Historical Marker

Site of Mail Relay Station

Historical marker location:
14.5 mi. SE on SH 137, Brownfield, Texas
( From Brownfield, take SH 137 about 14.5 miles southeast.. Marker size: 18" x 28". )

(500 yards west)

By 1903, W.J. (1858-1930) and Mary E. (1863-1958) French had built a two-story home near this site, and it was a stop for freighters from the Texas & Pacific Railroad. Freighter rigs usually consisted of two wagons drawn by several horses, and the Frenches offered a campground, water, hot meals and a horse pen. Cattle drovers also rested here on their way through the area. In 1905, the French home became a stop along a mail route from Lamesa, known then as Chicago, through Brownfield to Gomez, a 40-mile trip. The mail hacks also carried passengers. The mail service was discontinued in 1910 when the mail was rerouted.

(1973, 2006)

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