National Register Listings in
Denver County, Colorado

19th Street Bridge Alamo Placita Park All Saints Episcopal Church Altamaha Apartments Annunciation Church Arcanum Apartments Arno Apartments Auraria 9th Street Historic District Austin Building Avoca Lodge Bailey House Bancroft, Caroline, House Bastien's Restaurant Bats Grocery Store Baur Confectionery Company Belcaro Bennett-Field House Berkeley Lake Park Berkeley School Bluebird Theater Bonfils Memorial Theater Boston Building Bouvier-Lothrop House Bowman, William Norman, House-Yamecila Brinker Collegiate Institute Brown Palace Hotel Brown, J. S., Mercantile Building Brown, Molly, House Brueger Brothers Building and Annex Bryant-Webster Elementary School Buchtel Bungalow Building at 1389 Stuart Street Building at 1390 Stuart Street Building at 1435 Stuart Street Building at 1444 Stuart Street Building at 1471 Stuart Street Burlington Hotel Butters, Alfred, House Byers-Evans House Campbell, Richard Crawford, House Capitol Life Insurance Building Carter-Rice Building Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception CB&Q Denver Shops Powerhouse Central Presbyterian Church Chamber of Commerce Building Chamberlin Observatory Chapel No. 1 Chappell, Delos Allen, House Chateau, The Cheesman Park Cheesman Park Duplex Cheesman Park Esplanade Christ Methodist Episcopal Church City Park City Park Esplanade City Park Golf Civic Center Historic District Clayton, George W., Trust and College Clements Rowhouse Clermont Street Parkway Colburn Hotel Cole Neighborhood Historic District Colorado Governor's Mansion Colorado National Bank Building Colorado State Capitol Annex Building and Boiler Plant Cornwall Apartments Country Club Historic District Country Club Historic District (Boundary Increase) Cranmer House Cranmer Park Crawford Hill Mansion Creswell Mansion Crocker, F. W., and Company Steam Cracker Factory Croke-Patterson-Campbell Mansion Curry-Chucovich House Curtis-Champa Streets District Curtis-Champa Streets Historic District (Boundary Increase) Daniels and Fisher Tower Denver Athletic Club Denver City Cable Railway Building Denver City Railway Company Building Denver Civic Center Denver Civic Center Classroom Building Denver Dry Goods Company Building Denver Medical Depot Denver Mint Denver Municipal Auditorium Denver Orphans' Home Denver Press Club Denver Public Library Denver Tramway Powerhouse Denver-Colorado Springs-Pueblo Motor Way Company Inc. Garages Dickinson Branch Library Doud, John and Elvira, House Dow-Rosenzweig House Downing Street Parkway Downtown Denver Central YMCA and Annex Doyle-Benton House Dunning-Benedict House Dunwoody, William J., House East Fourth Avenue Parkway East High School East Seventeenth Avenue Parkway East Seventh Avenue Parkway East Sixth Avenue Parkway Elitch Theatre Elsner, John, House Emerson School Emmanuel Shearith Israel Chapel Enterprise Hill Historic District Eppich Apartments Equitable Building Evans Memorial Chapel Evans School Field, Eugene, House Fire Station No. 1 First Avenue Hotel First Baptist Church of Denver First Congregational Church First National Bank Building First Unitarian Society of Denver Fisher, William G., House Fitzroy Place Fleming-Hanington House Flower, John S., House Flower-Vaile House Ford, Barney L., Building Ford, Justina, House Forest Street Parkway Fort Logan National Cemetery Foster, A. C., Building Foster, Ernest LeNeve, House Fountain Inn Four-Mile House Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist Gates, Russell and Elinor, Mansion Gebhard Mansion General Electric Building Glenarm Place Historic Residential District Grafton, The Grant-Humphreys Mansion Grimm, S. A., Block Guerrieri-Decunto House Hamburger, George, Block Hanigan-Canino Terrace Haskell House Helene Apartment Building Hendrie and Bolthoff Warehouse Building Highland Park Highland Park Historic District Highlands Masonic Lodge House at 1750 Gilpin Street Hover, W.A., and Company Building Humboldt Street Historic District Hungarian Freedom Park Ideal Building Iliff Hall Inspiration Point James, Harry C., House Joshel, Lloyd M., House Joslin Dry Goods Company Building Keating, Jeffery and Mary, House Kerr House Kistler Stationery Company Building Kistler-Rodriguez House Kittredge Building Kohn House Kopper's Hotel and Saloon Lang, William, Townhouse Larimer Square Larimer Square Historic District (Boundary Increase) Leeman Auto Company Building LeFevre, Owen E., House Lewis, A. T., and Son Department Store Lewis, A. T., New Building Littleton Creamery-Beatrice Foods Cold Storage Warehouse Loretto Heights Academy Lowry Field Brick Barracks Macedonia Baptist Church Masonic Temple Building McClintock Building McCourt, Peter, House McPhee and McGinnity Building McPhee and McGinnity Paint Factory Midland Savings Building Midwest Steel and Iron Works Company Complex Moffat Station Monaco Street Parkway Montclair Park Montgomery Court Montview Boulevard Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church Moore, Dora, Elementary School Mosque of the El Jebel Shrine Motor Coach Division Building-Denver Tramway Company Neef, Frederick W., House Neusteter Building New Terrace Niblock-Yacovetta Terrace Nordlund House Norman Apartments Ogden Theatre Old Highland Business District Oriental Theater Orlando Flats Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Overland Cotton Mill Oxford Hotel Pacific Express Stable Palmer, Judge Peter L. House Palmer-Ferril House Paramount Theater Park Hill Pearce-McAllister Cottage Peoples Presbyterian Church Peters Paper Company Warehouse Photography and Armament School Buildings, Lowry Air Force Base Pierce-Haley House Potter Highlands Historic District Pride of the Rockies Flour Mill Public Service Building Railway Exchange Addition and Railway Exchange New Building Ray Apartments Buildings Raymond, Wilbur S., House Richthofen Castle Richthofen Monument Richthofen Place Parkway Robinson House Rocky Mountain Bank Note Company Building Rocky Mountain Hotel Rocky Mountain Lake Park Romeo Block Root, Amos H., Building Ross-Broadway Branch, Denver Public Library Rossonian Hotel Roth, Henry, House Saint Philomena Catholic Parish School Saint Thomas Theological Seminary San Rafael Historic District Schleier, George, Mansion Schlessinger House Schmidt, George, House Sheedy Mansion Sherman Street Historic District Sixth Avenue Community Church Smith House Smith's Irrigation Ditch Smith, Milo A., House Smith, Pierce T., House South Marion Street Parkway South Platte River Bridges South Side-Baker Historic District Speer Boulevard Spratlen-Anderson Wholesale Grocery Company-Davis Brothers Warehouse St. Andrews Episcopal Church St. Dominic's Church St. Elizabeth's Church St. Elizabeth's Retreat Chapel St. Ignatius Loyola Church St. John's Cathedral St. Joseph's Polish Roman Catholic Church St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church of Denver St. Mark's Parish Church St. Patrick Mission Church St. Paul's English Evangelical Lutheran Church Stanley Arms Stanley School-Montclair School Stearns House Stonemen's Row Historic District Sugar Building Sunken Gardens Swallow Hill Historic District Tallmadge and Boyer Block Tammen Hall Tears-McFarlane House Telephone Building Temple Emanuel Temple Emanuel Temple Emanuel Thomas, H. H., House Tilden School for Teaching Health Tivoli Brewery Company Tramway Building Treat Hall Trinity United Methodist Church U.S. Courthouse and Federal Office Building U.S. Customhouse U.S. Post Office and Federal Building Union Station Union Warehouse University Boulevard US National Bank Vine Street Houses Walters, Manuella C., Duplex Washington Park Weckbaugh House West Forty-sixth Avenue Parkway West Side Court Building Westside Neighborhood White Spot Restaurant Williams Street Parkway Wood-Morris-Bonfils House Zall House Zang, Adolph J., House Zang, Adolph, Mansion Zeitz Buckhorn Exchange
The Colorado River, which flows through the state and into several other western states, is an important source of water for irrigation and hydroelectric power. The river is also a popular destination for whitewater rafting and other recreational activities.
Denver County, Colorado, has a rich and diverse history that spans centuries. The area was initially inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Arapaho and Cheyenne. In the mid-19th century, as European settlers began to migrate westward, Denver emerged as a bustling mining town during the Pike's Peak Gold Rush. The city was founded in 1858 and named after Kansas Territorial Governor James W. Denver.

During its early years, Denver quickly grew in population and economic importance, becoming the economic and transportation hub of the region. In 1876, Denver became the capital city of the newly established state of Colorado. This period marked the start of a prosperous era, driven by mining, agriculture, and the expansion of the railroad network. Denver became known as the "Queen City of the Plains" and attracted people from all walks of life.

In the early 20th century, Denver experienced significant urban development and cultural growth. The city's vibrant arts and music scene flourished, with renowned theaters, opera houses, and jazz clubs becoming popular destinations. In 1912, Denver hosted the Democratic National Convention, showcasing its rise in national prominence.

In more recent decades, Denver has undergone a transformation into a modern, cosmopolitan city. The city's economy diversified, with industries such as technology, aerospace, and telecommunications playing a key role. Denver also experienced a population boom, with suburbs expanding and attracting new residents. Today, Denver County is a thriving center of culture, commerce, and outdoor recreation, known for its stunning Rocky Mountain backdrop, friendly residents, and diverse communities.

This timeline provides a concise overview of the key events in the history of Denver County, Colorado.

  • 1858 - Gold is discovered in the South Platte River
  • 1859 - Denver City is founded and becomes the county seat
  • 1861 - Denver County is established as one of the original 17 counties in Colorado Territory
  • 1867 - The Colorado Central Railroad reaches Denver
  • 1876 - Denver County becomes part of the newly established state of Colorado
  • 1890 - The population of Denver County reaches 106,713
  • 1920 - Denver County becomes the most populous county in Colorado
  • 2001 - The City and County of Denver consolidates into a single jurisdiction