Historical Markers in
Montgomery County, Ohio

102nd Observation Squadron 10th Air Depot Group 10th Fighter Squadron 11th Bombardment Group (H) 134th Fighter Interceptor Group 13th Bomb Sqdn., 3rd Bomb Gp. 13th Bomb Squadron 13th Bombardment Squadron (Light-Night Intruder) 13th Troop Carrier Squadron 13th “Jungle” Air Force 15th Air Base 15th Tac Recon Squadron, 6021st Recon Squadron 15th Troop Carrier Squadron 1708th Ferrying Wing 1896th Engineer Aviation Battalion 18th Air Depot Group 18th Fighter Wing 1905 Wright Flyer III 1954 C-47 Alaskan Crash Memorial 19th Air Depot Group 19th Bomb Group 19th Fighter Squadron 1st - 6th Aircraft Repair Units (Floating) and 1st - 18th Aircraft Maint Units (Floating) 1st AACS, Mobile 1st and 7th Emergency Rescue Squadrons 1st Fighter Group 1st Lt Carl D. Nesbitt 1st Radio Squadron 1st Tactical Depot Squadron 1st. Lieutenant Russell G. Ford 20th Fighter Group 20th Air Depot Group 20th Troop Carrier Squadron 21st Air Depot Group 22nd Bomb Squadron 22nd Bombardment Group (M) & (H) 22nd Marine Regiment 27th Air Depot Group 27th Fighter Bomber Group 28th Photo Recon Squadron 292nd Joint Assault Signal Company 29th Bomb Squadron 29th Bomb Group (VH) 2nd Bomb Group (H) 2nd Emergency Rescue Squadron 2nd Ferrying Group 2nd Fighter Squadron, 52nd Fighter Group 2nd Lt Charles H. Augustine 2nd Strategic Air Depot 301st Bombardment Group (H) 303rd Bomb Group 'H' 305th Bomb Group (H) 307th Bombardment Group (HV) 307th Bomb Wing (M) 307th Fighter Squadron 308th Fighter Squadron • 31st Fighter Group 309th Fighter Squadron 30th Air Depot Group 30th Bombardment Group 31 Years at the Lab 310th Bombardment Wing (M) (SAC) 310th Troop Carrier Squadron 312th Bomb Group 313th Transport Squadron 314th Composite Wing 314th Transport Squadron 315th Troop Carrier Group 316th Troop Carrier Group 316th Troop Carrier Squadron 317th Veterans Group 318th Fighter Group 319th Fighter Interceptor Squadron 322nd Bomb Group (M) 325th Fighter Group 3276th Crypto School Squadron 32nd Troop Carrier Squadron 330th Bomb Group (VH) 339th Fighter Group 339th Fighter Squadron 33rd Troop Carrier Squadron 341st Fighter Squadron 345th Bombardment Group 34th Bomb Group (Heavy) 351st Bombardment Group Memorial 352nd Fighter Group 353rd Fighter Group 354th Fighter Group 354th Tactical Fighter Wing 356th Fighter Group 364th Fighter Group 366th Fighter Group 368th Fighter Group 36th Bomb Squadron (H) Radar Counter Measure Unit 375th Troop Carrier Group 376th Heavy Bombardment Group 37th Fighter Squadron 381st Bomb Group (H) B-17 and 432nd Air Service Group 383rd, 384th, and 385th Fighter Squadrons 384th Bomb Group (H) 385th Bomb Group (H) 387th Bomb Group (M) 388th Bomb Group (H) 389th Bomb Group 390th Bomb Squadron 390th Bombardment Group (H) 391st Bombardment Group (Medium) 392nd Bomb Group (Heavy) 394th Bomb Group (M) 394th Bombardment Squadron (H) 398th Bomb Group (H) 39th Bomb Group (VH) 39th Field Hospital 39th Fighter Squadron 39th Troop Carrier Squadron 3rd Aviation Field Depot Squadron 401st Bombardment Group (H) 405th Fighter Group 409th Bombardment Group (L) 40th & 68th Troop Carrier Squadrons 40th Fighter Squadron 40th Troop Carrier Squadron / 317th Troop Carrier Group 410th Bombardment Group (L) 4134th / 320th Bombardment Wing (H) 416th Bombardment Group (L) 417th Bombardment Group (L) 419th Night Fighter Squadron 41st Fighter Sqdn. 41st Troop Carrier Squadron 420th Air Refueling Squadron 433rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron 434th Fighter Squadron 435th Troop Carrier Group 435th Troop Carrier Wing (Reserve) 436th Troop Carrier Group 437th Troop Carrier Group 438th Troop Carrier Group 43rd Bombardment Group 441st Troop Carrier Group 442nd Troop Carrier Group 442nd Troop Carrier Wing 445th Combat Group H 445th Fighter Interceptor Squadron 446th Bomb Group (H) 447th Bomb Group 448th Bombardment Group 44th Bomb Group (H) 44th Strategic Missile Wing 450th Bombardment Group (H) 451st Bombardment Group (H) 451st Bombardment Squadron 452nd Bombardment Group 453rd Bomb Group 455th Bombardment Group (Heavy) 456th Bomb Group 458th Bombardment Group (H) 459th Bomb Group (H) 459th Fighter Squadron 45th Air Depot Group 460th Bombardment Group (H) 460th Fighter Squadron 461st Bomb Group (H) 463 Tactical Airlift Wing 463rd Bombardment Group (H) 464th Bomb Group (Heavy) 465th Troop Carrier Wing 466th Bombardment Group (H) Memorial Tree 467th Bombardment Group (H) 474th Fighter Group 479th Fighter Group 47th Aerial Port Squadron 47th Fighter Squadron 47th Troop Carrier Squadron 482nd Bomb Group (P) 483rd Bombardment Group (H) 484th Bombardment Group 485th Bomb Group (Heavy) 486th Bomb Squadron 486th Bomb Group (H) 487th Bomb Group (H) Association 487th Bomb Squadron (M) 488th Bomb Squadron "M" 489th Bomb Group (H) 489th Bomb Squadron 48th Fighter Squadron 48th Troop Carrier Squadron 490th Bombardment Group 491st Bombardment Group (H) 492nd Bomb Group 493rd Bomb Group (H) 493rd Fighter Squadron 494th Bomb Group 4950th Test Wing Crash Memorial 49th Fighter Group/Wing 49th Fighter Squadron • 14th Fighter Group (TE) 49th Troop Carrier Squadron 4th Air Depot Group 4th Ferrying Group 4th Fighter Squadron 504th Bomb Group (VH) 509th Composite Group 50th Troop Carrier • Tactical Airlift • Airlft Squadron 529th Fighter Squadron 53rd Troop Carrier Wing 551st AEW&C Wing 553rd Reconnaissance Wing's Vietnam Fallen 556th Strategic Missile Squadron 56th Fighter Group 58th Bomb Wing 5th Air Force 5th Bomb Group (H) 5th Communications Group & 934th Signal Battalion 601st Tactical Control Wing 603d Air Control Squadron 60th Troop Carrier Group 610th Military Airlift Support Squadron 613th, 847th [and] 848th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadrons 6147th Tactical Control Group "Mosquitos" 61st Troop Carrier (Airlift) Squadron 61st Troop Carrier Squadron 622nd Air Refueling Squadron 62nd Troop Carrier Group 64th Troop Carrier Group 65th Troop Carrier Squadron 671st Bomb Squadron 67th Fighter Squadron 68th Air Service Group 68th Fighter Squadron 69th Fighter Squadron 6th Bomb Group (VH) 6th Marine Division 71st and 341st Air Refueling Squadrons 731st Bomb Squadron (L-NA) 73rd Bomb Squadron (M) 73rd Bombardment Wing 740th, 741st & 742nd Strategic Missile Squadrons (MM I) 75th Air Depot Wing 75th Troop Carrier Squadron 780th Bombardment Squadron (H) 781st Bombardment Squadron (H) 79th Fighter Group 7th Bombardment Group 7th Combat Cargo Squadron 7th Photo Group 805th Engineer Aviation Battalion 80th Squadron Headhunters 815th Engineer Aviation Battalion 82nd Fighter Group 868th Bomb Squadron 86th Fighter Bomber Group 89th Attack Squadron 89th Troop Carrier Group 8th Air Force Control Tower 8th Attack Squadron 8th Fighter Group 8th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron 90th Bomb Group (H) B-24 90th Bomb Squadron LNI 91st Bomb Group (H) 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing 91st Troop Carrier Squadron 932nd Airlift Wing, Air Force Reserve 93rd Bomb Group (H) 93rd Troop Carrier Squadron 94th Bomb Group 94th Troop Carrier Squadron 966th AEW&C Squadron 96th Bomb Group Association 96th Bombardment Wing (M) 96th Depot Repair Squadron 97th Bombardment Group 98th Air Refueling Squadron 98th Bomb Group 9th Bomb Group (VH) 9th Photo Recon Squadron 9th Troop Carrier Squadron A-1 Skyraider Association AACS / AFCS / AFCC Facility Checking Units AAF - USAF Crash Rescue Boat Association Abraham Lincoln AC-130A Spectre Gunship II Air Defense Command Iceland Air Force Office of Special Investigations Air Force Postal & Courier Association Air Resupply and Communications Special Operations Alexander P. de Seversky Altus Aces American Air Forces in England, WWII American Ex-Prisoners of War, Inc Americans Home From Siberia Andrew E. McDavid, Colonel USAF AOPHA Veterans Army Air Corps Aviation Cadet Class 43-C Army Air Corps Enlisted Pilots Army Air Corps Flying Cadet Class 41-B Army Air Corps Flying Cadet Class 41-F Army Air Force Pilot School [Advanced TE] Class 44-K Association of Former Prisoners of War in Romania Aviation Cadet Class 43-E Aviation Cadet Pilot Training Class 43K B-24 Liberator WWII 50th Anniversary Commemoration B-24 "Nitemare" Crew B-26 Martin Marauder B-29 Crew #15 B-45 Tornado B-47 Stratojet B-57 Canberra Association B-58 Hustler B/G Edward J Hopkins Benjamin Van Cleve Berlin Airlift Veterans Birthplace of Aviation Blue Star Mothers' Veterans Memorial Bowling Green Depot Boy Scouts of America Liberty and Freedom Memorial Brig. Gen. Julian M. Chappell Brigadier General Edmund Munger Buckeye Wing Burkhardt Hill Canal Superintendent's Office Capt. Arthur H. Morse • Harlan Fengler Capt. Hilliard A. Wilbanks USAF Captain Burt E. Skeel Captain Gerald B. Neville Captain Hugh Hall Captain Wood Rose Carillon Brewing Company Carroll H. Bolender, Brig Gen USAF (Ret) Cassano’s Pizza King® Centennial Commemoration of the End of the Great War Centerville Veterans Memorial Central Branch National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers Chaplain Service Personnel Charity Adams Earley Charles F. Kettering Charles F. Shimp Charles U. Rapp, Jr. China Burma India Hump Aircrews Chinese Kites Civil War Memorial Flag Pole Col Charles (Chuck) E. Minihan, Sr. Col Charles E. Jones, USAF (Ret) Col. David T. McKnight Col. John W. Dinsmoor Col. Robert Patterson Colonel Edward Deeds Combat Skyspot Coming Home Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients Cooper Park Corliss Engine Building Cpl Anthony P. Damato Cpl. Tony Stein Memorial Bridge Crew 11089 Crew E-180, 307th Air Refueling Squadron Culp's Cafe Current Restoration Efforts D-134 Artillery Memorial Bridge DAR Veterans Memorial Dayton Cyclery Dayton Fire Department Station No. 14 Dayton Masonic Temple Dayton Sales Dayton Triangles Locker Room Dayton VA Medical Center Dayton Western Turnpike Milestone Dayton Woman’s Club Dayton-Wright Airplane Factory Dayton-Wright Plant 3 Dayton’s First Church Bell Dedicated to CMSgt Bill Cannon Deeds Barn Deeds Barn Deeds Carillon Delco-Light and Frigidaire Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Doris Scott Dr. Ned J. Lindsley Ph.D. Early Woodland People Edwin C. "Ned" Humphreys, Jr. Elbert G. Sohm Eleventh Air Force Englewood Englewood Dam Englewood Veterans Monument Enlisted Aerial Gunners Erma Bombeck F-105 Pilots Killed in Action Farmersville Fire Department Memorial Farmersville War Memorial Fifth Airdrome Squadron Fifth Fighter Squadron Fifty Second Fighter Group - WWII First Air Commandos Flight Test Crews Flying Cadet Class 40-G Flying Cadet Class 41-E Forward Air Controllers Memorial Fourth Fighter Group Memorial Frank G. Anger Memorial Park Frederick W. Kaufmann, Colonel, USAF General Jack G. Merrell Germantown Germantown Germantown Covered Bridge Germantown Dam Germantown Veterans Memorial Glider Pilots Global War on Terrorism Gold Star Families Memorial Monument Gristmill Has This Site Ever Been Explored? Hawthorne School of Aeronautics Headquarters Squadron, Air Service Command Henderson's Printing Heritage Village Hetzel Summer Kitchen Historic Blanchard Avenue History on the Hills Interpretive Center Homer T. Bay Huffman Prairie Hugo Hamrock Hull's Rendezvous Icarus In Honor of Don Bassett Inventing Flight: The Centennial Celebration Iwo Jima Veterans IX Troop Carrier Command Pathfinders James F. Dickie Family Transportation Center Jenny B-29 Crew John Glenn John Paul Kollesser Sr John Van Cleve Johnny Appleseed Site Joseph Calvin Paul Memorial Boulevard Joseph Justin Heltsley Josephine and Hermene Schwarz Katharine Kennedy Brown Kermit K. Beahan Kern Cabin Khobar Towers Memorial Korean Conflict Kyushu Gypsies Leonardo da Vinci Lewis & Elizabeth Kemp Homestead Lincoln Takes a Stand Lockbourne AFB, Ohio Lockheed AC-130A Locust Grove School Lt Charles A. Dempsey Lt Col Lee R Gulley Sr Lt Richard H Meyer Lt. Col. Richmond T. Boykin, Jr. Lt. Col. Robert C. Otto U.S.A.F. Ret. Lt. David E. Axthelm USAF DFC Mad River Road / Road From Cunningham's to Mad River Mad River Road / Road from Cunningham’s to Mad River Maj (Ret) Angelo "Tony" Tononi Maj (Ret) Bernard L. Stoff Major General Frederic H. Miller, Jr., USAF Major General Harold E. Watson Major Richard A Keylor Sr Making His Way With Words Marie Sturwold Aull Marvin T. Koerner, P.E. McCook Field McCook Field McCook Field Memorial Miami and Erie Canal Lock No. 17 Miami Valley Hospital Miamisburg Miamisburg Hillgrove Veterans Memorial Miamisburg in the Great Flood of 1913 Miamisburg Mound Miamisburg Mound State Memorial Miamisburg POW-MIA Memorial Michael Slepecky, Jr. Misawa Air Base & Remote Radar Sites Montgolfier Brothers Montgomery County Civil War Memorial Montgomery County Civil War Memorial Hall Montgomery County Spanish-American War Memorial Montgomery County World War Memorial Moraine Field Moraine Veterans Memorial Morrison Iron Bridge Mound Laboratory (1946- 2010) Mount Enon Missionary Baptist Church / Euclid Avenue United Brethren Church MSgt (Ret) Earl L. Lehman MSgt Robert L. Frazier MSgt Salvador Paradiso Narsarssuak Air Base Greenland (BW-1) Natalie Clifford Barney National Road US 40 Navigators and Observers Neil Armstrong Newcom House Newcom Tavern Newcom Tavern Norman C. Rosenthal Norman Dale Stuckey Nuclear Weapons Technicians Association OCS Class 54B Ohio Air National Guard Ohioans Who Served in the 8th Air Force Operation Babylift Order of Daedalians Orville's Last Workshop P-47 Thunderbolt Patterson Homestead 1804 Paul Laurence Dunbar Paul Laurence Dunbar Pilot Class 42-I Pilot Class 44-J Pilot Training Class 47-C Pilot Training Class 51-G Pilot Training Class 52E Pilot Training Class 55-V Pilot Training Class 56-G Pilot Training Class "52 Charlie" Pilot Training Classes of 1944 Preserved and Enshrined Purple Heart Memorial Radar Station Veterans RAF Burtonwood Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association Vietnam Memorial Regensburg Mission Resistance Fighters Rising to the Challenge Robert G. Rawe Roman Column S/Sgt James E. Burns Sampson Air Force Base Veterans Second Schweinfurt Memorial Seymour W. Dunham Sgt Edward Gurnicki Sgt. James D. Genis, U.S.A.A.C. Shuey Mill Sir George Cayley Sister Dorothy Stang, SNDdeN Site of Dayton's First Electric Generating Station Site of First Game in the NFL Site of Mound Laboratory (1946- 2003) Slifers Presbyterian Church Smith Covered Bridge SSgt Forrest Ray Cope St Paul Lutheran Church Dog Leg Road, Dayton St. Mary’s Hall Staff Sgt Joseph J. Terbay Stalag Luft III State of Ohio Korean War Memorial State of Ohio Pearl Harbor Survivors Steele High School Stewart Street Concrete Arch Bridge Still on Patrol Strategic Air Command Sugar Camp / WAVES Cabin 22 Sugar Camp WAVES Cabin Sugar Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Sugar Creek Friends Cemetery Swiss Internees Association, Inc. TAC Missileers TAC Tankers Association Memorial Tadmor - Taylorsville Testing, Testing, Testing Thailand - Laos - Cambodia Brotherhood The 93rd Regiment The Belly Tank The Berlin Airlift The Birth of Aviation The Crossroads of America The Dayton Art Institute Centennial The EC-47 ARDF Mission The F-86 "Sabre" The Flying Tigers The Great 1913 Flood Exhibit Building The Great Dayton Flood of 1913 / And The Rivers Flowed Through The City The Historical Era of Miamisburg Mound The Jasper Road Bridge The Kantz Brothers The Marie Aull Tribute Sculpture & Garden The Miami Connection The Miami Conservancy District The Miami Erie Canal The Miamisburg Mound The Neighborhood Geniuses The Newcom Tavern The Old River Park Swimming Pool Light Tower The Patterson Homestead The Professor of the Propeller The Shadow The Solution: Wing Warping The Story of Brethen Tower & The Callahan Building Clock The Village of Germantown The Village of Tadmor / The National Road The Wright Seaplane Base / Wright Model G "Aeroboat" This Sun Dial Thomas Franklin Herkins Thomas W. Ferebee To Mary J. Kumler To the Memory of William McKinley Troop Carrier Tactical Airlift Troutman Sound Labs TSgt John D Willis Tuskegee Airmen United States Air Force Academy Class of 1959 United States Air Force Academy Graduates United States Air Force Security Police United States Naval Computing Machine Laboratory United Theological Seminary USAAF Warsaw Uprising Support Memorial USAF Chaplain Service USAF F-15 Eagle USAF Helicopter Pilots USAF Hospital USAF MATS Salt Water Division and USN Transport Squadrons USAF OCS Class 63C USAF Pilot Class 1954E USAF Pilot Class 48-C USAF Pilot Class 49C USAF Pilot Training Class 49-B USAF Pilot Training Class 52G and H USAF Pilot Training Class 55-Q USAF Texas Towers USS Franklin CV-13 Valor Park Van Cleve Park Veterans from the Village of Cheltenham, Pennsylvania Veterans Memorial Veterans Memorial Victoria Theater Victory Oak Knoll Hill Memorial Viet Nam Veterans Memorial Vietnam War Washington Presbyterian Church Cemetery Watervliet Shaker Building Watervliet Shaker Community Wayman Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church We were always happy on Hawthorne Street... West Side Wheels to Wings Who built the Mound and why did they build it? William Morris House Winter Zellar (Zero) Swartsel Wolf FAC Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum Woody's Market World War II Air Commandos World War II Bombardiers World War II Flight Nurses Wright Brothers Home Base Wright Cycle Company Wright Field Wright Hall Wright Model G Seaplane Wright Seaplane Base Wright-Patterson AFB Zion Memorial Church "31 Club" "Battlefield Cross" "Justitiae Dedicata" "Lest We Forget" "Manhattan Maiden" B-24 (44-42142) "The History of the World is the Biography of Great Men" "The Mighty Eighth" “D” Day Plus 50 “Remember the Promises You Made in the Attic”
The Wright brothers, who invented and flew the first successful airplane, were from Dayton, Ohio. The city is now home to the National Museum of the United States Air Force.

Montgomery County, located in southwestern Ohio, has a rich history dating back to the early 19th century. The area was first settled by European-American pioneers in the late 18th century and was officially organized as Montgomery County in 1803. Shortly after, the county's largest city, Dayton, was founded, and it quickly became a hub of manufacturing and innovation.

During the early 20th century, Dayton played a significant role in the development of aviation and transportation. The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, who hailed from Dayton, made their famous first powered flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903. Their innovation and passion for aviation put Dayton on the map as the birthplace of aviation, and the city continues to honor that legacy today.

In the mid-20th century, Montgomery County experienced significant growth and economic prosperity. The area was home to numerous manufacturing companies, particularly in the automobile, aerospace, and defense industries. The city of Dayton became known as the "Gem City" due to its bustling economy and cultural offerings, including theaters, museums, and parks.

In recent years, Montgomery County has faced challenges relating to the decline of traditional manufacturing and the impact of economic recessions. However, the county has worked to diversify its economy by focusing on healthcare, education, and research sectors. Today, Montgomery County continues to be an important center of innovation and a vibrant community that values its history while embracing the opportunities of the future.

  • 1803: Montgomery County is established as part of the Northwest Territory.
  • 1812-1813: Fort Dayton is built in what is now Dayton to protect settlers during the War of 1812.
  • 1827: The Miami and Erie Canal is completed, connecting Dayton to Cincinnati and Lake Erie.
  • 1840s: The railroads arrive in Montgomery County, leading to economic growth and increased trade.
  • 1870: Dayton becomes known as the "Gem City" due to its prosperous manufacturing industry.
  • 1903: The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, successfully fly their powered aircraft in Dayton.
  • 1913: The Great Dayton Flood devastates the city, causing widespread destruction and loss of life.
  • 1922: The world's first coordinated system of arterial highways is implemented in Montgomery County.
  • 1935: The US Air Force establishes Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton.
  • 1969: The University of Dayton becomes co-ed, admitting women for the first time.
  • 1998: The Dayton Peace Accords are signed, ending the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina.