Historical Markers in
Spalding County, Georgia

1st Lt. Albert W. Parham 1st Lt. Frederick D. Melton 1st Lt. James Martin 1st Lt. James R. Reese 1st Lt. James Robert Vance 1st Lt. Ralph M. Jones, Jr. 1st Lt. Thomas R. Dallas, Jr. 1st Lt. W.R. "Bill" Jones 1st Lt. William Palmer (Tex) Gunnin 2nd Lt. Connell Patrick 2nd Lt. Johnnie Eugene Jackson 2nd Lt. T.I. "Billy" Hawkins, Jr. Bailey-Tebault House Camp Stephens Capt. P.A. Wilheit Capt. Raymond Doke Capt. Robert Langdon Ferguson Capt. S.E. Rickerson Capt. William Henry Mooney, Jr. Confederate Camp Confederate Camp Milner Confederate Cemetery County Courthouse Cpl. A.R. Ballard Cpl. Albert R. Goen Cpl. Albert Wimbish Cpl. Artis Milner Cpl. Charlie L. Hand, Jr. Cpl. D.G. Norton Cpl. David Murphy Cpl. Earl Johnston Cpl. Henry E. Middlebrooks Cpl. J.E. Harmon Cpl. John Phillips, Jr. Cpl. Linwood P. Martin Cpl. M.H. Hunter Cpl. Noah W. Barfield Cpl. W.E. Kenerly Fireman First Class Hiram Dennis Harris Fireman First Class John Clarence Johnson First Grain Elevator First Paving Founding of Griffin Founding of Griffin Georgia Experiment Station Georgia Militia at Griffin Global War on Terror Griffin Commercial District Griffin Commercial District History of Griffin, Georgia Holliday Family Home In Honor of Lt. Col. Allan B. Imes In Memoriam In Memory of Revolutionary Soldiers John Joseph Boggs John McIntosh Kell John McIntosh Kell LCpl James Thomas Harris LCPL James Thomas Williams LCpl. Christopher B. Rodgers Lewis Lawrence Griffin Lt. Charles Davis "Snag" Smith Lt. Col. Ernest Nealy Lt. Jasper Kennedy (Kay) Larkin Lt. Louella White Lt. Robert W. Duncan Lt. W. Maddox Bolton Lt. Walter Benjamin Forbes, Jr. Martha Eleanora Holliday Grave Old McIntosh Road Original Spalding County Courthouse P.F.C. Bobby L. Byars P.F.C. Burnell McDowell P.F.C. C.W. Hall P.F.C. Gary Anderson P.F.C. James T. Coggins P.F.C. Monte C. Kinasz Pfc. Amos Paul Holt PFC. Aubrey A.R. Wynn Pfc. C.E. Allen PFC. Edmond R. Chapman PFC. Harry E. Tate PFC. Hilton Harris Pfc. Howard Baugh PFC. J.P. "Remy" Faulkner Pfc. James Ernest Blake, Jr. PFC. L.B. Thompson Pfc. Lamar Newman PFC. Lewis N. Brown Pfc. Merrill J. Goddard Pfc. Mickey E. Goodman PFC. Penia Roberts Pfc. Robert Kennedy PFC. Roy Wesley Thomas Pfc. W.G. Gaddy Pfc. W.T. Akins Pfc. W.W. Brock Pfc. Wiley Gwin King PFC. Willie James Walker, Jr. PFC. Wyley Hoyt Hand Presbyterian Church Pvt. A.J. Terrell Pvt. Aaron C. Bailey Pvt. Albert L. Lawler Pvt. Alvertis Smith Pvt. C.M. Sikes Pvt. Cecil Pace Hurst Pvt. Cecil R. Moon Pvt. Charles L. Awtry Pvt. Charles L. Shedd Pvt. Edd Hammond Pvt. Emory Haynes Pvt. Eugene Tuggle Pvt. Floyd Anderson Pvt. Fred E. Cobb Pvt. Herman W. Smith Pvt. Ira G. Goolsby, Jr. Pvt. J. Harold Beckham Pvt. J.F. Posey Pvt. James A. Cottingham Pvt. James L. (Skeet) Kilgore Pvt. James M. Farley Pvt. James Phillips Pvt. James Reynolds Pvt. James Touchstone Pvt. Joe V. McDonald Pvt. Joe William Pvt. John E. Washington Pvt. L.B. King Pvt. Linwood Ray Biles Pvt. Linwood Vaughn Pvt. Lloyd E. Edwards Pvt. Northen Watson Ponder Pvt. Otis E. Cook Pvt. Paul E. Buckalew Pvt. Pletz J. Belk Pvt. Robert A. Underwood Pvt. Robert J. Gaddy Pvt. Robert L. Womack Pvt. Robert Lewis Stephens Pvt. Roy C. Wells, Jr. Pvt. Rufus Graham Pvt. Rufus Jack Thompson Pvt. Samuel Leon Cook Pvt. Thomas E. Wooten Pvt. Thomas M. Gregory, Jr. Pvt. Wilber Barlow Pvt. William Bankston Pvt. Willie Mallory Ringold Community Rotary International Seaman 2nd Class Fred Wilson Bates Seaman 2nd Class H.M. Fleming Seaman First Class Calvin Johnson Seaman George Holman Conkle Sfc. Melvin Rivers SFC. R.L. "Bobby" Hollar, Jr. Sgt. A. C. Long Sgt. Albert Chapman, Jr. Sgt. E.S. Wadsworth Sgt. Hoke S. Cooley, Sr. Sgt. Hugh Dorsey Johnson Sgt. James Proctor Sgt. James W. Parsons Sgt. John K. Helton Sgt. M.W. Pattillo Sgt. Paul Davis McElroy Sgt. Ravel A. Apple Sgt. Robert L. Crowder Sgt. Troy D. Barnett Sgt. William R. Coulter, Jr. Solomon Street Dental Office Spalding County Spalding County Spalding County Korean and Vietnam Wars Memorial Spalding County Vietnam Monument Spalding County World War II Memorial Spalding Grays SPC. Johnathan F. Davis SSgt. Abraham Bradford Butler, Jr. SSgt. Chesley Gilbert SSgt. Woodrow Wilson Smith Staff Sgt James N. Burnett Staff Sgt. William F. Corley Stonewall Confederate Cemetery Trees Tech 4 George Henry Allen Tech 4 Talmadge Thomas Meyers Tech 5 Charles Wesley Powell Tech 5 John Emmett Wallace, III Tech 5 Raymond A. Manning Tech Sgt. Kellis Madison The City of Griffin The Fannin Avengers The Orphan Brigade To the Women of Griffin and Spalding County “Doc” Holladay Final Resting Place? “Flame of Freedom”
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Spalding County, located in the state of Georgia, has a rich and diverse history that spans over two centuries. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Creek and Cherokee people, who relied on the fertile land and abundant wildlife for sustenance.

In the early 19th century, European settlers began to migrate to the region, establishing communities and plantations. The county was officially created in 1851 and named after Thomas Spalding, a prominent politician and plantation owner in the area. Agriculture, particularly cotton, played a crucial role in the county's economy during this time, with many slaves being brought in to work on the plantations.

During the Civil War, Spalding County witnessed several significant events. It was occupied by Union forces in 1864, leading to the burning of the county courthouse and significant damage to the local infrastructure. The post-war period saw the county rebuild and diversify its economy, focusing on industries such as textile manufacturing and timber production.

The 20th century brought both challenges and opportunities to Spalding County. The arrival of the railroad in the early 1900s facilitated further industrial growth, attracting companies such as the Southern Cotton Oil Company and Griffin Wheel Works. However, the Great Depression and subsequent World War II had a profound impact on the county's economy, leading to a decline in agricultural production and the closure of many industrial facilities.

In recent decades, Spalding County has embraced a more diversified economy, with a focus on healthcare, education, and retail sectors. The county has also made efforts to preserve its historical landmarks, such as the Old Medical College and the Holliday-Dorsey-Fife House Museum, which provide glimpses into its rich past. Today, Spalding County continues to thrive as a vibrant community with a strong sense of local pride and a deep respect for its historical roots.

  • 1851: Spalding County is established on December 20th as the 87th county in Georgia.
  • 1853: The county seat is established in Griffin.
  • 1859-1865: Spalding County is heavily impacted by the American Civil War.
  • 1882: First railroad reaches Griffin, enhancing transportation and trade.
  • 1908: The courthouse in Griffin is destroyed by a fire.
  • 1937: The Griffin-Spalding County Airport is established.
  • 1992: Griffin hosts the Olympic archery competition during the Atlanta Summer Olympics.
  • 2020: Spalding County celebrates its 169th anniversary.