Historical Marker

Tokio School

Historical marker location:
14 mi. W on US 380/82, Brownfield, Texas
( In Tokio, 14 miles West of Brownfield on US 380/82 R.O.W.. Marker size: 18" x 28". )

Early classes in the Tokio area were held in the ranch house of the J Cross Ranch near the turn of the century. In 1911, a school building was constructed near the center of town (about 300 feet N), and classes were relocated. Larger school buildings later were erected, once due to fire and twice due to changing space needs. The school facilities continued to serve the community's educational as well as religious and civic needs until 1941 when Tokio School was consolidated with the Brownfield Independent School District.

Marker year: 1991

As one of the most visible programs of the Texas Historical Commission (THC), historical markers commemorate diverse topics in Texas history, including: the history and architecture of houses, commercial and public buildings, religious congregations, and military sites; events that changed the course of local and state history; and individuals who have made lasting contributions to our state, community organizations, and businesses.