National Register Listings in
Pulaski County, Arkansas

Abrams House Albert Pike Memorial Temple Alexander House All Souls Church Allinder, Bailey, House Amboy Overpass Anderson, H.M., House Argenta Historic District Argenta Historic District (Boundary Increase II) Argenta Historic District (Boundary Increase) ARKANSAS II (riverboat) Arkansas Ordnance Plant Guard House Arkansas Power & Light Building Arkansas State Capitol Arkansas Territorial Restoration Historic District Associated Reformed Presbyterian Church Baer House Bailey, Carl, Company Building Baker House Barlow Apartments Barth-Hempfling House Bates, Daisy, House Bayou Meto (Reed's Bridge) Battlefield Beal-Burrow Dry Goods Building Bechle Apartment Building Beyerlein House Blass, Gus, Department Store Blass, Noland, Jr., House Block 35 Cobblestone Alley Block Realty Building Block Realty-Baker House Boaz, Bishop Hiram A., House Boone House Boyle Park BPOE Elks Club Bragg Guesthouse Brewer, Adrian, Studio Buffalo, Cecil M., Jr., House Buhler House Bush House Bush-Dubisson House Capital Hotel Capitol View Neighborhood Historic District (Additional Documentation) Capitol-Main Historic District Carmichael House Central High School Neighborhood Historic District (Additional Documentation) Central High School Neighborhood Historic District (Boundary Increase 2) (Additional Documentation) Central High School Neighborhood Historic District (BoundaryIncrease) Central Presbyterian Church Cherry House Cherry-Luter Estate Chisum House Choctaw Route Station Clayborn, John Henry, House Climber Motor Car Factory, Unit A Compton-Wood House Confederate Soldiers Monument Cornish House Croxson House Cumberland Towers Curran Hall Daniel, Irvin and Elizabeth House Darragh Building Darragh House Deane House Democrat Printing & Lithograph Co. Building Dodd, David O., Memorial Doe Branch Post Office Donaghey Building Downs Historic District Duffy House Dunaway House Dunbar Junior and Senior High School and Junior College Dunbar, Paul Laurence, School Neighborhood Historic District (Additional Documentation) East End Methodist Episcopal Church East Markham Street Historic District Edgemere Street Bridge Elias, Barney L., House Empire Life Insurance Company of America Building Engelberger House England House England, Joseph E. Jr., House Exchange Bank Building Fair Park Golf Course Farrell House Farrell House Farrell House Farrell House Faucette Building Faucette, James Peter, House Federal Building Federal Reserve Bank Building Federal Reserve Bank Building (Boundary Increase) First Baptist Church First Church of Christ, Scientist First Hotze House First Missionary Baptist Church First Presbyterian Church First Presbyterian Church Manse First United Methodist Church Fletcher House Florence Crittenton Home Fones House Fordyce House Fort Logan H. Roots Military Post Fowler, Absalom, House Frank, Joseph M., House Frauenthal House French-England House Frenchman's Mountain Methodist Episcopal Church-South and Cemetery Fulk Building Fulk-Arkansas Democrat Building Gans, Solomon, House Garland Elementary School Garland, Augustus, House Gay Oil Company Building Gazette Building Governor's Mansion Historic District Governor's Mansion Historic District (Boundary Increase II) Governor's Mansion Historic District (Boundary Increase) Gray, Thomas, House Green House Hall House Halliburton Townhouses Hanger Cotton Gin Hanger Hill Historic District Hanger, Frederick, House Hardy House Harris House Harris House Healey and Roth Mortuary Building Hemingway House Henderson House Herschell-Spillman Carousel Hillcrest Historic District (Additional Documentation) Hillcrest Historic District (Boundary Increase) Hodge-Cook House Holcomb Court Apartments Homard, Isaac, House Hornibrook House Hotel Freiderica Hotze House Howell-Garner-Monfee House Huie, George D.D., Grocery Store Building Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Immaculate Heart of Mary School Jacksonville Commercial Historic District Jeffries House Johnson House Johnson House Johnson House Johnswood Jones, Scipio A., House K. C. Baking Powder Building Kahn-Jennings House Keith House Kennedy, Dr. Charles H., House Kleiber House Kleinschmidt, Gustave B., House Knoop, Werner, House LaFayette Hotel Lake Nixon (Additional Documentation) Lake No. 1 Bridge Lakeshore Drive Bridge Lamb-McSwain House Land's End Plantation Lee, Robert E., School Leiper-Scott House Lincoln Avenue Viaduct Lincoln Building Little Rock Boys Club Little Rock Central Fire Station Little Rock Central High School Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site Little Rock City Hall Little Rock Confederate Memorial Little Rock Fire Station No. 9 Little Rock National Cemetery Little Rock US Post Office and Courthouse Little Rock Y.M.C.A. Little Rock, The Lloyd England Hall Locust Street Overpass Luxor Apartments MacArthur Park Historic District Magnolia Service Station Main Building, Arkansas Baptist College Main Street Commercial District Manees, E. O., House Mann, George R., Building Marre, Angelo, House Marshall House Marshall Square Historic District Martin Cemetery Historic Section Matthews House Matthews, Justin, Jr., House Matthews-Bradshaw House Matthews-Bryan House Matthews-Dillon House Matthews-Godt House Matthews-MacFadyen House Maumelle Ordnance Works Bunker #4 Maumelle River Bridge Mayer, Maxwell F., House McCraw Cemetery McDonald-Wait-Newton House McGuire, Thomas R., House McKenzie House McLean House Mehaffey House Miller House Millett, Robert and Marion, House No. 1 Mims-Breedlove-Priest-Weatherton House Minnesota Monument Mitchell, James, School Monument to Confederate Women Moore Building Moore House Mopac Station Mosaic Templars State Temple Mount Holly Cemetery Mount Holly Mausoleum Mount Zion Baptist Church Nash House Nash House National Old Line Insurance Company Building Newbill-Porter House North Little Rock City Hall North Little Rock High School North Little Rock Post Office North Little Rock Veterans Administration Hospital Historic District Oak Forest United Methodist Church Oakland-Fraternal Cemetery Old Central Fire Station Old Post Office Building and Customhouse Old State House Owings House Palarm Bayou Pioneer Cemetery Park Hill Fire Station and Water Company Complex Park Hill Historic District Parnell Hall Parris, Fred W., Towers Pearson-Robinson House Peoples Building & Loan Building Pfeifer Brothers Department Store Philander Smith College Historic District Pike, Albert, Hotel Pike-Fletcher-Terry House Porter, Lamar, Athletic Field Powell, Jesse, Towers Presbyterian Village Prospect Terrace Apartments Pruniski House Pulaski County Courthouse Pyeatte-Mason Cemetery Ragland House Railroad Call Historic District Rapillard House Reichardt House Reid House Remmel Apartments Remmel Apartments Remmel Apartments Remmel Flats Retan House Retan, Albert, House Robinson, Joseph Taylor, House Robinson, Joseph Taylor, Memorial Auditorium Rock Island-Argenta Depot Rogers House Rose Building Rose, U. M., School Roselawn Memorial Park Gatehouse Ross Building Roundtop Filling Station Runyan, J. P., House Rush, Gene, House Safferstone House Saint Andrews Catholic Cathedral Sanders House Schaer House Schaer, Fred and Lucy Alexander, House Seed Warehouse No. 5 Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church Smith, Morgan, Dr., House Snyder House South Main Street Apartments Historic District South Main Street Commercial Historic District South Main Street Residential Historic District South Main Street Residential Historic District (Boundary Increase) South Scott Street Historic District Southern Trust Building St. Edwards Church St. Joseph's Home St. Peter's Rock Baptist Church Stebbins and Roberts Office Building and Factory Stewart House Stifft Station Historic District Stowers, Dan, Office Building Strauss, Sam and Shirley, House Sylvan Hills Country Club Golf Course Taborian Hall (Additional Documentation) Tavern, The Taylor Building Taylor, Samuel P., Service Station Ten Mile House Terminal Hotel Terminal Warehouse Building Terry, William L., House Thompson, Ada, Memorial Home Thornton House Thurston House Towbin, Dr. Eugene, House Tower Building Trapnall Hall Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Trinity Hospital Tuf Nut Historic Commericial District Turner House Turner-Ledbetter House U.S. Arsenal Building Union Life Building USS HOGA YT-146 (formerly CITY OF OAKLAND) USS RAZORBACK (SS-394) Van Frank Cottages Vanetten House Vaughan House Vaughn House Vestal, Walter, House Vinson House Wallace Building Walnut Grove Methodist Church Ward, Zeb, Building Ward-Hays House Wassell, Corydon, House Waters, Charles Clary, House Waterside Street Bridge West 7th Street Historic District West-Blazer House White-Baucum House Williamson House Winchester Auto Store Winfield Methodist Church Womack House Woodruff, William, House Worthen Bank Building YMCA-Democrat Building
The Battle of Helena, which took place in Helena, Arkansas, in July 1863, was one of the largest Civil War battles fought in the state. Union forces were able to repel a Confederate attack, which helped secure control of the Mississippi River for the Union.
Pulaski County, located in the central part of Arkansas, has a long and rich history that dates back to its establishment in 1818. Named after Casimir Pulaski, a Polish nobleman who fought alongside American forces during the Revolutionary War, the county quickly became a hub of trade and government activity.

In the early years, the county seat was initially located in Little Rock, which also served as the territorial capital of Arkansas. The city grew rapidly, fueled by its strategic location along the Arkansas River and the development of steamboat transportation. As a result, Pulaski County was at the center of political, economic, and cultural events in the state.

During the Civil War, Pulaski County witnessed significant military action. Union forces occupied Little Rock in 1863, marking a turning point in the war in Arkansas. The area's agricultural resources, including cotton plantations, also made it an important target for both Union and Confederate forces.

After the war, the county continued to thrive. Reconstruction brought about significant changes, including the establishment of an integrated public school system and the construction of railroads that further boosted trade and transportation. Little Rock became the state capital in 1821, solidifying Pulaski County's role as a political and administrative center.

Over the years, Pulaski County has experienced growth and development, becoming the most populous county in Arkansas. Today, it remains an important economic and cultural hub, home to diverse industries, educational institutions, and vibrant communities that showcase the unique heritage and lively spirit of the county's history.

This timeline provides a condensed summary of the historical journey of Pulaski County, Arkansas.

  • 1818: Pulaski County is established as one of the original five counties in the Arkansas Territory.
  • 1821: Little Rock, the county seat of Pulaski County, becomes the capital of the newly admitted state of Arkansas.
  • 1836: The Arkansas State Penitentiary is established in Pulaski County.
  • 1842: The first railroad, Cairo and Fulton Railroad, is completed in Pulaski County.
  • 1863: The Battle of Bayou Fourche takes place in Pulaski County during the American Civil War.
  • 1873: The Little Rock School District is established, marking the beginning of public education in Pulaski County.
  • 1881: The University of Arkansas Law School is established in Little Rock.
  • 1906: The Central High School is established in Little Rock.
  • 1957: The Little Rock Nine, a group of African American students, are integrated into Central High School, marking a significant moment in the Civil Rights Movement.
  • 1992: The William J. Clinton Presidential Library is established in Little Rock.
  • 2001: The Pulaski County Special School District is established to oversee several school districts in the county.