Historical Markers in
Okaloosa County, Florida

*A Grateful Nation Remembers* 1st Air Commando Group B-25 Medium Bomber A-10 Thunderbolt II A-1E Skyraider A-26 Counter-Invader A-37 "Dragonfly" A.A.F. / U.S.A.F. Explosive Ordnance Disposal Memorial AC - 119 G/K (Shadow/Stinger) AC-130 Spectre AC-130 Spectre AC-130H Spectre AC-47 Spooky AGM-109 MRASM Missile AGM-28 Hound Dog Missile Air America Memorial Airman First Class John Lee Levitow AT-28D Trojan B-17 Flying Fortress B-25 Mitchell B-47 Stratojet B-52 Stratofortress B-57 Canberra Baker High School Bernard A. Schriever Plaza Bird Air Memorial Bud & Dorie Day Patriots' Trail Bush House C-123 Provider C-46 Commando C-47 Sky Train Captain Hilliard A. Wilbanks Captain Steven L. Bennett Carver-Hill H.S. Cathay Williams CGM-13 Mace Missile Class Action Lawsuit Combat Talon / Here Am I; Send Me. Isaiah 6:8 Combat Talon Aircrew S-01 Combat Talon Aircrew S-59 Combat Wounded Veterans Concord Lodge No. 50 F & AM Crestview Lodge #364 F&AM PHA Desert Shield and Desert Storm Doolittle Raiders Dorie's POW Negotiations Dr. Beal's Shell Museum Eglin Air Force Base Eglin Air Force Base EOD Memorial F-100 Supersabre F-104 Starfighter F-111 Aardvark F-15 Eagle F-16 Fighting Falcon F-4 Phantom II F-84 Thunderstreak F-89 Scorpion Faithful Partner – Guardian of the Night First Lieutenant James Phillip Fleming Florida Honors and Remembers our POW’s and MIA’s Florida Honors and Remembers our POW’s and MIA’s Fort Walton GBU-43/B MOAB HH-3E "Jolly Green Giant" Hmong Special Guerrilla Units IM-99 BOMARC Launch Platform In Honor of The American Gold Star Mothers Indianola Inn, An Indian Midden Mound, and Civil War Cannons Jacqueline Cochran Jockey - 14 Memorial John C. Beasley Park Commemoration Jonita Ruth Bonham Leigh Ann Hester Lenah Higbee Lieutenant Colonel Joe Madison Jackson Lieutenant Colonel William Atkinson Jones, III Mac Baker Major Bernard Francis Fisher Margaret Corbin MC-130E Combat Talon I MC-130P Combat Shadow Medal of Honor Recipients Medal of Honor Recipients Medal of Honor Recipients Medal of Honor Recipients Memorial to the USAF Dead in Operation Eagle Claw MH-53 Pave Low MH-53M Pave Low IV MIG-21 Fishbed Montagnard Memorial MQM-105 Aquila Naseema Niceville Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Worker Statue™ O-1E Bird Dog O-2 Skymaster O-2 Super Skymaster Okaloosa Armed Forces Memorial Okaloosa County Okaloosa County Okaloosa County Desert Storm Memorial Okaloosa County Veterans Memorial Old Bethel Cemetery Operation Assured Response Operation Just Cause Operation Kingpin Operation Provide Comfort Operation Ranch Hand Memorial Operation Restore Hope Operation Uphold Democracy Operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina OV-10 Bronco Preserving and Protecting the Mound Prisoner of War Revolutionary War Patriots RF4-Phantom II Sharon Ann Lane Special Tactics Memorial Spirit 03 Spooky SR-71 Blackbird Story of the Fort Walton Temple Mound T-33 T-Bird The Forward Air Controller The Mistys U-10A Super Courier UH-1 Iroquois United States Navy VO-67 World War II Air Commando / Chindit Memorial XM-800 Armored Reconnaisance Scout Vehicle