Historical Markers in
Fayette County, Pennsylvania

A Secret Grave Albert Gallatin Albert Gallatin Alliance Furnace America's First Iron Puddling Furnace Benjamin Wells Braddock Park Braddock Road Braddock Road Braddock Road Braddock Road Braddock's Military Road 1755 Great Swamp Camp Braddock's Twelfth Camp Braddock’s Grave Brashear House British Defenses Brownsville Brownsville - Route 40 Bridge Building Fort Necessity Chestnut Ridge Civilian Conservation Corps at Fort Necessity Coke Ovens Col. William Crawford Colonel William Crawford Connellsville Connellsville Coke Connellsville Coke Region Connellsville Memorial Bridge Connellsville War Memorial Do you measure up in Washington's Army? / Are you dressed for the campaign? Dunlap’s Creek Bridge Edwin S. Porter Fallingwater Fallingwater Fayette Campus Finial from One, Poultry, London EC4, 1870 First Roads to the West Fort Mason Fort Necessity Fort Necessity Fort Necessity Fort Necessity National Battlefield Friendship Hill George C. Marshall George C. Marshall Gist's Plantation Great Crossings Home of Colonel William Crawford Honor Roll James Finley K6 Telephone Kiosk 1935 Kentuck Knob Masontown United Methodist Church Fire Meason House Mount Washington Tavern Mt. Washington Presbyterian Church National Road National Road National Road Old Glassworks Old West School House Ore Mines Drill Penn-Craft Philander Knox Redstone Old Fort Road to Disaster Searight’s Tollhouse Sophia Allegre Gallatin Steamboat Enterprise/Boatbuilding Center Stone Cistern Surrender Negotiations The First Cast Iron Bridge The French Attack The Great Meadows The Great Meadows Campaign The National Road The Old Braddock Road The Polo Player The Remains of the Beehive Coke Ovens Toll House Trail Information Underground Railroad Uniontown War Memorial Washington-Braddock Road 1754-55 Rock Fort Camp Washington’s Spring Washington–Braddock Road 1754–1756 World War II Connellsville Canteen