Historical Markers in
Orange County, Florida

1887 Windermere Schoolhouse 1972 B-52 Crash A City Within A City Albin Polasek Home and Studio Amphicars Apopka Schoolhouse Arrival at Recruit Training Command Orlando Astronaut John Watts Young Atlantic Coastline Station Babe Ruth Day Banner Dam Black Bear Trail Blue Jacket Recruit Bronze Statue Honoring Our Women Sailors Brick Road Brown House Bumby Hardware Cal Palmer Memorial Building Carpentry Shop Museum Carver Court Public Housing Complex Carver Court Public Housing Complex Cheney Dam Church of the Good Shepherd Citrus Industry and Red Hill Groves/Conway School Clark C. Griffith Clark Griffith and the Washington Senators Club Eaton Combat Wounded Veterans Community of Piedmont Conway First Baptist Church/Fort Gatlin Conway United Methodist Church/Brick Road Day in the Life of a Recruit Dinosaur Gertie's Ice Cream of Extinction Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Dr. Howard A. Kelly Park Dr. Howard A. Kelly Park Dr. Phillips House Eatonville Fire Department Eatonville Gateway Eatonville Police Department Eatonville Town Hall Eatonville Water Tower Eatonville, Florida Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit Eppes-Shine Plot Greenwood Cemetery Farm Workers Enrich the Cultural History of Lake Apopka First Presbyterian Church Fleet Reserve Association Forced Eastward Fort Christmas Fort Christmas Fort Gatlin 1838 Fort Maitland / Maitland / Lake Maitland Graduation H. H. Dickson Azalea Park / Washington Street Bridge Hamilton Holt Hankins Building Harmon Killebrew at Tinker Field Holden-Parramore Historic District Hon. Cornelius Amory Pugsley Honoring Women Sailors of the Navy’s First Co-Ed Boot Camp Hungerford School Italian American War Veterans Of The United States J. P. Musselwhite & Family Jack Kerouac House Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson James Rollins Joe Clark’s Store Joe Tinker and the Original Stadium John R. Mott House Site Jose P. Rizal Joshua Gibson and Shirley Povich Kennedy Boulevard and Sewell’s Place Knowles Memorial Chapel Lake Apopka North Shore Lake Eola Park Lake Lily Lake Lily Drive Linton E. Allen Memorial Fountain Linton E. Allen Memorial Fountain Lovell's Landing at Lake Apopka Lynching of July Perry / Racial Violence in America Mack’s Auto Repair Garage Mathew Robinson Marks Matilda Mosley Home Mayor Bob Carr and The New Stadium Michaels Dam Military Site History Missionary Baptist Church Mohandas K. Gandhi Monford “Monte” Irvin Moseley House Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Navy Seabees Oldest Masonic Lodge Building in Continuous Use in Florida Orange County 9-11 Memorial Orange County Courthouse Orange County Election Day Violence/ Ocoee Massacre and Exodus Orlando and Tainan, Sister Cities Orlando Army Air Base Orlando Reeves Orlando Veterans Memorial Park Orlando's First Settler, Aaron Jernigan Orlando’s Round Building Patriots Of The American Revolution Pearl Harbor Pounds Motor Company Railroading in Maitland Raymond Emmett Dandridge Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Robert Hungerford Normal and Industrial School Roberto Clemente Walker Rollins College Fiftieth Anniversary Rollins College Veterans Memorial Rosalind Club Shingle Creek Trail Simmons 2 House Simon Bolivar Site and Home of Francis Eppes Site of Fort Gatlin Sperry Fountain St. Lawrence African Methodist Church and the Mosley House St. Lawrence African Methodist Episcopal Church St. Mary's Missionary Baptist Church/Datson Dairy The Barrier Breakers The Black Bottom House of Prayer The Cathedral Church of Saint Luke The Christian Church The Council Oak The Dinky Station The End of an Era The English Colony/The Polo Club The Fiftieth Anniversary The Hurston and Joe Clark’s The Liberty Bell The Liberty Tree The Lone Sailor Memorial of Central Florida The Navy & Marine Corps in Orlando Today Thomas House Tinker Field Tinker Field History Plaza Tom Sawyer Island Tyrannosaurus Rex United States Marine Corps Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge Vietnam War Memorial Visit Carousel of Progress Walden's Live Oak Ward House Wells' Built Hotel William Bartram Trail William H. Waterhouse Residence Windermere Town Hall Winter Garden Downtown Historic District Yates House Zora Neale Hurston "Lest We Forget"
Florida was once a Spanish colony for over 250 years, from 1565 to 1821, before being ceded to the United States as part of the Adams-Onís Treaty.
Orange County, Florida, located in the central part of the state, has a rich history that dates back thousands of years. The area was originally inhabited by various Native American tribes, such as the Timucua and Seminole, who relied on the fertile land and abundant water sources for their sustenance. European contact came in the 16th century with Spanish explorers, who established missions in the region.

The arrival of pioneers and settlers in the 19th century brought significant change to Orange County. The area witnessed the expansion of the citrus industry, which became a major economic driver for the county. The vast groves of orange trees led to the county being named after the fruit. The arrival of the railroad in the late 1800s further stimulated growth, connecting Orange County with other parts of the state and fueling population growth.

The 20th century marked a period of significant development and transformation for Orange County. The tourism industry, particularly centered around the city of Orlando, became a driving force in the county's economy. The establishment of Walt Disney World in 1971 catapulted the region into global recognition as a premier vacation destination. The theme park's success attracted further investment in hotels, resorts, and entertainment venues, solidifying Orange County's position as a tourist hub.

Over time, Orange County has diversified its economy, with a focus on technology, healthcare, and education. The county is home to the University of Central Florida, one of the largest universities in the country, and several medical research institutions. As of today, Orange County continues to grow rapidly, welcoming new residents and visitors who are drawn to its vibrant cultural scene, outdoor recreational opportunities, and thriving economy.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Orange County, Florida.

  • 1821: Orange County is created on December 29 as a part of the Florida Territory.
  • 1845: Florida becomes a state, and Orange County remains a part of it.
  • 1868: The city of Orlando is incorporated, becoming the county seat of Orange County.
  • 1887: The first railroad reaches Orange County, boosting its growth and development.
  • 1920s: The tourism industry starts to flourish in Orange County, particularly in Orlando.
  • 1965: Walt Disney announces plans for the construction of Walt Disney World, sparking rapid economic and population growth in the county.
  • 1971: Walt Disney World opens in Orange County, becoming a major tourist attraction.
  • 1980s: Orange County experiences significant suburbanization and development, becoming a popular destination for both residents and visitors.
  • 1990: The Orlando International Airport expands, improving transportation access to the county.
  • 2000s: Orange County continues to grow and diversify its economy, becoming a hub for technology, healthcare, and entertainment industries.