Historical Markers in
Hamilton County, Tennessee

100th Illinois Infantry 103rd Illinois Infantry 104th Illinois Infantry 104th Illinois Infantry 105th Ohio Infantry 108th Ohio Infantry 109th Pennsylvania Infantry. 10th Michigan Infantry 10th Ohio Cavalry 10th Ohio Infantry 10th U.S. Missouri Infantry 111th Pennsylvania Infantry 111th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment 113th Ohio Infantry 116th Illinois Infantry 11th Michigan Infantry 11th Ohio Infantry 121st Ohio Infantry 124th Ohio Infantry 125th Ohio Infantry 127th Illinois Infantry 12th U.S. Missouri Infantry 13th Illinois Infantry Monument 13th Illinois Infantry Regiment 13th Ohio Infantry 147th Pennsylvania Infantry 14th Ohio Infantry 15th Ohio Infantry. 15th United States Infantry 15th Wisconsin 16th and 19th United States Infantry 1790 John Ross 1866 17th Ohio Infantry 17th U.S. Missouri Infantry 1838 Cherokee Removal & Trail of Tears 1864 Military Bridge 18th Ohio Infantry 18th United States Infantry 19th Illinois Infantry 19th Illinois Infantry Regiment 19th Ohio Infantry 1st Michigan Engineers 1st Ohio Cavalry 1st Ohio Infantry 1st Ohio Sharpshooters 21st Ohio Infantry 22nd Illinois Infantry 24th Ohio Infantry 24th Wisconsin Infantry 25th Illinois Infantry 26th Illinois Infantry 26th Ohio Infantry 26th U.S. Missouri Infantry 27th Illinois Infantry 27th Pennsylvania Infantry 28th Alabama Infantry 28th Pennsylvania Infantry 29th Ohio Infantry 29th Pennsylvania Infantry 29th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment 29th U.S. Missouri Infantry 2nd & 33rd Massachusetts Infantry 2nd Minnesota 2nd Ohio Infantry 2nd Ohio Infantry 30th Ohio Infantry 31st Ohio Infantry 31st U.S. Missouri Infantry 32nd Indiana Infantry 32nd U.S. Missouri Infantry 33rd Ohio Infantry 35th Illinois Infantry 35th Ohio Infantry 36th Illinois Infantry 36th Ohio Infantry 37th Ohio Infantry 38th Indiana Infantry 38th Ohio Infantry 3d Ohio Cavalry 3rd Ohio Infantry 3rd U.S. Missouri Infantry 40th Illinois Infantry 40th Ohio Infantry 41st Ohio Infantry 42nd Illinois Infantry 42nd Indiana Infantry 44th Illinois Infantry 46th Ohio Infantry 46th Pennsylvania Infantry 47th Ohio Infantry 49th Ohio Infantry 4th Ohio Cavalry (Battalion) 51st Illinois Infantry 51st Ohio Infantry 52nd Ohio Infantry 53rd Ohio Infantry 54th Ohio Infantry 55th Illinois Infantry 55th Ohio Infantry 56th Illinois Infantry Monument 57th Ohio Infantry 59th Illinois Infantry 59th Ohio Infantry 5th & 20th Connecticut Infantry Regiment Monument 5th Ohio Infantry 61st Ohio Infantry 63rd Illinois Infantry 64th Ohio Infantry 65th Ohio Infantry. 66th Ohio Infantry 69th Ohio Infantry 6th Missouri Infantry 6th Ohio Infantry 6th U.S. Missouri Infantry 70th Ohio Infantry 73rd Illinois Infantry 73rd Ohio Infantry 73rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment 74th Illinois Infantry 74th Ohio Infantry 75th Illinois Infantry 75th Pennsylvania Infantry 76th Ohio Infantry 79th Illinois Infantry 7th Ohio Infantry 80th Ohio Infantry 82nd Ohio Infantry 84th Illinois Infantry 88th Illinois Infantry 88th Indiana Infantry 89th Illinois Infantry 89th Ohio Infantry 8th Kansas Infantry 8th Kansas Volunteer Infantry 8th U.S. Missouri Infantry 90th Illinois Infantry 92d Illinois Infantry 92nd Ohio Infantry 93rd Illinois Infantry 93rd Ohio Infantry 94th Ohio Infantry 96th Illinois Infantry 96th Illinois Infantry 97th Ohio Infantry 97th Ohio Infantry 98th Ohio Infantry 99th Ohio Infantry 9th Kentucky Infantry 9th Ohio Infantry. A National Cemetery System A point in the 2D Line of Works A point in the 2D Line of Works A point in the 2D Line of Works A Point in the 2d Line of Works A point in the 2D Line of Works A Point in the Line of Works A Point in the Line of Works A Point in the Line of Works A "Trace" of the Past Abby Crawford Milton Adams' Brigade Alexander's Brigade Anderson's Brigade Andrews Raiders Army of the Tennessee Attack at Suck Creek Baird's Division Baird's Division Barrett's C.S.A. Missouri Battery Barret's Missouri Battery Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul Bate's Brigade Battery D, 1st Missouri Battery E, Pennsylvania Artillery Battle Above the Clouds Battle of Chattanooga, 1st Day, Nov. 23 Battle of Chattanooga, 1st Day, Nov. 23 Battle of Chattanooga, 2d Day, Nov. 24 Battle of Chattanooga, 2d Day, Nov. 24. Battle of Chattanooga, 3d Day, Nov. 25 Battle of Chattanooga, 3d Day, Nov. 25. Battle of Chattanooga. Battle of Lookout Mountain Battle of Missionary Ridge Battle of Missionary Ridge Battle of Wauhatchie Battle of Wauhatchie Baxter's Tennessee Battery Bessie Smith Bledsoe's (Missouri) Battery Bluff Furnace Historic Site Bluff Furnace Historical Park Boats on the Tennessee Bonny Oaks School Booker T. Washington School Booker Taliaferro Washington Boynton Park Bragg's Headquarters Brainerd Mission Breckinridge's Division Bridges' Battery, Illinois Light Artillery Brown's Brigade. Brown's Ferry Brown's Ferry Federal Road Buschbeck's Brigade Buschbeck's Brigade Caleb Isbester House Calvert's (Arkansas) Battery Calvert's Arkansas Battery Cameron Hill Camp Contraband Camp Ross Campaign for Chattanooga Campaign for Chattanooga (Continued) Candy's Brigade Carlin's Brigade Carlin's Brigade Carver Memorial Hospital Cast Down Your Buckets Center of Fort Phelps Center of Fort Phelps Central Block Building / Site of First Presbyterian Church Chancellor T. M. McConnell House Chattanooga and Missionary Ridge Chattanooga Baseball — Engel Stadium Chattanooga Baseball — Jackie Mitchell Chattanooga Baseball — Joe Engel Chattanooga Baseball — Lincoln Park Chattanooga Baseball — Negro League Baseball Chattanooga Central High School Chattanooga Choo-Choo Chattanooga Creek Picket Lines Chattanooga Daily Rebel Chattanooga Golf and Country Club Chattanooga High School Chattanooga Howard School Chattanooga National Cemetery Chattanooga Plow Power House Chattanooga, a City of Historical Significance Chattanooga's First Citizens Chattanooga's First School Chattanooga's Railroads Cheatham's Division Cheatham's Division Cheatham's Division. Chickamauga Dam and Reservoir Chickamauga Station Cincinnati Southern Railway Bridge Civil War Artillery Civil War in Tennessee Civil War in Tennessee Civil War River Crossing Civil War Signaling Clayton's Brigade Clayton's Brigade Cleburne's Division Cleburne's Division Cleburne's Division Cleburne's Fort Cobb's Kentucky Battery Cobham's Brigade Cobham's Brigade Cockerill's Brigade Company F 2nd Missouri Light Artillery Confederate Casualties Confederate Casualties Confederate Casualties Confederate Casualties Confederate Casualties Confederate Cemetery Confederate Forces – Battle of Lookout Confederate Position, 1863 Conner Cemetery Consequences Coolidge Riverside Park / Charles H. Coolidge Medal of Honor Citation Corput's Georgia Battery Corput's Georgia Battery Corral Road Corse's Brigade County of James Crane Building Cravens House Creighton's Brigade Cross Roads Crossing into History Crucial Supply Lines Cruft's Division Cruft's Division Crutchfield House Cumming's Brigade Cumming's Brigade Daniel Ross David Beck Memorial Dawson's Georgia Battery Deas' Brigade Dedication of Rose Garden to all Veterans DeLong Reservation Dent's Alabama Battery Douglas' (Texas) Battery Dr. Luther Lee Friddell E. H. Phelps Memorial Monument Earthworks East Angle of Fort Phelps Ernest Walter Holmes, Sr. Ewing's Division Federal Entrenchments Ferguson's (South Carolina) Battery Field Headquarters of the Union Armies Fifth Company Battalion Washington Artillery Final Line Final Union Line Finding a Hidden Treasure Finley's (Florida) Brigade First Coca-Cola Bottling Company In The United States First Methodist Church First Presbyterian Church First Union Occupation of the City Fourteenth Army Corps Fourth Army Corps Frances Willard House From Oblivion to Rebirth: Archaeological Research at the Bluff Furnace Site G. W. Franklin Garrity's Alabama Battery Garrity's Alabama Battery Geary's Division Geary's Division Geary's Division Geary's Division Giles A. Smith's Brigade Gist's Brigade Govan's Brigade Greene's New York Brigade Grose's Brigade Grose's Brigade Hamilton County Hardee's Corps Harker's Brigade Harrison Academy Harry Scott Probasco Family Havis' Georgia Battery Hazen's Brigade Hazen's Brigade Hazen's Raid at Brown's Ferry Headquarters of Brigadier General George D. Wagner Headquarters of Brigadier General John M. Brannan, U.S.V. Headquarters of General James A. Garfield Headquarters of Major General U. S. Grant, U.S.A. Headquarters Row Heavy Slashings of Timber Hill Overlooks & Industrial Past Hindman's Division Hindman's Division Hooker's Column Howell's Georgia Battery Howell's Georgia Battery Hunter Museum of American Art Illinois State Monument Illinois State Monument Incline Number One Industrial Heritage Innovation and Disaster Iowa State Monument Iowa State Monument Ireland's Brigade Ireland's New York Brigade J. A. Smith's Brigade Jackson Chapel Cemetery Jackson's Brigade. Joe Engel Johnson's Division Johnson's Division, Left of Assault Johnson's Division, Right of Assault Joseph Roark Homestead Joseph Vann's Town Lewis' Brigade Lightburn's Brigade Lincoln Park Localities of the Campaign Locomotive 4501 Lookout Creek Lookout Mountain Lookout Mountain Educational Institute Lookout Mountain Trails Lookout Valley Lookout Valley and Browns Ferry Loomis' Brigade Lowrey's Brigade Maney's Brigade Manigault's Brigade Martin Hotel Mary Walker Massenburg's Georgia Battery Matthies' Brigade McCants' Florida Battery. McCant's (Florida) Battery Mebane's Tennessee Battery Medal of Honor Heritage Trail Medal of Honor Heritage Trail Medal of Honor Heritage Trail Medical Arts Building Military History of Chattanooga Military History of Chattanooga Military History of Chattanooga Miller Brothers Department Store c. 1898 Missionary Ridge Missionary Ridge Historic District Missionary Ridge School Missionary Ridge Trolley Missouri U.S. Troops Monument Missouri U.S.A. Troops Monument Moore's Brigade Moore's Brigade Mountain Cliffs - Cherokee Geology N.B. Forrest Camp U.C.V and U.D.C. Chapters Native Americans of the Hiwassee Area Negley's and Wilder's Demonstrations Against Chattanooga New Jersey State Monument New York New York Monument New York Peace Monument New York Troops - 11th Corps Occupation of the Summit of Lookout Occupied Chattanooga Ochs Highway Ochs/Times Building Ohio Ohio Artillery Ohio at Chattanooga Ohio at Chickamauga Ohio Monument Old Harrison Old Library Building Old Post Office Order of the Southern Cross Osterhaus' Division Osterhaus' Division Osterhaus' Division Participation of the Artillery Pennsylvania Reservation Pettus' Brigade Pettus' Brigade Phelps' Brigade Poe's Tavern Point Hotel Point in the 2D Line of Works Point in the Line of Fort Sherman Point in the Line of Fort Sherman Point in the Line of Fort Sherman Point in the Line of Fort Sherman Point in the Line of Fort Sherman Point in the Line of Fort Sherman Point Park Polk's Brigade Prelude Raccoon Mountain Raum's Brigade Re-Opening the Tennessee River Re-Opening the Tennessee River Red Bank Veteran's Memorial Reynolds' Brigade Road of Remembrance Roland Hayes Ross's Landing Ross's Landing Ross's Landing: River Crossing and Port Rowan's GA, formerly 3d Maryland Battery Roxbury Indian Mound S.W. Angle of Fort Wood Saint Paul's Episcopal Church Sale Creek Sallie A. Crenshaw Samuel Beatty's Brigade Scott's Tennessee Battery Sheridan's Division Sherman Crosses the River Sherman's Brigade Sherman's Hideout Signal Hill Silverdale Confederate Cemetery Site of Battery Bushnell Site of Battery Smartt Site of Brainerd Mission to the Cherokee Indians Site of Camp Site of College Building Site of Crutchfield House Site of General Bragg's Headquarters Site of Headquarters Site of Headquarters Site of Headquarters Site of Headquarters, Lieutenant General Leonidas Polk Site of Lunette O'Meara Site of Redoubt Jones Site of Salem Baptist Church Soldier Tourists Southeast Angle of Fort Phelps Spiritualist Camp Ground St. Elmo World War I Memorial Stevenson's Division Stevenson's Division Stevenson's Division Stewart's Division Stewart's Division Stickball / Seven Sisters Stoughton's Brigade Stovall's Brigade Strahl's Brigade Strahl's Brigade. Stringer's Ridge Summertown Sunset Rock Swaim's Jail Swett's Mississippi Battery T. J. Wood's Division T. J. Wood's Division Tennessee AMVETS Veterans Memorial Tennessee River and Moccasin Bend Tennessee Valley Railroad And Museum Terminal Station The Battles for Chattanooga The Beginnings of Iron Manufacture in Chattanooga The Chattanooga Brush Electric Light Company The Chattanooga Choo-Choo The Civilian Conservation Corps and Booker T. Washington State Park The Cravens House The Final Struggle Begins The First Baptist Church The Impressions The Life of Booker Taliaferro Washington The McCallie School The Miracle at Missionary Ridge The Monuments in the Western Section of Orchard Knob The Monuments in the Western Section of Orchard Knob The State of Maryland The Steele Home for Needy Children The Tuskegee Institute The Union Depot The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga The University of The South The Whiteside Turnpike The Will Cummings Highway This Venerable Oak Tree To the Memory of Our Confederate Dead Trail of Tears Turchin's Brigade Union Army Hospital Union Block House Union Casualties Union Casualties Union Casualties Union Casualties Union Casualties Union Occupation of the Summit United States Colored Troops Urban Renewal Van Den Corput's Georgia Battery Van Derveer's Brigade Vaughan's Brigade Wagner's Brigade Walden Hospital Walker's Division Walker's Division Walker's Division. Walthall's Brigade Walthall's Brigade Water's Alabama Battery Wauhatchie Whitaker's Brigade Whitaker's Brigade Wiedrich's New York Battery Wilder's Artillery Position William "Uncle Bill" Lewis Williamson's Brigade Williamson's Brigade Williams' Island Willich's Brigade Willich's Brigade Wilson's Brigade Wisconsin State Monument Woods' Brigade Woods' Brigade Wood's Division Wright's Brigade "Cherokee" “Old Dallas”
Tennessee was the last state to secede from the Union during the Civil War. It joined the Confederacy in June 1861, but a significant portion of its population remained loyal to the Union, leading to a bitter and divided conflict within the state.
Hamilton County, Tennessee has a rich history dating back to prehistoric times. The area was originally home to Native American tribes, including the Cherokee, who inhabited the region for centuries. In the 18th century, European settlers began to arrive, leading to conflict with the indigenous populations. The Treaty of 1819 forced many Cherokees to relocate, clearing the way for white settlement in Hamilton County.

Hamilton County was officially established in 1819, named after founding father Alexander Hamilton. The county's early economy revolved around agriculture, with cotton being the primary crop. The construction of various transportation routes, such as the Tennessee River and railroad networks, helped fuel the region's growth. Chattanooga, the county seat, became a major transportation hub, connecting the East and the Midwest.

During the Civil War, Hamilton County witnessed significant military engagements. The Battle of Chickamauga in 1863 was a pivotal moment, resulting in Confederate forces gaining control of Chattanooga temporarily. However, Union forces subsequently reclaimed the city and established it as a leading supply base for their campaigns. Chattanooga's strategic location made it a target for both Confederate and Union forces throughout the war.

In the 20th century, Hamilton County experienced rapid industrialization and urbanization. Manufacturing industries, including steel and textile mills, flourished in the region. With its strong transportation infrastructure and access to natural resources, the county became a major industrial center. The city of Chattanooga transformed into a thriving economic and cultural center, known for its scenic beauty, vibrant arts scene, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Today, Hamilton County continues to be a diverse and dynamic community, blending its historical significance with modern development. The county's rich history, combined with its natural landscapes and urban amenities, make it an attractive place to live, work, and visit.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Hamilton County, Tennessee.

  • 1819: Hamilton County was established on October 25, 1819, from the Cherokee Indian lands.
  • 1839: Chattanooga became the county seat of Hamilton County on December 30, 1839.
  • 1861-1865: During the American Civil War, Hamilton County was occupied by both Union and Confederate forces.
  • 1904: The Chattanooga Choo Choo train depot was built, becoming an iconic symbol of the city.
  • 1919: The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was established, bringing economic development and flood control measures to the region.
  • 1970s: Hamilton County experienced rapid industrial growth, attracting major manufacturing companies and contributing to economic expansion.
  • 1980: The Tennessee Aquarium, one of the largest freshwater aquariums in the world, opened in downtown Chattanooga.
  • 1991: The Walnut Street Bridge, a historic pedestrian bridge, was renovated and reopened as a popular gathering spot.
  • 2000s: Hamilton County became a hub for technology and innovation, with the establishment of the Chattanooga Gigabit Community, providing high-speed internet to residents and businesses.
  • 2019: Hamilton County celebrated its bicentennial, marking 200 years of history and progress.