Historical Marker

Connell House

Historical marker location:
410 Convent St, Stanton, Texas

Constructed in 1882 as a two-room home for Carmelite Priests, this was the first building in Stanton. Dennis and Mary (Stoeger) Connell made their home here after their marriage in 1902. Mary bore eight children in the house, which grew with the family. By 1915 the house had five rooms, with more additions made in the 1920s and 1930s. The simple home features a distinctive west gable, weatherboard siding, a front porch with shed room and turned-wood posts, and double primary entry doors. Upon the death of the last Connell daughter in 1990 the house was transferred to the local historical museum.

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1997

Marker year: 1997

As one of the most visible programs of the Texas Historical Commission (THC), historical markers commemorate diverse topics in Texas history, including: the history and architecture of houses, commercial and public buildings, religious congregations, and military sites; events that changed the course of local and state history; and individuals who have made lasting contributions to our state, community organizations, and businesses.