.

  • 1804: The area that would become Volusia County is acquired by the United States through the Treaty of Paris.
  • 1832: The area is established as part of Mosquito County.
  • 1854: Mosquito County is divided, and the southern portion becomes known as Orange County.
  • 1855: Volusia County is established, incorporating the southern portion of Mosquito County.
  • 1876: The county seat is established in Enterprise.
  • 1887: The county seat is moved to DeLand.
  • 1957: The Florida Legislature approves the incorporation of Daytona Beach as a city.
  • 1963: The county seat is officially moved back to DeLand.
  • 1987: The incorporated city of Deltona is established.