National Register Listings in
Hamilton County, Ohio

Alameda Flats, The Alexandra, The Alkemeyer Commercial Buildings Alms and Doepke Dry Goods Company Ambassador, The American Can Company Building Anderson Ferry Apostolic Bethlehem Temple Church B & O Freight Terminal Baker, John S., House Balch House Baldwin Piano Company Building Baldwin, Joseph W., House Bappert, Joseph and Cecilia, House Bates Building Bauer Apartments Baxter, James, House Becker House Beech Avenue Houses Bennett, George, House Bepler, August, House Bernheim House Betts-Longworth Historic District Blair House Boulter, Cedric G., and Patricia Neils, House Bramble, Ayres L., House Brittany Apartment Building Broadwell, Cyrus, House Bromwell, Jacob, House Brown-Gorman Farm Brunswick-Balke-Collender Building Building at 620-622 Vine Street Bullerdick, Frederick E. and Catherine, House Burckhardt, A. E., House Burdsal, Samuel, House Burroughs, C. H., House Calvary Episcopal Church Sunday School Campbell, Hugh, House Capt. Stone House Carew Tower Cary, Freeman Grant, Pleasant Hill Academy Cheviot Fieldhouse Church, John, Company Building Cincinnati and Suburban Telephone Company Building Cincinnati and Whitewater Canal Tunnel Cincinnati City Hall Cincinnati East Manufacturing and Warehouse District Cincinnati Enquirer Building Cincinnati Gymnasium and Athletic Club Cincinnati Music Hall Cincinnati Observatory Building Cincinnati Street Gas Lamps Cincinnati Tennis Club Cincinnati Union Terminal Cincinnati Work House and Hospital Cincinnati Zoo Historic Structures Clauder's Pharmacy Clifton Avenue Historic District Clifton Methodist Episcopal Church Clovernook Coca-Cola Bottling Corporation College Hill Town Hall Columbia Baptist Cemetery Cote Bonneville Court Street Firehouse Courtland Flats Covenant First Presbyterian Church Cox, George B., House Cox, Jacob D., House Crescent, The Crosley Building Cummins School Cuvier Press Club Davidson, Tyler, Fountain Dayton Street Historic District Decker, Stephen, Rowhouse Derby, H. W., Building Detmer, A. M., House Doctors' Building Domhoff Buildings Duttenhofer Building East Fourth Street Historic District East Walnut Hills Firehouse Eastern Hills Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) Eastwood Historic District Eckert Building Eden Park Stand Pipe Eden Park Station No. 7 Edgecliff Edgecliff Area Historic Group Edwards, William, Farmhouse Eighteen Mile House Eighteenth District School Elliott House Elsinore Arch Episcopal Church of the Resurrection Fairview Public School Annex Fay, Charles, House Fenwick Club Annex Ferris, Eliphalet, House Ferris, Joseph, House Field, Walter, House Findlay Market Building First Congregational-Unitarian Church First German Methodist Episcopal Church First National Bank Building First Universalist Church Ford Motor Company Cincinnati Plant Fort Miami Freund-Heintz House Friedlander, Abraham J., House Fulton-Presbyterian Cemetery General Hospital Nurses' Home German Evangelical Protestant Cemetery Chapel Gerrard, Stephen A., Mansion Gilbert Row Gilbert-Sinton Historic District Glencoe-Auburn Hotel and Clecoe-Auburn Place Row Houses Glendale Historic District Glendale Police Station Goldsmith, Moses, Building Goodall Building Goshorn, Sir Alfred T., House Grace Church Greenhills Historic District Greenhills Historic District Gruen Watch Company-Time Hill Gwynne Building Haddon Hall Hamilton County Memorial Building Hannaford, Samuel, House Harrison, William Henry, Tomb State Memorial Harrison-Landers House Hatch, George, House Hemann, Joseph A., House Hess, Elmer, House Hewson-Gutting House Hill, Jediah, Covered Bridge Hoadley, George, Jr., House Hoffner Historic District Holy Cross Monastery and Chapel Hoodin Building Hooper Building Hotel Metropole Houston House Hulbert House and McAlpin Bridal Cottage Hummel, George, House Hyde Park Methodist Episcopal Church Ida Street Viaduct Immaculate Conception Church, School, and Rectory Ingalls Building Jefferson Schoolhouse John, Jehu, House Kellogg House Kestler Building Kinsey, The Kirby Road School Kirby, Josiah, House Krippendorf-Dittman Company Kroger Barnes Graf, Gretchen, House Krumberg, Theodore, Building La Tosca Flats Landt Building Langdon House Laurel Homes Historic District Levy, Harry Milton, House Lillybanks Lincoln School Lloyd, John Uri, House Lombardy Apartment Building Looker, Othniel, House Lower Price Hill Historic District Lowrie, S. Gale and Agnes P., House Luethstrom-Hurin House LuNeack House Lunkenheimer, Frederick, House Lytle Park Historic District Madam Fredin's Eden Park School and Neighboring Row House Madison and Woodburn Historic District Madison-Stewart Historic District Main and Third Street Cluster Main Theatre Main-Third Street Buildings MAJESTIC Manse Hotel and Manse Hotel Annex Mardot Antique Shop Mariemont Historic District Martin House Martin, Joseph, House Masonic Temple Price Hill Lodge, No. 524 May, David and Mary, House Mayer, S. C., House McKinley School McWilliams, Matthew, House Mecklenburg's Garden Melbourne Flats Mill & Dunn Historic District Miller, Charles A., House Miller, Thomas, House Miller-Leuser Log House Mills' Row Mitchell, Richard H., House Mohawk Place Historic District Montgomery Saltbox Houses Moore, Charles H., House Moormann, Bernard H., House Morrison House Mount Adams Public School Mount Airy Forest Mount Auburn Historic District Mt. Healthy Public School Newport and Cincinnati Bridge Ninth Street Historic District Northside United Methodist Church Norwell Residence Norwood Municipal Building Nurre-Royston House Observatory Historic District Oesterlein Machine Company-Fashion Frocks, Inc. Complex Ohio National Guard Armory Old College Hill Post Office Old Gothic Barns Old St. Mary's Church, School and Rectory Our Lady of Mercy High School Over-the-Rhine Historic District Over-the-Rhine Historic District (Boundary Increase) Pabodie, Professor William, House Palace Hotel Palace Theatre Park Flats Parkside Apartments Peeble's Corner Historic District Pendleton, George Hunt, House Peters-Kupferschmid House Pfleger Family Houses Phoenix Building/Cincinnati Club Phoenix Club Pilgrim Presbyterian Church Pine Meer Pinecroft Pitman, Ben, House Plum Street Temple Poinciana Flats Police Station No. 2 Police Station No. 3 Police Station No. 5 Police Station No. 6 Police Station No. 7 Pollock, John C., House Powell, Henry, House Power Building Probasco Fountain Probasco, Henry, House Procter and Collier-Beau Brummell Building Prospect Hill Historic District Provident Savings Bank and Trust Co. Race Street Historic District Ransley Apartment Building Ratterman, Bernard, House Rattermann, Heinrich A., House Rauh, Frederick and Harriet, House Rawson House Reakirt Building Reily, Robert, House Resor, William, House Retszch, W. C., House Riddle-Friend House Robb, L. B., Drugstore Rookwood Pottery Ropes, Nathaniel, Building Roudebush Farm Russell, Charles B., House Sacred Heart Academy Salem Methodist Church Complex Sands, George F., School Sawyer, Louis, House Saxony Apartment Building Scarlet Oaks Scott, George, House Sedamsville River Road Historic District Sedamsville Village Historic District Shield's, Edwin M., House SHOWBOAT MAJESTIC Smith-Jessup House Somerset Apartments, The Spencer Town Hall Spring Grove Cemetery Spring Grove Cemetery Chapel St. Aloysius Orphanage St. Aloysius-on-the-Ohio St. Francis De Sales Church Historic District St. Francis Hospital St. Francis Seminary St. Francis Xavier Church St. George Parish and Newman Center St. Patrick's Catholic Church St. Paul Church Historic District St. Peter's Lick Run Historic District St. Peter-In-Chains Cathedral St. Rosa Church Stearns, Edward R., House Stearns, William, House Stites House Stowe, Harriet Beecher, House Sunny Knolls-Pape, Gordon E., House Sycamore-13th Street Grouping Taft Museum Tangeman, John, House Terrace Plaza Hotel Thomson, Peter G., House Times-Star Building Tonkens, Gerald B. and Beverley, House Traction Company Building Twelve Mile House Twentieth Century Theatre Twin Oaks Underwriters Salvage Corps Union Baptist Cemetery Union Trust Building United Brethren in Christ United Methodist Church United States Playing Card Company Complex United States Post Office and Court House Universalist Church Historic District Verona Apartments Village Historic District Village of Addyston Historic District Village of Mariemont Waldschmidt-Camp Dennison District Wallace, Charlton, House Walnut Hills United Presbyterian Church Warder, John Aston, House Warsaw Avenue Historic District Washington Heights School West Fourth Street Historic District West Fourth Street Historic District (Amendment) West Fourth Street Historic District (Boundary Increase) West Fourth Street Historic District (Boundary Increase) Weston, John Henry, House Westwood Town Center Historic District Westwood United Methodist Church Whallon, James, House Whitewater Shaker Settlement Wilder-Swaim House William Howard Taft National Historic Site William Howard Taft National Historic Site (Boundary Increase and Additional Documentation) Williams, W. L., House Wilson, Samuel and Sally, House Wilson-Gibson House Windsor Public School Winton Place Methodist Episcopal Church Wise, Isaac M., Temple-Center Withrow High School Wolfe, Mary A., House Woodruff, Charles, House Worth, Gorham A., House Wright, Daniel Thew, House Wyoming Presbyterian Church Yost Tavern Young Women's Christian Association of Cincinnati
The Ohio State University was established in 1870 and is one of the largest universities in the United States. Its football team, the Ohio State Buckeyes, has won eight national championships.
Hamilton County, Ohio, located in the southwestern part of the state, has a rich and diverse history that spans centuries. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Shawnee and Miami, who lived off the fertile land along the Ohio River. In the late 18th century, European settlers arrived and established small communities along the river, attracted by the area's agricultural potential and access to transportation.

In 1790, Hamilton County was officially organized, named after Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States and the first Secretary of the Treasury. Cincinnati, the county seat, was quickly established as a bustling town and became an important trading hub due to its location on the Ohio River. The region prospered throughout the 19th century, fueled by the growth of the steamboat industry and the expansion of canals and railroads.

During the Civil War, Hamilton County played a significant role as a major recruiting and training ground for Union soldiers. The area experienced economic growth during this time, as factories producing war-related goods saw increased demand. In the early 20th century, industries such as manufacturing, steel, and Procter & Gamble's consumer products further propelled the county's development.

Hamilton County has also faced challenges throughout its history. In the mid-20th century, urban decline and suburbanization led to economic challenges and population loss in some parts of the county. However, efforts have been made to revitalize urban areas and preserve historic sites, leading to renewed interest in the county's past.

Today, Hamilton County is a vibrant and diverse community, with a mix of urban and suburban areas. It is known for its cultural attractions, including the Cincinnati Zoo, Cincinnati Art Museum, and the iconic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. The county continues to grow and adapt, preserving its history while embracing new opportunities for progress and development.

This timeline provides a glimpse into the major events and milestones that have shaped the history of Hamilton County, Ohio.

  • 1790: Hamilton County was established on January 2.
  • 1803: The first courthouse was built in Cincinnati.
  • 1808: The city of Cincinnati was incorporated as a town on January 1.
  • 1819: The Cincinnati Observatory, the oldest professional observatory in the United States, was founded.
  • 1820: The population of Hamilton County reached 16,230.
  • 1828: The Cincinnati Public Library was established as the Young Men's Mercantile Library Association.
  • 1850: The population of Hamilton County reached 145,534.
  • 1884: The Cincinnati Reds, one of the oldest professional baseball teams in the United States, was founded.
  • 1912: Music Hall, a historic concert venue, was opened in Cincinnati.
  • 1920: The population of Hamilton County reached 540,153.
  • 1963: The Cincinnati Reds won the World Series.
  • 2001: Paul Brown Stadium, home to the Cincinnati Bengals, opened.