Historical Markers in
Williams County, Ohio

Agnew-Shinabarger American Legion Post 307 Pioneer, Ohio Bicentennials of the Northwest Ordinance and the U.S. Constitution Bob's Boulevard Bryan Veterans Memorial Bryan's Air Mail Field Buck Cemetery Civil War Memorial Casimir Pulaski Cedar Hill Farm Copperbelly Water Snake Habitat Restoration Denmark Dr. Paul Allman Siple Edgar "Mr. Pop" Buell Edgerton Civil War Monument Edgerton Fire Bell Edgerton Town Hall & Park Opera House Edgerton Veterans Memorial Entry of The United States Evans Post No. 149 G.A.R. First Millstone Used in Mill Floral Grove Cemetery Veterans Memorial Fountain City Amphitheater G. Grant Brown Building Gold and Blue Star Families Grisier Funeral Home Veterans Memorial History Of The Williams County Veterans Memorial Judge John Perkins Millstones Knight's Landing Meditation Garden Montpelier Montpelier Civil War Memorial Montpelier Football Montpelier Honor Guard Members Montpelier Town Hall Nort Centeral High School Veterans Memorial Paul Allman Siple Peace Keeping & Cold War Service Memorial Pioneer Pioneer 9-11 Memorial Pioneer Methodist Episcopal Church Pioneer Veterans Memorial Pulaski Mothers of World War II Memorial Rail Speed Record Richard E. Schreder Saint Mary School September 11, 2001 Shiffler Cemetery Veterans Memorial Site of Parkersburg Stryker Stryker Stryker Stryker Depot Stryker Veterans Memorial Stryker's Railroad Heritage The Great War The Nettle Lake Mound Group The Rock Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Bench Veteran's Memorial Park West Bethesda Civil War Memorial West Unity Veterans Memorial What About That Arrow? William James Knight/Andrews Raiders Williams County Afghanistan War and 2nd Iraq War Memorial Williams County Civil War Memorial Williams County Cold War Memorial Williams County Courthouse Williams County Korean War Memorial Williams County Persian Gulf War Memorial Williams County Veterans Memorial Williams County Veterans Memorial Williams County Vietnam War Memorial Williams County World War II Memorial
The city of Akron, Ohio, was once known as the "Rubber Capital of the World" because of its thriving rubber industry. Companies like Goodyear, Firestone, and General Tire all had headquarters in Akron at one point.
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