Historical Markers in
Erie County, Ohio

Birmingham School Birthplace of Thomas A. Edison Bloomingville Settlement Cable Park Historic District Camp Avery / County Seat Cedar Downs Racing Derby Cedar Point Cedar Point’s Magnum XL-200 Charles, Daniel and Gustave Frohman Cholera Cemetery / In Honor of the Doctors Christ Episcopal Church Cooke-Dorn House / Eleutheros Cooke Days of Wooden Ships Donahue Hardware Edison Recalls Milan Electric Interurban Railways / Lake Shore Electric Railway Erie County Jail / Sandusky Library First Cedar Point Road Fort Sandusky G.A. Boeckling Building Glacial Grooves State Memorial Good Samaritan Hospital Grace Episcopal Church Historic Roadway Hitching Post Holy Angels Catholic Church Hubbard Building Huron / Erie County Huron Block House Huron Iron Company Furnace Huron Lighthouses / Huron’s Maritime History Huron’s First Inhabitants Inaugural Meeting of Ohio Hospital Association Inscription Rock Jay Cooke John Baptiste Flemmond Johnson’s Island Jury of Erie County Women / Erie County Courthouse Kilbourne Plat Knute Rockne Wedding Lake Shore Electric Railway Legacy of the Huron Docks Legacy of the Huron Docks Lester Allan Pelton Medusa Portland Cement Company Milan / Erie County Milan Canal Basin Ohio Veterans Home Ohio Veterans Home Old Meeker Farm / Old Homestead-on-the-Lake Old Perkins Cemetery Old Sandusky Post Office Old Woman Creek Oran Follett Sandusky Sandusky / Erie County Sandusky Aviation, Shipyard & Railroad Sandusky’s First Cemetery Sandusky’s First Congregation — 1818 Shoreline Park Snow's Grist Mill State Theatre The Boy with the Boot The Days of Steel Boats The Firelands The Firelands The German Reformed Church / The Church Parsonage The Hinde & Dauch Paper Company The Huron Playhouse The Island House The Last Mission of the Moravians The Legacy of the Huron Docks The Legacy of the Huron Docks The Lighthouse Lens The Underground Railroad / Abolition Boats Provide an Escape to Freedom in Erie County The War of 1812 The Wright House and the Underground Railroad/Old Main Street This Concretion Thomas Alva Edison Underground Railroad Vermilion / Erie County Vermilion’s Lighthouse Village of Venice World War II “The Early Birds”