National Register Listings in
Franklin County, Ohio

Adams, Demas, House Agler-La Follette House Alkire House American Insurance Union Citadel (Palace Theatre Amendment) Arendt-Seymour House Artz House Athletic Club of Columbus Bank Block Building Barnhardt-Bolenbaugh House Beery, Dr. L. W., House Bergstresser Covered Bridge Berry Brothers Bolt Works Berry, Richard Jr., House Boles, E., Cottage Born Capital Brewery Bottling Works Bradford Shoe Company Building Brand, Asher, Residence Brelsford-Seese House Broad Street Apartments Broad Street Christian Church Broad Street United Methodist Church Bruns-Wynkoop House Buckeye State Building and Loan Company Building Budd Dairy Company Butler, J.G., House Buttles, Aurora, House Buttles-Johnson House Cambridge Arms Camp Chase Site Campbell Mound Canal Winchester Methodist Church Canal Winchester School Capital University Historic District Capital University Historic District (Boundary Increase) Carnegie Library Otterbein University Carty, J.-R. J. Tussing House Central Assurance Company Central Building of the Columbus Young Men's Christian Association Central College Presbyterian Church Central High School Central Ohio Lunatic Asylum Chaney, O. P., Grain Elevator Chapman-Hutchinson House Coe, Truman and Sylvia Bull, House Coffman, Fletcher, House Columbia Building Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts Columbus Near East Side District Columbus Near East Side Historic District-Parsons Avenue (Boundary Increase) Columbus Savings and Trust Building Columbus Street Historic District Columbus Transfer Company Warehouse Columbus, Hocking Valley and Toledo Railway Depot Datz, Walter, House David's Reformed Church Davis, Alexander, Cabin Davis, Alexander, House Davis, Anson, House Davis, Anson, Springhouse Davis, James, Barn Davis, James, Farm Davis, Samuel Henry, House Davis, Samuel, House Decker, Elias, Farmhouse Deitz, Samuel, Farmhouse Del Monte Apartments Drake, Elam, House Drexel Theater Dublin Cemetery Vaults Dublin Christian Church Dublin Christian Church Dublin High Street Historic District Dublin Veterinary Clinic Dun, John, Homestead Duncan, Robert P., House Ealy, George and Christina, House East Broad Street Commercial Building East Broad Street Historic District East Broad Street Presbyterian Church East North Broadway Historic District East Town Street Historic District Edna, The Engine House No. 16 Engine House No. 6 Epley, Henry J., House Evans, Richard W., House Everal, John W., Farm Buildings Felton School Fifth Avenue and North High Historic District Foor-Alspach House Ford Motor Company Columbus Branch Assembly Plant Fort Hayes Franklin Park Conservatory Franklin Park Medical Center Franklinton Apartments at Broad and Hawkes Franklinton Apartments at State and May Franklinton Post Office Frantz House Gaetz Music House Gantz Homestead Gardner House Garfield-Broad Apartments Gayman, Christian, House Gelpi, Eleanor A., House German Village German Village (Boundary Increase) Gilbert House Gilbert-Wilcox House Glen Echo Historic District Godman, H.C., Co. Building Graham, A.B., House Grant, A. G., Homestead Great Southern Hotel and Theatre Green Lawn Abbey Griffith, James, House Griswold Memorial Young Women's Christian Association Groveport Log Houses Groveport School Groveport Town Hall Historic Group Groveport United Methodist Church Haffey, Parley, Farm Complex Hamilton Park Historic District Hamilton, Gilbert H., House Hamilton, J. L., Residence Hamlet, The Hanby, Benjamin, House Hanford Village George Washington Carver Addition Historic District Hanna House Harrison, Gen. William Henry, Headquarters Hart, Gideon, House Hart, Lucy, House Hartman Hotel Hartman Stock Farm Historic District Hayden Building Helpman-Chaney House Herr, Christian S., House Heyne-Zimmerman House Higgins, H. A., Building High and Gay Streets Historic District Hilliard Methodist Episcopal Church Holy Cross Church, Rectory and School Home for the Aged Deaf Hotel Central House at 753 East Broad Street Huntington, Franz, House Indian Run Cemetery Stone Walls Indianola Junior High School Iuka Ravine Historic District Jacobs, Felix A., House Jaeger Machine Company Office Building Jefferson Avenue Historic District Jeffrey Manufacturing Company Office Building Jeffrey, Malcolm, House Johnson-Campbell House Jones, W. H., Mansion Joseph-Cherrington House Julian and Kokenge Company Kahiki, The Karrer Barn Karrer, Henry, House Kauffman, Linus B., House Kaufman, Frank J., House Kilbourn Commercial Building Kilbourn, William, House Kilgour, Frederick G., House King, William, House Knights of Columbus Building Krumm House L. Hoster Brewing Company Landes, Samuel, House Lanman-Ingram House Lehman, Abraham, Farmhouse Leppert, C., Barn Leppert, C., Cabin Leppert, C., Farm Levy, Soloman, House Lincoln Theatre Livingston, Alexander W., House Long and Third Commercial Building Longenecker, Doctor, Office Building Lovejoy, Carrie, House Lubal Manufacturing and Distributing Company, The Market-Mohawk Center Marshall, David, House Masonic Temple Mattoon-Woodrow House McCracken-Sells House McDannald Homestead McDowell, Austin, House McKitrick, Dr., House McKitrick, Dr., Office Merryman, Dr. James, House Methodist Church Parsonage Miller, Frederick A., House-Broad Gables Miller, J.F., House Mitchell, Charles, House Morris, C. E., House Municipal Light Plant Myer House Nafzger-Miller House Near Northside Historic District New England Lodge New Hayden Building New Indianola Historic District Niles Car & Manufacturing Company Electric Railway Interurban Combine No. 21 Noble, Jonathan, House Noble, Lewis, House North Columbus Commercial Historic District North High School North High Street Historic District North Market Historic District Odd Fellows Hall Ohio Asylum for the Blind Ohio Baptist General Association Headquarters Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Offices Ohio Finance Building Ohio Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb Ohio Moline Plow Company Building Ohio National Bank Ohio Stadium Ohio State Arsenal Ohio State Office Building Ohio Statehouse Ohio Theatre Old Beechwold Historic District Old Governor's Mansion Old North End Historic District Old North End Historic District (Boundary Increase) Old Ohio Union Old Peace Lutheran Church Old Port Columbus Airport Control Tower Open Air School Orton Memorial Laboratory Osborn, Charles S., House Otterbein Mausoleum Park, Jonathan, House Peoples Bank Company Building Pierce, Elijah, Properties Pinney Road Log Cabin Pinney, Dr. Eli, House Plaza Hotel Prentiss, Frederick, House Prentiss-Tulford House Presbyterian Parsonage Principal's Cottage Pythian Temple and James Pythian Theater Rager, John, Farmhouse Rankin Building Rickenbacker, Capt. Edward V., House Riley, F., House Rings, Louis, Barn #1 Rings, Louis, Barn #2 Rings, Louis, Residence Ripley House Rush Creek Village Historic District Russell, Mark, House Saint Paul's Episcopal Church Schlee Brewery Historic District Schlee-Kemmler Building Schueller, Erwin W., House Scofield-Sanor House Second Presbyterian Church Sells, Benjamin, Barn #1 Sells, Benjamin, Barn #2 Sells, Benjamin, House Sells, Benjamin, Wash House Sells, David, Barn Sells, Eliud, House Sells, William Henry, House Seneca Hotel Sessions Village Sharon Township Town Hall Sharp-Page House Shedd-Dunn House Shepard Street School Shier, Carl H., Barn Shier, Carl H., Chicken House Shier, Carl H., House Shiloh Baptist Church Short North Historic District Skeele, Capt. J. S., House Smith, Benjamin, House Snow, John, House South High Street Commercial Grouping Squire's Glen Farm St. Clair Hospital St. John's Episcopal Church St. John's Lutheran Church Standard Building, The Stevenson, Joshua, House Stoddart Block Sullivant, Lucas, Building Temperance Row Historic District Theresa Building Third Avenue and North High Historic District Thompson-Builder House Thrush, Morgan, Farm Complex Thurber, James, House Times Building-Lodge Hall Toledo and Ohio Central Railroad Station Tosheff's Restaurant and Hotel Towers Hall, Otterbein College Trinity Episcopal Church Trinity German Evangelical Lutheran Church U.S. Post Office and Courthouse United States Carriage Company United States Post Office and Courthouse University, Hayes and Orton Halls Upper Arlington Historic District Uptown Westerville Historic District Valley Dale Ballroom Washburn, Rev. Ebenezer, House Washington Township School Washington Township Voting Hall Welsbach Building Welsh Presbyterian Church Wesley Chapel West Mound Street Historic District Westerville High School-Vine Street School Westminster Church Whitmer, Frieda, House Wilcox, Jacob, Farm Wilcox, James, House Winders Motor Sales Company Winterringer Building and House Worthington Historic District Worthington Historical Society Museum Worthington Manufacturing Company Boardinghouse Worthington Public Square Worthington United Presbyterian Church Wright, Horace, House Wright, J.E. Farm Wright, Potter, House Wyandotte Building York Lodge No. 563 Yuster Building Zellers-Langel House Zettler Grocery and Hardware Zion's Evangelical Lutheran Church
The Ohio River, which forms the state's southern border, played a significant role in the Underground Railroad, a network of secret routes and safe houses used by African American slaves to escape to freedom in the North before the Civil War.
Franklin County, located in central Ohio, has a rich and diverse history that spans centuries. The area was once inhabited by Indigenous peoples, including the Shawnee and Wyandot tribes, who were later displaced by European settlement. The first European settlers arrived in the late 18th century, and the county was organized in 1803 as part of the Northwest Territory.

In its early years, Franklin County played a significant role in the development of Ohio. It served as the state capital when Ohio became a state in 1803 until 1816. The County's central location made it an ideal hub for trade and commerce, and its proximity to transportation routes, such as the National Road and later the railroads, further solidified its importance.

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, Franklin County experienced significant growth and urbanization. The population expanded rapidly, particularly in the city of Columbus, which became the county seat. Columbus became a major center for industry, education, and government. The Statehouse, which was completed in the late 19th century, stands as a symbol of the county's role as the state capital.

Franklin County has also been instrumental in shaping American politics. It served as a political battleground during the Civil War and has remained an important region for political activity ever since. Today, Franklin County continues to grow and thrive as a vibrant community filled with diverse industries, cultural attractions, and a strong focus on education and research.

This timeline provides a concise overview of the key events in the history of Franklin County, Ohio.

  • 1803: Franklin County is established on April 30.
  • 1808: The Ohio Statehouse construction begins.
  • 1812: The first issue of the "Ohio Monitor" newspaper is published.
  • 1816: The Columbus Dispatch newspaper is established.
  • 1834: The Ohio State Archives is founded.
  • 1837: The Ohio Statehouse construction is completed.
  • 1851: The National Road reaches Columbus.
  • 1862: The Camp Chase Confederate prison opens.
  • 1873: The Franklin County Courthouse construction is completed.
  • 1899: The Columbus Metropolitan Library is established.
  • 1916: The Ohio Theatre opens in Columbus.
  • 1950: The population of Franklin County exceeds half a million.
  • 1964: The Ohio Expo Center & State Fairgrounds is created.
  • 1974: The Franklin County Veterans Memorial is dedicated.
  • 2012: The Columbus Clippers win the Triple-A baseball championship.