National Register Listings in
Hartford County, Connecticut

Academy Hall Allen Place-Lincoln Street Historic District Allen's Cider Mill Allyn, Capt. Benjamin, II, House Ambassador Apartments Andrews, Luman, House Ann Street Historic District Apartment at 49-51 Spring Street Armsmear Asylum Avenue District Atwater Manufacturing Company Austin, A. Everett, House Avon Congregational Church B.P.O. Elks Lodge Babb's Beach Barber, Giles, House Barbour, Lucius, House Barlow, Boce W., Jr., House Barnard, Henry, House Barnes, Selah, House Barnes-Frost House Batterson Block Beach, Charles E., House Beardsley-Mix House Belden, Horace, School and Central Grammar School Beleden House Bemont, Makens, House Beth Hamedrash Hagodol Synagogue Bigelow-Hartford Carpet Mills Bigelow-Hartford Carpet Mills Historic District Bingham, Clarence A., School Bissell Tavern-Bissell's Stage House Blakeslee Forging Company Brace, Moses-Uriah Cadwell House Bradley, Icabod, House Brewer, Selden, House Bridge No. 455 Bristol Girls' Club Bristol High School Broad Brook Company Broad Street Green Historic District Brown Tavern Buckingham Square District Buckingham Square Historic District (Boundary Increase) Building at 136-138 Collins Street Building at 142 Collins Street Building at 83-85 Sigourney Street Bulkeley Bridge Bull, Amos, House Burnham, Edward L., Farm Burritt Hotel Burwell, Ernest R., House Bushnell Park Butler, James, House Butler, Roger, House Butler-McCook Homestead Buttolph-Williams House Canton Center Historic District Canty, Marietta, House Capen-Clark Historic District Capewell Horse Nail Company Case Brothers Historic District Case, Benomi, House Cedar Hill Cemetery Center Burying Yard, Old Central Avenue-Center Cemetery Historic District Chaffee, Hezekiah, House Chapman, Taylor, House Charter Oak Bank Building Charter Oak Place Charter Oak Place (Boundary Increase) Cheney Brothers Historic District Cheney Building Chevry Lomday Mishnayes Synagogue Children's Village of the Hartford Orphan Asylum Christ Church Church of the Good Shepherd and Parish House City Hall-Monument District Clark Brothers Factory No. 1 Clark Brothers Factory No. 2 Clark, Avery, House Clay Hill Historic District Clay Hill Historic District (Boundary Increase) Collins and Townley Streets District Collinsville Historic District Colt Industrial District Colt Industrial District (Boundary Increase) Colt, James B., House Colton, Benjamin, House Commercial Trust Company Building Commercial Trust Company Building Congregational Church of Plainville Congress Street Congress Street Historic District (Boundary Increase) Connecticut General Life Insurance Company Headquarters Connecticut State Capitol Connecticut State Library and Supreme Court Building Connecticut Statehouse Copper Ledges and Chimney Crest Cossitt, Frederick H., Library Coult, Abraham, House Cowles, Capt. Josiah, House Cowles, Gen. George, House Curtisville Historic District Darling, Robert and Julia, House Day House Day, Calvin, House Day-Taylor House Deane, Silas, House Department Store Historic District Dillon Building Downtown Main Street Historic District Downtown North Historic District Drake Hill Road Bridge East Granby Historic District East Weatogue Historic District East Windsor Academy East Windsor Hill Historic District Elizabeth Park Ellsworth, Horace H., House Ellsworth, Oliver, Homestead Elm Street Historic District Elm Street Historic District Elmore Houses Endee Manor Historic District Enfield Canal Enfield Historic District Enfield Shakers Historic District Enfield Town Meetinghouse Engine Company 1 Fire Station Engine Company 15 Fire Station Engine Company 16 Fire Station Engine Company 2 Fire Station Engine Company 6 Fire Station Engine Company 9 Fire Station Eno Memorial Hall Eno, Amos, House Erwin Home for Worthy and Indigent Women Evans, Ebenezer, House Fairfield Avenue Historic District Farmington Canal-New Haven and Northampton Canal Farmington Historic District Farmington River Railroad Bridge Farnsworth, Samuel, House Federal Hill Historic District Filley, Capt. Oliver, House First Church of Christ First Church of Christ and the Ancient Burying Ground First Church Parsonage First Congregational Church of East Hartford and Parsonage First Lutheran Church of the Reformation First National Bank Building Fitch, John, School Footguard Hall Forestville Passenger Station Former Fire Station Fourth Congregational Church Frog Hollow Frog Hollow Historic District (Boundary Increase) Frost, Levi B., House Fuller, John, House Garvan-Carroll Historic District Gillett, Asa, House Gillette, Francis, House Gilman-Hayden House Glastonbury Historic District Glastonbury-Rock Hill Ferry Historic District Goodman, Timothy, House Goodwin Block Gothic Cottage Grace Church Rectory Granby Center Historic District Grandview Terrace Boulevard Grannis, Stephen, House Grant, Ebenezer, House Gridley-Parsons-Staples Homestead Hale, Dr. Elizur, House Hart's Corner Historic District Hart, Timothy, House Hartford & New Haven Railroad Depot Hartford & New Haven Railroad-Freight Depot Hartford Club Hartford Electric Light Company Maple Avenue Sub-Station Hartford Golf Club Historic District Hartford National Bank and Trust Hartford Seminary Foundation Hartford Union Station Harvey, William H., House Hastings Hill Historic District Hathaways Store Hatheway House Hayden, Capt. Nathaniel, House Hayes, Samuel II, House Hazardville Historic District Heublein Tower High Street Historic District Hill-Stead Hilltop Farm Hitchcock-Schwarzmann Mill Holcomb, Judah, House Holcomb, Nathaniel, III, House Hollister, John, House Holmes, Francis H., House Hooker, Henry, House Hooker, John and Isabella, House Hooker, Sarah Whitman, House Hosmer, Daniel, House Hotel America House at 1010 Shuttle Meadow Road House at 111 Maple Avenue House at 130 Hayden Station Road House at 140 and 144 Retreat Avenue House at 36 Forest Street House at 44 Court Street House at 590 West Street House at 736 Palisado Avenue House at 847 Main Street, North Hubbard Park Humphrey, John, House Hurwood Company Hyde-St. John House Imlay and Laurel Streets District Isham-Terry House James Pratt Funeral Service Jefferson-Seymour District Jerome, William I, House Johnson, Wilfred X., House Judd and Root Building Kellogg, Gen. Martin, House Kelsey, Enoch, House Kelsey, Ezekiel, House Keney Tower Kensington Grammar School-Jean E. Hooker High School Kensington Soldier's Monument Kimberly Mansion King's Field House King, Alexander, House King, George, House Lake Compounce Carousel Laurel and Marshall Streets District Lewis Street Block Lewis-Zukowski House Linke, William L., House Little Hollywood Historic District Loomis, Capt. James, House Loomis, Col. James, House Loomis, George G., House Loomis, Gordon, House Loomis, Ira, Jr., House Lyman House Magill, Henry, House Main Street Historic District Main Street Historic District Main Street Historic District No. 2 Manchester Historic District Manchester Historic District (Boundary Increase) Mansuy and Smith Automobile Showroom Building Marion Historic District Marlborough Congregational Church Marlborough House Marlborough Tavern Masonic Temple Massacoe Forest Pavilion Mather Homestead Melrose Melrose Road Bridge Memorial Hall Meriden Avenue-Oakland Road Historic District Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Mills, Elijah, House Mills, Oliver W., House Mills, Timothy Dwight, House Montgomery, J.R., Company Industrial Complex Moore, Deacon John, House Moore, Edward and Ann, House Moore, Roswell, II, House Morley, Edward W., House Mount St. Joseph Academy Municipal Building Murphy, Patrick, House Myers and Gross Building Naubuc Avenue-Broad Street Historic District Neiditz Building New Britain Opera House New Britain Public High School Campus New Haven District Campground Newington Junction North Historic District Newington Junction Railroad Depot Newington Junction South Historic District Newington Junction West Historic District Nook Farm and Woodland Street District North-West School Northam Memorial Chapel and Gallup Memorial Gateway Norton, Charles H., House O'Connell, Clara T., School Old Farm Schoolhouse Old Newgate Prison Old North Cemetery Old Wethersfield Historic District Oxford-Whitney Streets Historic District Palisado Avenue Historic District Parkside Historic District Parkville Historic District Payne, Daniel, House Peck, Stow & Wilcox Factory Pequabuck Bridge Perkins-Clark House Phelps, Capt. Elisha, House Phelps, Eli, House Phelps, Ezekiel, House Phoenix Life Insurance Company Building Pine Grove Historic District Pinney, David, House and Barn Pinney, David, House and Barn (Boundary Increase) Plantsville Historic District Polish National Home Pomeroy, Arthur G., House Porter, Dr. J., House Pratt Street Historic District Prospect Avenue Historic District Pultz & Walkley Company Robbins, John, House Robbins, Unni II, House Rockwell Park Rocky Hill Center Historic District Rocky Hill Congregational Church Root, Jonathan, House Rowe and Weed Houses Royal Typewriter Company Building Saint Anthony Hall Second Church of Christ Seymour, Elisha, Jr., House Shade Swamp Shelter Shelton, William, House Sigourney Square District Sigourney Square Historic District (Boundary Increase II) Sigourney Square Historic District (Boundary Increase) Simpson, Dr. Frank T., House Simsbury Bank and Trust Company Building Simsbury Center Historic District Simsbury Railroad Depot Simsbury Townhouse Sisson-South Whitney Historic District Skelton, Dr. Henry, House Sloper-Wesoly House Smith, H. D., Company Building South Congregational Church South End Historic District South Glastonbury Historic District South Glastonbury Historic District Boundary Increase South Green Historic District Southern New England Telephone Company Building Southington Center Historic District Southington Public Library Southwest District School Spanish House, The Spencer House Spring Grove Cemetery St. John's Episcopal Church St. John's Episcopal Church St. Mary's Parochial School St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church Stackpole, Moore, and Tryon Building Stafford Hollow Historic District Stanley-Whitman House Stanley-Woodruff-Allen House State Arsenal and Armory Steele, Allyn, House Stone Bridge Stony Hill School Stowe, Harriet Beecher, House Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church Suffield Historic District Sweetland, Sophia, House Swift, M. and Sons Company Tariffville Historic District Temple Beth Israel Temple Beth Israel Tephereth Israel Synagogue Terry's Plain Historic District Terry-Hayden House Thompson, William H., Farmstead Town Bridge Treadway, Townsend G., House Treadwell House Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church Tunxis Forest Headquarters House Tunxis Forest Ski Cabin Twain, Mark, House U. S. Post Office and Federal Building Underwood Computing Machine Company Factory Union Baptist Church Union Village Historic District Upper Albany Historic District US Post Office-Manchester Main Viets' Tavern Vine Street Apartment Buildings Wadsworth Atheneum Walnut Hill District Walnut Hill Park Washington School Washington Street School Watkinson Juvenile Asylum and Farm School Webb, Joseph, House Webster Memorial Building Webster, Horace, Farmhouse Webster, Noah, Birthplace Webster, Noah, Memorial Library Welles, Gideon, House Welles-Shipman-Ward House Wells, John, Jr., House West Boulevard Historic District West End Historic District West End Library West End North Historic District West End South Historic District West Granby Historic District West Hill Historic District West Street School Wethersfield Avenue Car Barn Whitfield Cowles House Whiting Homestead Whitman House Wiard, John, House Widows' Home Wightman, Rev. John, House Wightman, Valentine, House Willard Homestead Williams, Austin F., Carriagehouse and House Williams, J. B., Co. Historic District Windsor Avenue Congregational Church Windsor Farms Historic District Windsor Locks Passenger Station Woodbridge Farmstead Woodruff House Woodruff, Capt. Samuel, House Woodruff, Ezekiel, House Woodruff, Jotham, House Woodruff, Urbana, House Worthington Ridge Historic District
Connecticut is known as the "Constitution State" because the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, which was adopted in 1639, is considered to be one of the first written constitutions in the world.

Hartford County, located in central Connecticut, has a rich history that spans over three centuries. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Pequots and the Mohegans, before European settlers arrived in the 17th century. In 1636, English Puritan minister Thomas Hooker led a group of settlers from Massachusetts Bay Colony to establish the settlement of Hartford along the Connecticut River. This marked the beginning of Hartford County's European settlement.

Throughout the 18th century, Hartford County prospered as a center of trade and commerce. It became an important hub for shipbuilding, trade, and manufacturing. The county played a significant role in the American Revolution, with notable figures such as Nathan Hale, a spy for the Continental Army, hailing from the area.

In the early 19th century, Hartford County experienced industrialization and rapid growth. The region became a manufacturing powerhouse for textiles, firearms, and other goods. The city of Hartford emerged as a major center of insurance and finance, earning it the nickname "Insurance Capital of the World." The county also saw significant social and cultural advancements during this time, with the establishment of educational institutions, such as Trinity College and the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art.

In the 20th century, Hartford County continued to thrive economically, with industries diversifying and expanding. It saw development in sectors such as aerospace, technology, and healthcare. However, the county also faced challenges, including urban decay and the decline of manufacturing. Efforts have been made to revitalize cities such as Hartford and improve the quality of life for residents.

Today, Hartford County remains an important economic and cultural center in Connecticut. Home to numerous businesses, educational institutions, and cultural attractions, it attracts visitors and residents alike. The region's rich history, coupled with its vibrant present, makes it a compelling destination for those interested in exploring Connecticut's past and present.

  • 1633 - Dutch explorer Adriaen Block becomes the first European to sail up the Connecticut River and visit the area that would become Hartford County.
  • 1636 - English settlers led by Reverend Thomas Hooker establish the settlement of Hartford, the capital of Connecticut and the county seat of Hartford County.
  • 1666 - Hartford County is officially established as one of the original four Connecticut counties.
  • 1784 - The Charter Oak, symbolizing the colony's independence from British rule, is toppled during a storm in Hartford.
  • 1836 - The Colt Armory is established in Hartford, becoming one of the world's largest manufacturing sites for firearms.
  • 1846 - The Hartford Courant, the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States, begins publication.
  • 1874 - Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) and his family move to Hartford, where he writes some of his most famous works.
  • 1960 - The construction of the Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford is completed.
  • 1964 - The Connecticut Historical Society Museum and Library is established in Hartford, preserving the state's rich history.