Historical Markers in
Walker County, Georgia

101st Indiana Infantry 104th Illinois Infantry 10th Indiana Infantry 10th Kentucky Infantry Regiment (US Volunteers) 10th Ohio Infantry 10th Tennessee Infantry 113th Ohio Infantry 115th Illinois Infantry 11th Indiana Battery 11th Michigan Infantry 11th Michigan Infantry 121st Ohio Infantry 123rd Illinois Infantry 124th Ohio Infantry 125th Ohio Infantry 125th Ohio Infantry 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry 15th South Carolina Infantry 17th Indiana Mounted Infantry 17th Kentucky Infantry (USA) 17th Ohio Infantry 17th Tennessee Infantry 18th Battery, Ohio Light Artillery 18th Indiana Battery 18th Ohio Infantry 19th Illinois Infantry 19th Ohio Infantry 1st Battalion, Ohio Sharpshooters 1st Ohio Cavalry 1st Wisconsin Cavalry 21st Michigan Infantry 21st Michigan Infantry Detachments 21st Ohio Infantry 22nd Illinois Infantry 22nd Indiana Infantry 22nd Michigan Infantry 23rd Tennessee Infantry 24th Wisconsin Infantry 25th Tennessee Infantry 25th Tennessee Regiment 26th Ohio Infantry 26th Tennessee Infantry / 1st Georgia Infantry Memorial 27th Illinois Infantry 27th U.S. Missouri Infantry 2nd & 3rd Kentucky Cavalry (C.S.A.) 2nd Georgia Cavalry 2nd Georgia Cavalry 2nd Indiana Cavalry 2nd Michigan Cavalry 2nd Michigan Cavalry 2nd Minnesota Infantry 2nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment 2nd, 4th, 5th, & 6th Kentucky Cavalry (USA) 30th Tennessee Infantry 31st Ohio Infantry 35th Ohio Infantry 36th Illinois Infantry 36th Illinois Infantry 37th Indiana Infantry 39th Indiana Mounted Infantry 39th North Carolina Infantry 3rd Battalion South Carolina Infantry 3rd Confederate Georgia Cavalry 3rd Confederate Georgia Cavalry 3rd Georgia Cavalry 3rd Georgia Cavalry 3rd Kentucky Infantry Regiment (US Volunteers) 3rd Ohio Cavalry 3rd South Carolina Infantry 3rd Tennessee Infantry 3rd Wisconsin Battery 3rd Wisconsin Battery 40th Ohio Infantry 41st Ohio Infantry 41st Tennessee Infantry 42nd Illinois Infantry 42nd Indiana Infantry 44th Indiana Infantry 44th Tennessee Infantry 4th Georgia Cavalry 4th Georgia Cavalry 4th Indiana Cavalry 4th Kentucky Infantry Regiment (US Volunteers) 4th Michigan Cavalry 4th Ohio Cavalry 4th Tennessee Cavalry 50th Tennessee and 1st Tennessee Battalion Infantry 51st Illinois Infantry 58th Indiana Infantry 58th North Carolina Infantry 59th Illinois Infantry 5th Kentucky Infantry Regiment (CSA) 5th Wisconsin Battery 63rd Tennessee Infantry 64th Ohio Infantry 64th Ohio Infantry 65th Ohio Infantry 65th Ohio Infantry Regiment 68th Indiana Infantry 72nd Indiana Mounted Infantry 74th Illinois Infantry 74th Indiana Infantry 75th Illinois Infantry 78th Illinois Infantry 7th Indiana Battery 7th Indiana Battery 7th South Carolina Infantry 82nd Indiana Infantry 84th Indiana Infantry Regiment 86th Indiana Infantry 87th Indiana Infantry 88th Illinois Infantry 88th Illinois Infantry 88th Indiana Infantry 89th Ohio Infantry 8th Indiana Battery 8th Indiana Battery 8th South Carolina Infantry 8th Wisconsin Battery 8th Wisconsin Battery 96th Illinois Infantry 96th Illinois Infantry (Two Companies) 98th Illinois Infantry 98th Ohio Infantry 9th Indiana Infantry 9th Indiana Infantry 9th Kentucky Infantry (USA) 9th Michigan Infantry 9th Michigan Infantry 9th Ohio Infantry. 9th Pennsylvania Cavalry African American Pioneers of the Marsh-Warthen-Clements House Agony of the Wounded American Indian Occupation of the Area Anderson Campsite Anderson's Brigade Anderson's Brigade Army of the Cumberland Bailey's Crossroads Barnes' Brigade Battery B, 26th Pennsylvania Battery C, 1st Illinois Light Artillery Battery D, 1st Michigan Artillery Marker Battery E, 9th Georgia Artillery Battalion Battery G, 1st Missouri Light Artillery Battery G, 1st Missouri Light Artillery Battery G, 1st Ohio Light Artillery Battery I, 4th U.S. Artillery. Battery I, 4th U.S. Artillery. Battery M, 1st Illinois Light Artillery Battery M, 1st Illinois Light Artillery Battery M, 1st Ohio Light Artillery Battery M, 1st Ohio Light Artillery Bird's Mill and Worthens' Gap Bledsoe's C.S.A. Missouri Battery Boynton Avenue Bradley's Brigade Bragg Avenue Bragg's Headquarters Shell Monument Brannan's Division Brannan's Division Buell's Brigade Buell's Brigade Camp George H. Thomas Catlett’s Gap Cavalry Corps. Chattooga Academy Chattooga Academy Chattooga Academy - John B. Gordon Hall Chestnut Flat Chicago Board of Trade Battery Chickamauga Prince Hall Lodge No. 221 Chief John Ross Clark Lee: Chickamauga's Black Confederate Soldier Close of the Battle Confederate Square Connell's Brigade Contributions of Enslaved African to the Area Cooper's Gap Crawfish Spring Crittenden Avenue Crittenden's Corps at Lee and Gordon's Mills Crittenden's Headquarters Shell Monument Croxton's Brigade Croxton's Brigade. Cruft's Brigade Cruft's Division Davis' Cross Roads Davis' Division Davis' Division Deas' Brigade Deas' Brigade Defense of Snodgrass Hill Dent's Alabama Battery Dent's Alabama Battery Dick's Brigade Dick's Brigade Dick's Brigade Do You See 7 States? E. Kings Brigade (Detachment) Field Headquarters Army of the Cumberland Field Headquarters Army of the Cumberland. Fort Cumming Garrity's Alabama Battery Geary's Division General Joe Wheeler's Attack General LaFayette Gowan’s (Gower’s) Ford And Widow Glenn’s Grave Gracie's Brigade Granger's Headquarters Shell Monument Granger’s Reserve Corps Gregg's Brigade Grose's Brigade Harker's Brigade Harker's Brigade Harker's Brigade Harker's Brigade Hazen's Brigade Hazen's Brigade Helm's Brigade Hindman's Division Hindman's Division Hindman's Division Home of John Ross Hood Avenue Hood's Headquarters Shell Monument Hooker's Column Hospital, 1st Division, 14th Corps Union Army Hospitals, Right Wing, Union Army. Humphreys' Brigade Humphrey's Brigade Iowa State Monument Ireland's Brigade J. Beatty's Brigade J. Beatty's Brigade John B. Gordon Hall John B. Hood John Ross Home John W. Bull Memorial Johnson's Brigade Johnson's Brigade Johnson's Brigade Johnson's Division - Hood's Corp Kelly's Brigade Kelly's Brigade. Kershaw's Brigade Kershaw's Brigade Kershaw's South Carolina Brigade La Fayette Presbyterian Church Laiboldt's Brigade Laiboldt's Brigade Lee & Gordon's Mills Lee and Gordon's Mill Lee Avenue Lieut. George W. Landrum Longstreet Avenue Longstreet's Corps Longstreet's Headquarters Shell Monument Lytle's Brigade Lytle's Brigade Lytle's Brigade Manigault's Brigade Manigault's Brigade Manigault's South Carolina Brigade Mark Thrash Marsh-Warthen House Martin Davis House and Farm McFarland's Gap McLaw's Division McNair's Brigade McNair's Brigade McPherson’s Army at Snake Creek Gap Medal of Honor Heritage Trail Mitchell's Brigade Negley's Division Negley's Division Negley's Division North and South Reunited Old Federal Road Old Tavern Road Osterhaus' Division Owing's Ford and Childress Plantation Palmer's Division Peavine Church Post's Brigade Preston's Division Rock Springs Church Rosecrans' Headquarters Shell Monument Rosencrans Avenue Rossville Gap Rossville High Alumni Veteran's Memorial Rossville Memorial Fountain Rossville, McFarland House & Spring S. Beatty's Brigade S. Beatty's Brigade S. Beatty's Brigade S. Beatty's Brigade See Seven States Sheridan's Division Ship's Gap Sickness at Camp Thomas Sirwell's Brigade Sirwell's Brigade Skirmish at McLemore’s Cove Skirmish at McLemore’s Cove Skirmish at McLemore’s Cove Snake Creek Gap South Carolina State Monument Stanley's Brigade Start of the Atlanta Campaign Steedman's Division - Granger's Corps. Stephens Gap Stewart's Division Tennessee C.S.A. Infantry Tennessee U.S.A. Cavalry The Army of Tennessee The Battle of LaFayette The Gordon - Lee Mansion The Lynching of Henry White / Racial Injustice in America The Marsh House The Real Rock of Chickamauga The Town of Lytle The Xzanders G. McFarland House and McFarland Gap Thomas Avenue Thomas' Corps Thomas' Headquarters Shell Monument Thomas' Night March To Missionary Ridge To Our Confederate Soldiers Trigg's Brigade Trigg's Brigade Trigg's Brigade Twenty-First Army Corps Van Cleve's Division Van Cleve's Division Van Derveer's Brigade VanDerveer’s Brigade. Villanow Walker County West Armuchee Valley Wheeler's Cavalry Corps Whitaker’s Brigade. Widow Glenn's House Site Wilder Avenue Wilder Brigade Monument Wilder's Brigade Wilder's Brigade Wilder´s Defense William H. Lytle Memorial Shell Monument William Little House Williamson's Brigade Woods' Brigade Wood's Division Wood's Division Worthen's Gap York's (Georgia) Battery York's Georgia Battery York's Georgia Battery York's Georgia Battery.
The famous Coca-Cola soft drink was invented in Georgia in 1886 by pharmacist John Pemberton.
Walker County, Georgia has a rich and diverse history that spans several centuries. The area was originally inhabited by various Native American tribes, including the Cherokee and Creek peoples. European exploration of the region began in the 16th century, with Spanish conquistadors and French explorers venturing into the area. However, it wasn't until the 19th century that Walker County began to take shape as settlements were established.

In 1833, Walker County was officially formed, named after Major Freeman Walker, a Georgia legislator who played a crucial role in the state's early development. The county quickly grew, attracting settlers from across the country seeking opportunities in agriculture, mining, and industry. The discovery of iron ore and coal in the county led to the development of several mining towns, including Rossville and Chickamauga.

During the American Civil War, Walker County played a significant role, particularly during the Battle of Chickamauga in 1863. The county served as a battleground between Union and Confederate forces and experienced significant damage and loss of life. After the war, Walker County began to rebuild and recover, focusing on agriculture and industrial development.

In the 20th century, Walker County continued to evolve and adapt to changing times. The county saw the rise of textile mills, which brought employment and economic growth to the region. However, like many other areas in the United States, Walker County faced challenges as industrial decline and globalization impacted its economy. Today, Walker County remains a hub for agriculture, tourism, and recreational activities, attracting visitors who appreciate its natural beauty and historic landmarks like the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Walker County, Georgia.

  • 1833: Walker County was created and named after Senator Freeman Walker.
  • 1838: The county seat was established in LaFayette.
  • 1850: The population of Walker County reached 5,545.
  • 1861-1865: Walker County residents served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.
  • 1886: The Chattanooga Southern Railroad was constructed, improving transportation in the county.
  • 1932: The Walker County Mineral Museum opened in LaFayette.
  • 1979: The city of Chickamauga was added to Walker County.
  • 1985: Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park was established, preserving the area's historical significance.
  • 2020: Walker County celebrates its 187th anniversary.