National Register Listings in
Multnomah County, Oregon

Abraham, Simon, Duplex Adams, Charles F., House Ainsworth, Maud and Belle, House Albee, H. Russell, House Albers Brothers Milling Company Alco Apartments Alphabet Historic District (Additional Documentation) Ambassador Apartments Ambruster, Frederick, Cottage American Apartment Building American Can Company Complex Amundsen, Roy E. and Hildur L., House Anderson, Emanuel and Christina, House Annand-Loomis House Arleta Branch Library Arlington Club Arminius Hotel Armstrong, Alfred J. and Georgia A., House Arnold-Park Log Home Ashley, Mark A. M., House Auditorium and Music Hall Auto Freight Transport Building of Oregon and Washington Auto Rest Garage Autzen, Thomas J., House Ayer, W. B., House Ayer-Shea House Bader, Louis J., House and Garden Bagdad Theatre Balfour-Gutherie Building Ball-Ehrman House Ballou & Wright Company Building Bank of California Building Barber Block Barnes, Frank C., House Barnhart-Wright House Bartman, Gustave, House Baruh-Zell House Bates, John M. and Elizabeth, House No. 1 Bates-Seller House Bay E, West Ankeny Car Barns Becker, Christine, House Bedell Building Belle Court Apartments Bennes, John Virginius and Annice, House Benson Hotel Benson, Simon, House Berg, Charles F., Building Bergman, Joseph, House Beth Israel School Biltmore Apartments Bishop's House Bishopcroft of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon Blake McFall Company Building Blakely, Charles O. and Carie C., House Bohnsen Cottages Bonneville Dam Historic District Bonneville Dam Historic District (Boundary Increase) Boschke-Boyd House Bowers, George W. and Hetty A., House Bowles, Joseph R., House Bowman, F. E., Apartments Bowman, John and Ellen, House Bradley, J. S., House Brainard, William E., House Braly, J. C., House Bramhall, Jennie, House Bretnor Apartments Brick House Beautiful Broadway Bridge Broadway Building Broadway Hotel Brown Apartments Bruening, Henry C. and Wilhemina, House Buck Apartment Building Buckler-Henry House Buehner, Philip, House Bunyan, Paul, Statue Burke-Clark House Burnside Bridge Burrell Heights Apartments Burrell, Walter F., House Burrell, Walter F., House (Boundary Increase) Buyers Building Bybee-Howell House Calumet Hotel Calvary Presbyterian Church Campbell Court Hotel Campbell Hotel Campbell Townhouses Campbell, David, Memorial Cardwell-Holman House Cardwell-Parrish House Central Building, Public Library Chamberlain, George Earle, House Chown, Francis R., House Clarke-Mossman House Clovelly Garden Apartments Clyde Hotel Cobb, Samuel, House Cobbs, Frank J. and Maude Louise, Estate Cohn-Sichel House Cole, David, House Coleman-Scott House Columbia River Highway Historic District Commodore Hotel Concord Building Cook, Jacob H. and Etna M., House Corbett Brothers Auto Storage Garage Corbett, Elliott R., House Corbett, H. L. and Gretchen Hoyt, House Corkish Apartments Cornelius Hotel Costanzo Family House Costello, James C. and Mary A., House Cotillion Hall Couch Family Investment Development Crook, Charles, House Crum, Virgil and Beulah, House Crumpacker, Maurice, House Cumberland Apartments Darcelle XV Davis Block Day Building Dayton Apartment Building Deere, John, Plow Company Building Dekum, The Del Rey Apartments Dickson, Henry B., House Digman-Zidell House Doernbecher, Frank Silas, House Dooly, Frank E., House Dosch, Henry E., House Dosch, Henry E., Investment Property Douglas Building Druhot, Alice, House Ducey, Elizabeth, House Dupont, Edward D., House Durham-Jacobs House East Portland Branch, Public Library of Multnomah County East Portland Grand Avenue Historic District East Portland Grand Avenue Historic District (Boundary Increase) Eastman-Shaver House Edwards, J. G., House Electric Building Elks Temple Elliott House Elm Street Apartments Emerson Apartments Enterprise Planing Mill Envoy Apartment Building Equitable Building Eugene Apartments Eugenia Apartments Failing Office Building Fairmount Hotel Fairview City Jail Farrer, Franklin W., House Fenton, William D., House First Church of Christ, Scientist First Congregational Church First National Bank First Presbyterian Church of Portland First Regiment Armory Annex First Unitarian Church of Portland Fisher, Raymond and Catherine, House Fisher, Thaddeus, House Flanders, Caroline W. and M. Louise, House Flatiron Building Frances Building and Echo Theater Frank, M. Lloyd, Estate Freiwald, Gustav, House Fried-Durkheimer House Frigidaire Building Fruit and Flower Mission Frye, J. O., House Gangware, Roy and Leola, House Gaston, Joseph, House Gaston-Strong House Gatehouse, Portland City Reservoir No. 2 Gedamke, William, House Genoa Building Gerber, G.G., Building German Baptist Old People’s Home Giesy-Failing House Gilbert Building Gilliland, Lewis T., House Goldsmith, Alan and Barbara, House Goldsmith, Bernard and Emma, House Goodman, Joseph, House Gowanlock, Elizabeth B., House Graf, Andreas, House Graham, Thomas, Building Grand Central Public Market Grand Stable Building and Adjacent Commercial Building Grant, Henry M., House Green, Bertha M. and Marie A., House Green, Harry A. and Ada, House Greenwood, Frederick and Grace, House Gresham Carnegie Library Groat-Gates House Hahn, Henry, House Hall, Hazel, House Halprin Open Space Sequence Hamilton Building Hamilton, Alexander B. and Anna Balch, House Hamlin, Charles Hunter, House Hancock Street Fourplex Hanthorn Apartments Harlow Block Harlow, Fred, House Harmon-Neils House Harris, Dr. Homer H., House Harrison Court Apartments Haseltine, William A., House Hawthorne Bridge Hawthorne, Rachel Louise, House Haycox, Ernest, Estate Heathman Hotel Heintz, Albert, Oscar, and Linda, House Hendershott, Dr. Harry M., House Henry, C. K., Building Herschell-Spillman Noah's Ark Carousel Heusner, George F., House Hexter, Levi, House Hiberian Hall Hickey, James, House Hill Hotel Hines, Pierre Rossiter and Charlotte, House Holden, William B., House Holden, William B., House (Boundary Decrease) Hollywood Theatre Holman, Capt. Herbert, House Holman, Rufus C., House Holt-Saylor-Liberto House Honeyman Hardware Company Building Honeyman, David T. and Nan Wood, House Honeyman, Walter B. & Myrtle E., House Hotel Alder Hotel Alma Hotel Ramapo Hryszko Brothers Building Hughes, Dr. Herbert H., House Hyland, Olive and Ellsworth, Apartments Imperial Garage Imperial Hotel Inman, Clarissa McKeyes, House International Harvester Company Warehouse Irving Street Bowman Apartments Irvington Bowman Apartments Irvington Historic District (Additional Documentation) Irvington Tennis Club Italian Gardeners and Ranchers Association Market Building J. K. Gill Company Building Jacobberger, Josef, House Jacobberger, Joseph, Country House Jacobs-Wilson House James, W. Leland, House Jantzen Knitting Mills Company Building Jeanne Manor Apartment Building Jefferson Substation Jeffrey, Oliver and Margaret, House Jensen Investment Company Building Jeppesen, Peter, House Jewish Shelter Home Johnson, C. D., House Johnson, Charles E., Building Jones Cash Store Jones, Clarence H., House Jones, Dr. Noble Wiley, House Jorgensen, Victor H. and Marta, House Journal Building Kamm, Jacob, House Keating, John A. and Hattie Mae, House Keck, H.C., House-Mt. Olivet Parsonage Keller, Edward H. and Bertha R., House Kendall, Joseph, House Kennedy, John D., Elementary School Kenton Commercial Historic District Kenton Hotel Kern, Grace, House Kerr, Albertina, Nursery Kiernan House King's Hill Historic District King, Samuel W., House Kingsley, Edward D., House Kistner, Dr. Frank B., House Kline, Moses, and Ida, House Knight, F. M., Building Kress Building Krouse, Nettie, Fourplex Kuehle, Henry, Investment Property Ladd Carriage House Ladd's Addition Historic District Landenberger, C. A., House Lane-Miles Standish Company Printing Plant Lauer Apartment Building Laurelhurst Historic District Laurelhurst Manor Apartments Laurelhurst Park Lent, George P., Investment Properties Leutgert, Henry C., Building Lewis, C. Hunt and Gertrude McClintock, House Lewis, William H., Model House Lewthwaite, Alexander and Cornelia, House Liebes, H. and Company, Building Lindquist Apartment House Linnea Hall Lipman-Wolfe and Company Building Livingston, C.J., House Loeb, Nathan, House Lombard Automobile Buildings Lone Fir Cemetery Long, A. G., House Louise Home Hospital and Residence Hall Lumbermen's Building Lynch, Matthew J. and Florence, House and Garden Lytle, Robert F., House Mackenzie, Dr. K. A. J. and Cora, House Mackenzie, W. R., House MacMaster, William and Annie, House Maegly, A. H., House Malarkey, Daniel J., House Malarkey, Herbert and Elizabeth, House Mallory Avenue Christian Church Mallory Hotel Mangels, William F., Four-Row Carousel Mann, Anna Lewis, Old People's Home Markle-Pittock House Marks, Morris, House Marquam Manor Marshall-Wells Company Warehouse No. 2 Martin, George W. and Hannah,-John B. and Minnie Hosford House McAvinney Fourplex McDonald, Daniel C. and Katie A., House McDougall, Alexander D., House McDougall, Natt and Christena, House McDougall-Campbell House McGraw, Donald and Ruth, House Medical Arts Building Meier & Frank Warehouse Meier and Frank Building Meier and Frank Delivery Depot Memorial Coliseum Menefee, L. B., House Miller, Claude Hayes, House Miller, Elmer and Linnie, House Miller, Fred O., House Miller, Henry B., House Mills, Lewis H., House Mizpah Presbytarian Church of East Portland Mock, John, House Mohawk Building Mohle, Wilhelmina, House Monastery of the Precious Blood Montgomery Ward & Company Morgan Building Morgan, Melinda E., House Morrison Bridge Mount Hood Masonic Temple Mount Tabor Park Mount Tabor Park Reservoirs Historic District Multnomah County Courthouse Multnomah County Poor Farm Multnomah Falls Lodge and Footpath Multnomah Hotel Multnomah School Munsell, William O., House Murphy, Paul C., House Murphy, Paul F., House Neighborhood House Neighbors of Woodcraft Building Nelson, Otto W. and Ida L., House Neuberger, Isaac, House New Fliedner Building New Heathman Hotel New Houston Hotel New Imperial Hotel New Logus Block Nicholas-Lang House Nichols, Dr. A. S., House Nichols, Dr. Herbert S., House Nicolai, Harry T., House Nicolai-Cake-Olson House North Bank Depot Buildings Northwest Fence and Wire Works Northwestern Electric Company-Alberta Substation Northwestern National Bank Building O'Donnell, E. J., House Odd Fellows Building Olds, Wortman and King Department Store Olsen and Weygandt Building Olson, August, House Olson, Charles and Fae, House Olympic Apartment Building Olympic Cereal Mill Oregon Cracker Company Building Oregon Portland Cement Building Oregon State Bank Building Oriental Apartments Ormonde Apartment Building Osborn Hotel Otis Elevator Company Building Ott, David and Marianne, House Pacific Building Pacific Coast Biscuit Company Building Pacific Hardware and Steel Company Warehouse Packard Service Building Page and Son Apartments Palestine Lodge Pallay Apartments Pallay Building Palmer, John, House Paramount Theatre Parelius, Martin, Fourplex Parkview Apartments Paterson, Thomas M. and Alla M., House Patton Home Peacock Lane Historic District Pearson Mortuary Peck Bros. and Bartle Tire Service Company Building Peterson, J.H., Machine Shop Pfunder, Louis, House Piggott, Charles, House Pioneer Courthouse Piper, Charles, Building Pipes Family House Pipes, George, House Pipes, Martin Luther, House Pittock Block Pittock Mansion Polhemus, James S., House Poole, Otho, House PORTLAND (Steam Tug) Portland Art Museum Portland Buddhist Church Portland City Hall Portland Cordage Company Building Portland Fire Station No. 17 Portland Fire Station No. 23 Portland Fire Station No. 7 Portland Garden Club Portland New Chinatown-Japantown Historic District Portland Police Block Portland Public Service Building Portland Railway, Light and Power Sellwood Division Carbarn Office and Clubhouse Portland Sanitarium Nurses' Quarters Portland Skidmore/Old Town Historic District Portland Thirteenth Avenue Historic District Portland Van and Storage Building Portland Yamhill Historic District Portland Zoo Railway Historic District Posey, John V. G., House Postal Building Postal Employees Credit Union Poulsen, Johan, House Povey, John E. G., House Powers, Ira F., Building Powers, Ira F., Warehouse and Factory Prager-Lombard House Price, O. L., House Prince, Thomas, House PT-658 (motor torpedo boat) Public Service Building and Garage Raabe, Capt. George, House Rae Selling Berry Garden and House Railway Exchange Building and Huber's Restaurant Raymond, Jessie M., House Reed, Rosamond Coursen and Walter R., House Reed, Samuel G., House Reed-Wells House Regent Apartments Reinhart, Jacques and Amelia, House Ricen, Dr. Leo, House Rinehart Building Rockey, Dr. A. E. and Phila Jane, House Rocky Butte Scenic Drive Historic District Roome-Stearns House Roosevelt Hotel Rose City Electric Automobile Garage Rose City Golf Clubhouse Rosenberg, Dr. J. J., House Rosenfeld, Dr. James, House Ruby, Alfred C. and Nettie, House Rutherford House Salerno Apartments Salmon, W. S., House San Farlando Apartments Santa Barbara Apartments Schnabel, Charles J. and Elsa, House Scott, Leslie M., House Seitz, Maurice, House Selling Building Sellwood Branch YMCA Senate Court Apartments Sengstake Building Sensel, Henry, Building Seufert House Seven Hundred Five Davis Street Apartments Seward Hotel Sheffield, John and Sarah, House Sherlock Building Shogren, Fred A., May, and Ann, House Sigglin, Charles O., Flats Smith, Alfred H. and Mary E., House Smith, Blaine, House Smith, Mary J. G., House Smith, Milton W., House Smith, Percy A., House Smith, Stanley C. E., House Smith, Walter V., House Smithson and McKay Brothers Blocks South Portland Historic District Sovereign Hotel Spalding Building Spencer, Arthur Champlin, and Margaret Fenton Spencer House Spies-Robinson House Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railroad Warehouse Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway Steam Locomotive Sprague-Marshall-Bowie House Springdale School Sprouse, John A., Jr., House St. James Lutheran Church St. John's Episcopal Church St. Johns Signal Tower Gas Station St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church and Rectory Stephens, James B., House Stettler, Frank C., House Stevens Building Stokes, Francis Marion, Fourplex Stratton-Cornelius House Strong, Alice Henderson, House Swedish Evangelical Mission Covenant Church Sweeney, Straub and Dimm Printing Plant Swetland Building Swigert, Ernest G., House Tanner, Albert H., House Tannler-Armstrong House Tarpley, Louis and Bessie, House Taylor, Fred E., House Taylor, Peter, House and Haehlen, Gotlieb, House Telegram Building Temple Beth Israel Terminal Sales Building Terwilliger Parkway Thompson Court Apartments Tichner, Abraham, House Torgler, Frederick, Building Town Club, The Trenkmann Houses Trevett-Nunn House Trinity Place Apartments Troutdale Methodist Episcopal Church Troy Laundry Building Tudor Arms Apartments Tunturi, Fred, House Turner, Frederick, Fourplex U.S. Courthouse U.S. Customhouse U.S. Post Office Union Station University Club US National Bank Building US Post Office-St. John's Station USS BLUEBACK (submarine) USS LCI-713 (Landing Craft) Van Vleet, Lewis and Elizabeth, House Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church Vetter, Herman, House View Point Inn Villa St. Clara Apartments Villa St. Rose Visitors Information Center Vista Avenue Viaduct Vista House Waldo Block Wallace, John M., Fourplex Warren, Frank M., House Washington High School Washington Park Reservoirs Historic District Watzek, Aubrey R., House Webb, Alfred, Investment Properties Weinhard Brewery Complex Weist Apartments Wells Fargo Building Wells, William Bittle, House Wells-Guthrie House West Coast Woods Model Home West Hall West's Block West, Nathaniel, Buildings Wheeldon Annex Wheeldon Apartment Building Wheeler, Cora Bryant, House Wheeler, James E., House Whidden-Kerr House and Garden White, Catherine, House White, Isam, House Whitney and Gray Building and Jake's Famous Crawfish Restaurant Wickersham Apartments Wilcox Building Wilcox, Theodore B., Country Estate Williams Avenue YWCA Williams, George H., Townhouses Wilson-Chambers Mortuary Wilson-South House Woerner, Louis and Elizabeth, House Woodlark Building Wortman, H. C., House Yale Union Laundry Building Yeon Building Yeon, John, Speculative House Young, John Eben, House Zimmerman, Jacob, House Zimmerman, Walter S., House Zimmerman-Rudeen House Zion Lutheran Church