National Register Listings in Laramie County, Wyoming

Atlas Theatre Baxter Ranch Headquarters Buildings Beatty, Charles L., House Boeing/United Airlines Terminal Building, Hangar and Fountain Capitol North Historic District Castle on 19th Street Cheyenne Flour Milling Company Cheyenne High School Cheyenne South Side Historic District Cheyenne Veterans Administration Hospital Historic District Churchill Public School City and County Building Continental Oil Company Crook House Crow Creek-Cole Ranch Headquarters Historic District Deming School Dereemer Ranch Historic District Downtown Cheyenne Historic District Downtown Cheyenne Historic District (Boundary Increase I) Downtown Cheyenne Historic District (Boundary Increase II) Downtown Cheyenne Historic District (Boundary Increase III) Dubois Block Federal Office Building-Cheyenne Fincher, Mabel, School First United Methodist Church Fort David A. Russell Frewen, Moreton, House Governor's Mansion Hebard Public School Hynds Lodge Johnson Public School Keefe Row Lafrentz, Ferdinand, House Lakeview Historic District Laramie County Milk Producers Cooperative Association Masonic Temple McCord-Brady Company McCormick, Lulu, Junior High School McDonald Ranch Moore Haven Heights Historic District Mt. Sinai Synagogue Nagle-Warren Mansion Park Addition School Pine Bluffs High School Rainsford Historic District Remount Ranch St. Mark's Episcopal Church St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral Storey Gymnasium Sturgis, William, House Texas Oil Company Union Pacific Railroad Depot Union Pacific Roundhouse, Turntable and Machine Shop United States Post Office and Court House Van Tassell Carriage Barn Whipple-Lacey House Wyoming Fuel Company Wyoming State Capitol and Grounds